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Unit 1 Reading 1 What is your star sign?

Twelve animals in Chinese horoscope

What else?

How old are you? What year were you born in? What is your animal sign? I’m the pig./I’m in the year of the pig.

What characteristics do you think it has?
I think it is…

more words to describe people
energetic does not easily get angry


cares only about himself/herself
is friendly and loves to meet people


can wait without getting angry
has lots of energy


wants to know about everything
feels sure his/her own ability


treats everyone equally

Have a try!

energetic ? The child is so________. He never feels tired and keeps running around. ? She loves parties. Because she is outgoing very ________. ? He answered the question in a confident _________ way. He thinks he will win all the time. selfish ? My desk-mate is very _______. She never shares cakes with me.

Have a try!

? He is a(n) easy-going man. He ________ always says yes to others. ? A teacher should be ______ to fair every student in judging his or her performance. patient ? You must be _____when talking to a young child. Don’t be angry. curious ? Eddie is _______ to everything because he thinks it may be nice food.

What month

were you born in?

Do you know the star signs?

Ram Aries

Bull Taurus

Fish Pisces

Crab Cancer

Lion Leo

Centaur Sagittarius

Scales Libra

Scorpion Scorpio

Twins Gemini

Goat Capricorn

water carrier Aquarius

Virgin Virgo

21st Jan.-19th Feb.


水瓶座/ 宝瓶座 双鱼座 白羊座/ 牧羊座 金牛座

20th Feb. -20th Mar.

/’ ??ri:z /

21st Mar.-20th Apr.


21st Apr. - 21st May.

/’ t?:r?s /

22nd May.-21st Jun.

/’ k? ns? /


/’ ?eminai /

22nd Jun. -22nd Jul.

23rd Jul. -22nd Aug.

/’ li:?u / 23rd Aug.-22nd Sept.


狮子座 处女座

/’ v?:g?u /


23rd Sept.-22nd Oct.

/’ li:br? /



23rd Oct.-21st Nov.

/’ sk?:pi?u/



22nd Nov. -20th Dec.

Sagittarius 射手座/
/s? ?i’t??ri?s/

人马座 山羊座

21st. Dec.---20th Jan.

Capricorn 摩羯座/
/’ k? prik?:n/

What is your star sign?

21st Mar-20th Apr 21st Apr-21st May 22nd May-21st Jun 22nd Jun-22ndJul E F G H

23rd Jul-22nd Aug 23rd Aug-22nd Sep 23rd Sep-22nd Oct 23rd Oct-21st Nov I J K L

22nd Nov-20th Dec 21st Dec-20th Jan

21st Jan-19th Feb 20th Feb-20th Mar

A: How old are you?

B: I’m sixteen.
A: What is your animal sign? B: The pig./ I am in the year of the Pig. A: When is your birthday? B: It’s on 10th February. A: Oh, you are an Aquarius!

1. Does Sagittarius like telling jokes?

2. Which star sign has the best


3. If your birthday is on 13th February,
what is your star sign?


1. Kitty was born on 26th March. She should be kind and wise. energetic and active 2. Suzy’s bi

rthday is on 28th April. She should be energetic and but stubborn at times hardworking active 3. Simon’s star sign is Leo. This means he is strong and confident. 4. Sandy’s star sign is Virgo. This means she is probably a careless person. modest 5. Daniel was born on 7th October. He should be polite. 6. Amy’s birthday is on 2nd November. She should be a powerful person. patient

What are this star sign’s characteristics?

? energetic ? impatient ? sometimes like to be the leader Aries ? maybe selfish 白羊座 sometimes 21st Mar – 20th Apr

What are this star sign’s characteristics?


21st Apr – 21st May

? stubborn ? do not like change ? hard-working ? patient ? do not give up easily

What are this star sign’s characteristics?

Gemini 双子座 22nd May – 21st Jun

? curious ? clever ? out-going ? love to talk

What are this star sign’s characteristics?

Cancer 巨蟹座 22nd Jun – 22nd Jul

? kind ? love your home and family ? like to take care of others ? like saving money ? like cooking

What are this star sign’s characteristics?

? businesslike ? often successful ? good at making or planning thing Capricorn ? patient enough, 摩羯座 can wait without 21st Dec – 20th Jan getting angry

What are this star sign’s characteristics?

? kind and wise ? have many friends ? be thought to be strange because try everything to Aquarius be different 水瓶座 ? hate to be like 21st Jan – 19th Feb anyone else

What are this star sign’s characteristics?

? enjoy life ? have a good sense of humor ? often be lucky Sagittarius ? love traveling 射手座 to different 22nd Nov –20th Dec places

What are this star sign’s characteristics?

? generous ? kind ? gentle ? easy-going ? creative Pisces ? imaginative 双鱼座 ? like to dream 20th Feb – 20th Mar about everything

1.What is your star sign?

2.What are you like ? ( abilities, special qualities, characteristics)
clever, kind, generous, hard-working, brave, patient, polite….

1.Read the passage three times.

2.Try to remember all the adjectives which describe a person’s characteristics.

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