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am, is ,are 后不再有其它行为动词
肯定句 I am… He/she/it is… We/you/they are…

否定句 I am not… He/she it isn’t… We/you/they aren’t… 疑问句 Are you/we/they……? Is he/she/it……?

主语I we you they 主语he she it

肯定句 否定句

动词原形 don’t +动词原形

动词的S形 (第三人称单数式) doesn’t +动词原形 Does +主语+动词 原形

一般疑问 Do +主语+动词原 句 形

动词第三人称单数的构成 1、直接加s look-looks play-plays
2、以辅音字母加y结尾, 去y为i加es fly-flies study-studies try-tries carry-carries 3、以sh、ch、s、x、o结尾加es guess-guesses wash—washes catch-catches mix-mixes go-goes do-does


1.We often 2. He 3. 4. What _you

_(play) in the playground. _ (brush) your teeth every morning.

_ (get) up at six o’clock. _(do) he usually _(do) after school?

5. ______ they ________(like) the World Cup?


_Mike sometimes __________(go) to the park with his sister.
_ (watch) TV with his parents. _ Mike _ (read) English every day?

7. At eight at night, she

9. How many lessons
10. What time

_your classmate________(have) on Monday?
(do) the housework?

_his mother

11.He usually _____ (get)up at six in the morning. 1⒉She______(have) blues eyes. 1⒊We _______(go ) to school every day 1⒋The boy _________(like) playing football. 1⒌We_______(have)no classes on Sundays.

1⒍She ________(write) to her mother once a week.

1⒎It _____ (rain) quite often during the month of July every year.
1⒏She often_ ________(watch) TV on Saturdays. 1⒐Mike usually _________(ride) a bike with his friends in the park.

20 Peter and Mary often _______(play) badminton together.
21.Many people often _______ (listen) to the radio in the morning. 22.______(do)she _______(like) playing the violin? Yes, she______ (do). 23.She_____(have)four brothers. She ______(like) them very much. 24. He often ________(have) dinner at home. 25. We _______(not watch) TV on Monday.

26.Sandy usually _______(play) the piano on Sundays.
27.The cat________( like) eating fish every much. 28. Su Hai and Su Yang _______(have) eight lessons this term.

29. She and I ________(take) a walk together every evening.
30.My mother ______( have) a lot of cousins.

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