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Unit 4
What’s the best movie theater?

菊河初级中学: 杨 霞

Section A Period 1


This computer is cheap.


This computer is cheaper than that one.

This one is the cheapest of all.

The weather is bad.

The weather is worse. The weather is the worst.

good better This car is the best of the three.

big bigger
This apple is the biggest of all.

10 yuan

more expensive
20 yuan

This pen is the most expensive of the three. 50 yuan

Do you like to go to the movies?

Movie theater = cinema

How do you choose a cinema to go to?
Which is important?Which is not important?

comfortable seats

big screens

best sound


new movies

close to home buy tickets quickly


Important qualities Unimportant qualities

What is the most important for you in a movie theater?
A: I think comfortable seats are the most important for me . B: For me, … and … are the most important in a movie theater. C: But I think …is the most important. D: In my opinion, I think … is the most important

Movie World 500m

Town Cinema


Screen City
300 m

My house

Movie World
is close to my home.

Town Cinema
is closer to my home.

Screen City
is the closest to my home.

Town Cinema is cheap.

Screen City is cheaper.

Movie World is the cheapest.

Screen City is popular. Town Cinema is more popular.

Movie World

is the most popular.

Movie World
has a big screen. Screen City

has a bigger screen.
Town Cinema has the biggest screen.

Screen City has comfortable seats. Movie World has more comfortable seats.

Town Cinema has the most comfortable seats.

biggest screens shortest waiting time

It has the

best sound most comfortable seats most popular near here

It’s the

closest to home

1b.Listen and match the statements with the movie theaters Qualities It has the biggest screens It’s the most popular near here It’s the closest to home It has the shortest waiting time It has the best sound It has the most comfortable seats

Movie theaters
Movie world Screen City Town Cinema Town Cinema

Screen City
Movie world

clothes store

radio station

But I think Blue Moon is in a fun part of town.

Which is the best clothes store?

I think Miller’s is the best.It has the best clothes

2a Listen to a reporter interviewing a boy.

Circle the boy’s answers.

Green City Survey
1. Which is the best clothing store? a. Miller’s b. Blue Moon c. Dream Clothes

2. Which is the best radio station?
a. 970AM c. 107.9 FM b. 97.9 AM

2b Listen again. Write the correct store or radio station next to each statement.
Clothes Stores

Miller’s Blue Moon Dream Clothes

Blue Moon

It’s the most expensive.

Miller’s It has the best clothes. Dream Clothes It’s the worst store.
You can buy clothes the most cheaply there Radio stations

970AM 970AM 97.9FM 107.9FM

It has the worst music. They play the most boring songs. The DJs choose songs the most carefully.




It’s the most popular

Pairwork 2c: Role play
? A: Hello! I’m a reporter. Can I ask you some questions? ? B: Sure. ? A: What’s the best clothes store in town? ? B: I think Miller’s is the best. ? A: Why do you think so? ? B: Well, Miller’s has … .

1.Tom is the tallest in our class. This apple is the biggest of all. 1)形容词最高级:

用于三者或三者以上的人或 事物相比较。

3) 形容词最高级前须加the.

2.Which do you like best? Chinese, English or math? Tom is one of the tallest boys in his class. The Yellow River is the second longest river in China.

常用句式: 1) Who/ Which…+ 最高级…, A, B or C ?
2) one of +the +形容词最高级 +名词复数形式,


Shanghai is the biggest city in China. Shanghai is bigger than the other cities in China. Shanghai is bigger than any other city in China. 小结:形容词比较级可用来表达最高级的意思。 比较级+than any other+单数名词 比较级+than the other+复数名词 可与最高级转化。

Grammar 语法 形容词最高级的变化:

规则的: 直接加est cheap—cheapest 双写再加est big--biggest 改y为i再加est friendly—friendliest 直接加st nice— nicest comfortable—most comfortable 不规则的: 多音节词在前面加most good--------better--------best bad----------worse--------worst

最高级,很容易,一般词尾加est。 (cheap-the cheapest) 词尾若有哑音e, 直接就加st。 (close-the closest)

重读闭音节, 单辅音字母要双写。
(big-the biggest) 辅音字母加y, 记得把y变为i。 (friendly-the friendliest) 多音节,考考你,the most到底加哪里?

(popular-the most popular)

Good –bye

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