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九(4) 年级英语测试


( )16.—

—I study listening to tapes.

A. How; with B: What; with C: How; by D. What; by

( )17. Great changes _____ in my hometown since 1980.

A. have been taken place B. took place

C. have taken place D. were taken place

( )18. Sixteen-year-olds to drive.

A. is allowed B. are not allowed C. allowed D. is not allowed

( )19.-Do you like the skirt ? -It _______ soft.

A. is feeling B. felt C. feels D. is felt

( )20.When we practice speaking English, we often end up in Chinese.

A. to speak B. speaking C. spoken D. speak

( )21. It is not polite to those persons in trouble.

A. laugh to B. laugh with C. laugh of D. laugh at

( )22. If I you, I?d take a small present for her.

A. am B. is C. was D. were

( )23. My grandfather us stories when I was young.

A. was used to tell B. is used to telling

C. used to tell D. used to telling

( )24. I am really shy. I don?t know anyone there?

A. What if B. How C. What D. Why


A. interesting in B. afraid C. terrified of D. sure of

( )26. If I a million dollars, I give it to charity.

A. had, could B. have, would C. has, will D. had, would

( )27. I always go to sleep ___________ the light on.

A. in B. with C. to D. and

( )28. The backpack Jenny?s. There is her name on it.

A. might be B. could be C. can?t be D. must be

( )29. He used to spend a lot of time computer games.

A. play B. to play C. playing D. plays

( )30. He is allowed to stay until 11:00 pm on weekends.

A. down B. up C. with D. on

( )31. I have come up a good idea.

A. on B. at C. with D. at

( )32. He finds watching movies ______because the people speak too


A. frustrating B. frustrated C. frustrate D.


( )33. I haven?t seen my cat for two days. I?m about her.

A. careful B. strange C. anxious D. worried

( )34. I?m trying to study. Please turn the TV.

A. off B. on C. up D. down

( )350. Tony is very outgoing. He is easy to .

A. go along with B. get along with

C. go along to D. get along to


At one of the school in London, the students can go into town in the

afternoon. But they must to the school before six. One afternoon,

Bob went to see a film. When he came back to the school, the school gate

had already been closed. He went around the building to door.

That one was closed, too. Then he saw an open window on the floor. It was the office, Bob looked the room, but no

one was in. He quickly into the room. Just then he heard a voice.

Bob looked round and hid (躲藏) himself a chair. Then the head

teacher came in and sat down on the chair. He read a book for an hour. At

last the head teacher stood up and went towards the door. “Thank

goodness, he didn't me.” Bob thought. he left the room, the

head teacher spoke to the chair, “the lights when

you leave?”

( )36. A.come B.go C.return D.get

( )37. A.the other B.another C.small D.open

( )38. A.first B.second C.third D.fourth

( )39. A. teacher's B. headteacher's C. door keeper's D. students'

( )40. A.at B.out of C.into D.from

( )41. A.climbed B.went C.ran D.jumped

( )42.A.behind B.in front of C.beside D.under

( )43. A.see B.hear C.catch D.find

( )44. A.As soon as B.After C.Before D.When

( )45. A.turn up B.turn on C.turn down D.turn off



My friend Joan is a nurse at St. Luke?s hospital. She has been a nurse

since last September. She is a short pretty girl with large eyes. Joan finds

the work interesting, but the hours are very long. Every day she works in

a ward (病房) from eight to twelve. She brings the patients (病人)

medicine, answers their rings, and tries to be kind to everyone. She likes

people even when they are not happy. In the afternoon Joan has a rest.

Then four days a week she goes to classes. She is learning first-aid (急救)

and chemistry. She is not good at chemistry, but she is good at first-aid

work. She is a good nurse.

( )46. Joan has been a since last September.

A. teacher B. worker C. nurse D. driver

( )47. What does she do in the morning? She A. has a walk B. goes to classes

C. brings the patients medicine D. reads books on medicine

( )48. She even when they are not happy.

A.likes children B.likes people

C.visits children D.visits people

( )49. Joan in the afternoon.

A. brings the patients medicine B. answers the patients? rings

C. goes to classes D. has a rest

( )50. Joan is good at .

A. chemistry B. first-aid C. swimming D. Chinese


The students were having their chemistry (化学) class. Miss Li was

telling the children what water was like. After that, she asked her students,

“What?s water?”No one spoke for a few minutes. Miss Li asked again,

“Why don?t you answer my question? Didn?t I tell you water is like?”

Just then a boy put up his hand and said,“Miss Li, you told us that water

has no colour and no smell. But where to find such kind of water? The

water in the river behind my house is always black and it has a bad

smell.”Most of the children agreed with him.“I?m sorry, children.” Said

the teacher, “Our water is getting dirtier and dirtier. That?s a problem.”

( )51.The students were having their class.

A. English B. Chinese C. chemistry D. moths

( )52.Miss Li was telling the children what was like.

A. water B. air C. earth D. weather

( )53.A boy said, “The water in the river behind my house is always.”

A. white B. black C. clean D. clear

( )54.Most of the children the boy.

A. agreed with B. wrote to C. heard from D. sent for

( )55.The water in the river has colour and smell because it is

getting .

A. more and more B. less and less

C. cleaner and cleaner D. dirtier and dirtier



( )57. Jenny used to be heavy.

( )58.Jenny doesn?t want to look unfriendly.

( )59.Waldo agrees with his parents.

( )60.Waldo likes his little brother.





Li Lei and Wang Ying are to two middle school students. They

both work hard but they have different learning ways.


31-35 CCBCB 36-40 DDCAC 41-45 DBDCB 46-50 CADAB


51-55 CAABC 56-60 AADCD


61-65 CCBDB 66-70 CABAD 71-75 FFTFT


76. watching 77. How 78. didn?t 79.quarter 80. on 81. reached

83. nothing 84. test 85. failed


71、John 72、Karen 73、Ann 74、Mary 75、Simon


86. use to be, staying alone 87. were more careful, make any mistakes

88. getting along with 89. would rather go, go swimming

90. by making up conversations


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