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九年级unit3 A-2

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? 用所给单词的适当形式填空

? ? ? ? ? ?

allowed 1.In China ,smoking isn’t _______(allow) when driving. 2.Stop talking _____(talk)! We’ll begin our class. 3.She has to clean _____(clean) her bedroom every morning. 4.---I can go out with friends on weekends. Me ----______(I), too. 5.My sister often stays _____(stay) at home on school nights.

? ? ? ?

1.Mary went to the park._______. A.So Lucy did B.So did Lucy C.So went Lucy D.So does Lucy 2.Children should ________ get on well with others. ? A.teach how to B.be taught how ? C.be taught how to D.taught how to

? 3.----I think teenagers should be allowed to go out with their friends in the evening. ? ----_______.It’s not safe enough. ? A.I agree B.I think so ? C.I don’t know D.I disagree ? 4.The food looks ____and sells ____. ? A.good ;good B.well ;well ? C.good;well D.well;good ? 5.You should hand in your test paper_____10:20am. ? A.in B.by C.at D.for

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