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1. To learn the following sentences.

—Where do people play basketball?

—At school.

—Where is he swimming?

—He is swimming at the pool.

2. To learn the vocabularies: toy, shopping, mall, pool.


1. 询问别人正在哪里干某事.

2. 继续学习某人正在干某事.



Step 1 Revision

Show students a conversation structure and some pictures.

1. Students practice in pairs.

2. Some pairs act out their conversations.

Step 2 Presentation

1. Show a picture

T: What is she doing? C: She's reading.

T: Where is she reading? C: She's reading at the library. (help)

Help students learn"at the library".

2. Do the same with other pictures.

Help students learn "at the pool; shop-shopping; West Mall; at the mall; toy; at a toy shop; wait for; at the bus stop; talk to" and "talk about"

Step 3 Practice

1. 1a Look at the pictures and complete the chart.

2. Check the answers by asking where are people reading books? or What are people doing at the pool? etc

3. (Point at the picture) T: Where is he swimming?

C: He is swimming at the pool.

4. Some pair of students ask and answer in pairs like this.

5. Students ask and answer in pairs.

Step 4 Listening

Say: These students are having a class in the classroom. Where are Tina, Mike and Lisa? Let's listen and write down the places.

1. 2a Students listen and write the places they hear in the chart.

Say: What are they doing? Please listen again and write the activities.

2. 2b Students listen again and write the activities they hear in the chart.

3. Listen and repeat. And read aloud all the conversations.

Step 5 Practice

1. Show a model conversation. Students read the conversation together.

2. Students talk about Mike and Lisa in pairs.


3. Two pair of students show their conversations.

4. Students practice in pairs again. (Give more pictures)

5. Students act out their conversations.

Step 6 Task Make a story

1. Students answer some questions about four pictures.

2. Say: Look, the four pictures can make up a story. Let's make a story in groups and try to tell us your stories. Students make up a little story in groups and get ready to tell their stories.

3. Some students show their stories before class. Homework





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