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第一节 单项选择(共20小题;每小题1分,满分20分)

A ) 从A,B,C, D四个选项中,选出与所给句子划线部分意义相同或相近并能


( ---I’m studying for English test.

A. now B. just now C. for a moment D. in a moment

( ---Yes, That’s right!

A. keep healthy B. stay unhealthy C. keep healthily D. stay healthily

( ---I think so.

A. have a good time B. play games C. have meals D. do some shopping

( ---She is a policewoman.

A. is your mother doing B. does your mother like

C. does your mother want to do D. is your mother’s job

( )30. ---Too bored! Nothing to do!

--- A. What not B. Why not C. How about D. Why to

B) 从A, B, C, D四个选项中, 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项

( )31. ---_______do you have an art festival in your school?

---Once a year.

A. How long B. How often C. How far D. How soon

( ) 32. ---What’s your favorite ______?

---I like Animal world best.

A. animal B. TV program C. sport D. activity

( ) 33. ---Do you often go to the gym?

---No. ________. I don’t like sports at all.

A. always B. never C. sometimes D. usually

( ) 34. ---I often have hamburgers for lunch.

--- You’d better not. It’s bad for you _____ too much junk food.

A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. ate

( ) 35. ---Do you know the ______of the exam?

---Yes, I got an A.

A. results B. time C. place D. name

( ) 36. ---When did your toothache start?

--- About _______.

A. two days B. two days ago C. for two days D. in two days

( ) 37. ---I hope you will feel better soon.


A. Yes, I think so B. That is great C. Thank you D. That sounds



( ) 38. ---Dave, you look very tired.

---Yes, I did my homework ______11 o’clock last night.

A. until B. under C. in D. at

( ) 39. ---I think she should go to hospital. What’s your _____?

---I think so, too.

A. advice B. problem C. question D. matter

( ) 40. ---Are there any oranges in the bag?

---Yes. But only _______.

A. few B. a little C. a few D. little

( ) 41. ----You don’t look well, _______?

--- I have a headache.

A. how are you B. what’s the matter C. can I help you D. what are


( ) 42. ---Jane, hurry up! It’s time to leave.

---OK, _______

A. I come B. I’ m fine C. I’m coming D. I’m going

( ) 43. ---Hey, Tina. _____are you going for your vacation?

--- Hmmm. I think I’m going to shanghai.

A. How B. Where C. When D. Why

( ) 44. ---It’s sunny today. How about going skiing in West Lake?

----_________. Let’s ask the twins to go with us.

A. sounds great B. Best wishes C. Good luck D. That’s OK

( ) 45. I’m going for a summer camp in Beijing next month.

--- ________.

A. What a pity B. Not at all C. Don’t worry D. Have a good


第二节 完形填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)

The (46)_______in Britain is very different (47)________our Chinese food.

(48)______, they eat a lot of potatoes. They like to eat (49)______every day. They eat bre(50)______ breakfast and usually for one other meal. They eat their bread

(51)_____ butter, (52)______cheese or jam. Cheese and butter are made from

(53)_____. They drink (54)______ milk, too. They drink the milk cold or

(55)______, and they put it in their tea. They put sugar in their (56)______, too. They are the world’s bigger tea (57)______. They don’t eat much rice. And they like meat or fish with (58)______ and other vegetables. They serve all these together. After the main meal they always have (59)_____ sweet. They call this


( ) 46. A. apples B. tea C. food D. fruit

( ) 47. A. from B. to C. in D. of

( ) 48. A. Like B. Look like C. For example D. such as

( ) 49. A. it B. them C. one D. they

( ) 50. A. to B. with C. on D. for

( ) 51. A. by B. with C. out D. on

( ) 52. A. maybe B. be C. may D. may be 2

( ) 53. A. milk B. cow C. meat D. bread

( ) 54. A. a lot of B. lot of C. a lots of D. of a lot

( ) 55. A. hot B. many C. much D. bread

( ) 56. A. milk B. tea C. coffee D. meal

( ) 57. A. makers B. buyers C. drinkers D. sellers

( ) 58. A. tomatoes B. bananas C. pears D. potatoes

( ) 59. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

( ) 60. A. dessert B. milk C. supper D. meal

三 , 综合阅读(共三节,计29分)

第一节 根据所学各门学科知识,以及相关的文化背景,挑出正确的选择项。(共6小题,每小题1分,满分6分)

( )61, We usually use “_____” before the last name of a married woman?

A, Mr B, Miss C, Mrs D, Ms

( )62, What day is it on September 10 every year?

A, Monday B, Mother’s Day

C, Teachers’ Day D, Women’s Day

( ) 63. 30% students like this movie. What does “30%” mean?

A. Some students B. No students C. Most students D. All students

( ) 64. My work is interesting but a little dangerous. Thieves don’t like me. So I’m ______.

A. a waiter B. an actor C. a policewoman D. a bank clerk

( ) 65. If you have too much yin. You should eat hot yang foods. Like ______.

A. beef B. tofu C. rice D. dumplings

( ) 66. Scott plays the guitar very well, he can be in ______.

