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九年级unit5 A-1

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possibly 1. They think Mary is __________(possible) right. 2. The football belongs to ________(he). He’s him on the football team. Lucy’s 3. The CD could be ________(Lucy). She likes music. Who(m) 4. __________(whose) does this bike belong to? 5. Hemingway is one of my favorite authors ________(author).

用must, may, might, can’t填空
1. Whose earrings are these? They might/may ______________ be Mary’s. She wears earrings sometimes. might/may 2. Gina _________ some to the party tonight, but I’m not sure. 3. The telephone is ringing, but nobody answer it. can’t He _______ be at home. 4. -Is this Lan Qiang’s boxing glove? must -Yes, it ______ be his. There is his name on the back. might/may 5. You’d better take an umbrella. It _________ be rain this afternoon.

1. 这台电脑属于Jack。 This computerbelongs ____ Jack. _______ to 2. 这是谁的发带? Whose ________ _______ is this? hair band 3. 在野炊的那个女孩是我的同桌。 The girl ___ ______ _______ is my deskmate. at the party 4. 我爸爸喜欢听古典音乐。 classical music My father loves listening to _________ ________ 5. 这辆自行车不可能是Mike的。 The bike _____ _______ Mike’s. can’t be

1. Here is a beautiful dress, The owner ____ be a boy. A. must B. can’t C. might D. could 2. Peter ______ come with us tonight, but he isn’t very sure yet. A. must B. may C. can D. will 3. I don’t know -_______ book this is? A. who B. whom C. whose D. who’s

4. -Whose dictionary is this? -It must _______ Tom. I saw him using it yesterday. A. belong to B. belong C. be belong to D. be belonged 5. There is a river near the forest. It’s a good place to have a ______. A. meeting B. class C. tea party D. picnic

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