A, a rock band B, an art club C, an English club D, a sports club

第二节 阅读理解(共7小题,每小题2分,满 分14分)

A )仔细阅读下面两篇短文,并根据短文内容做出正确的选择。


Today is Sunday. It is time to play games. Look! There is a child near the house. What is he doing? He is watering some flowers. Who are the man and woman behind the house? They are workers. What are they doing? They are working. Look at the children near the river. They are Young Pioneers. Are they playing or working? Some are singing, some are playing games, some are playing basketball. They are very happy.

( ) 67. What is the child near the house doing?

A. He is playing games. B. He is watering some flowers

C. He is singing. D, He is playing


( )68. Where are the workers?

A. Near the house. B. In front of the house.


C. Behind the house. D. Across from the house

( )69. How are the Young Pioneers?

A. They are very happy. B. They are very relaxed.

C. They are very busy. D. They are very young.

( 2 )

Bob Pearson is an old man. He has two big houses and a new car. He has no wife. But he is a father of four children. He has two sons and two daughters. One son is from England. His name is Bill. The other son is from America. His name is Mike. One of his daughters is from China. Her name is Lanlan. The other one is from Thailand. Her name is Mikou. Bob Pearson is not the children’s real father, but he loves them very much. The children love their “father”, too. Bob Pearson has many toys for the children. He gives different toys to different children. The boys play with toy cars. The girls play with dolls and toy animals. Bob Pearson is the children’s “father”, and he is their friend, too.

( ) 70. There are ______ people in Bob’s family.

A. four B. five C. six D. no

( ) 71. His children are from ______countries.

A. the same B. America and Thailand C. different D. England and


( ) 72. Bob bought _____for his daughters.

A. toy cars B. dolls C. toy animals D. B and C

( ) 73. Which of the following sentences is right?

A. Bob Pearson is a very nice young man. B. Bob and Mikou like toy


B. The young Bob had a wife D. Lanlan is a Chinese girl and likes


第二部分 非选择题(共40分)

第三节 任务型阅读 (共7小题;每小题2分;满分14分)


Li Ping and Li Hong are Chinese. Li Ping is my friend. We are in Class One, Grade Two, Li Hong is twelve. She is my sister's friend. They are students of Grade One.

Li Ping and Li Hong are brother and sister. ①is a nurse. They are not old.

Li Ping and Li Hong are good students. They are good at math and Chinese. They like sports. They do morning exercises every day. After class they do their homework. Then they play basketball. ②In the evening they read picture-books or English. Sometimes they watch TV, too. They ③_____________ at about nine o'clock.

74. 对①句中划线部分提问。

75. 将②处的中文译成英语。

76. 选择恰当的短语填入③处

A, go to school B, go home C, go to bed D, go to shops 4



Here are some problems of my friends and some advice I give them. Kate can’t study well in the morning. She doesn’t eat breakfast and is always hungry. She should have breakfast every day. Tony is too heavy. He eats too much meat. He should eat less meat and more vegetables. Mike often feels tired because he always watches TV very late at night. He should stop watching TV too late. Jane often feels weak. She should eat more beef. Dave is stressed out. He shouldn’t work too many hours. He

第一节, 根据汉语提示,完成句子.

81. Eddie is very lazy and he never _________________(锻炼)

82. A lot of vegetables ____________(帮助) you to keep in good health.

83. I’m not feeling well. I have a __________(痛) back

84. I have a toothache, I _________(需要) to see a dentist.

85. What are you doing for ____________(假期)?

86. She’s ____________(离开) for Hong Kong on Tuesday.

第二节, 补全对话,(共5小题;每小题2分;满分10分)

仔细阅读下面的对话. 然后在空白处填出正确的句子.

Molly: Hey, Hector! (87)___________________________?

Hector: I’m visiting my cousins in Canada. I'm leaving on Friday.

(88)_____________________, Susan?

Susan: I’m going to sports camp.

Molly: Oh, cool! (89)______________?

Susan: On the 11th.

Molly: (90)___________________________.

Hector: How about you, Molly? What are you doing for vacation?

Molly: (91)___________________________. We’re leaving this weekend.

第三节.书面表达 (共1题;满分10分)

你们校报的英文版正在对大家的生活方式作调查。请根据下面的调查表并结合自己的实际情况,写篇短文介绍一下你的生活方式, 提交给校报的英文版小记者。 Student Lifestyle Survey

1. How often do you exercise?

2. What sports do you play?

3. What do you often eat?

4. What do you often drink?

5. How many hours do you sleep each night? 要求:1. 语言通顺, 连贯;

2. 70词左右。



1――5 BCCAA 6――10 CABCA 11――15 ABCBA 16――20 CBACC 21――25 CBCAC 26――30 AAADB 31――35 BBBBA 36――40 BCAAC 41――45 BCBAD 46――50 CACBD 51――55 BAAAA 56――60 BCDAA 61――66 CCACAA 67――69 BCA 70――73 BCDD

74. What does their father do?/What is their father?/What’s their father’s job?

75. They go/get home at half past five/5:30. 76. C

77. breakfast 78. heavy 79. weak 80. rest

81. exercises 82.help 83. sore 84. need 85.vacation/holiday 86.leaving

87. What are you doing for vacation?

88.How about you.

89. When are you going?

90. Sounds great

91. I’m going to( the beach) with (my family)


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