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Unit 2
How often do you exercise?
Section B Period 2(3a—Self Check)

New Words
dentist n. magazine n. however adv. than prep.& conj. more than less adv. adj.& pron. less than point n. 牙科医生 杂志;期刊 然而;不过 比 多于 较少;较小 较少的;更少的 少于… 得分;点

3a Look at the information in the chart and complete the report.
Jane is a 16-year-old high school student in the United States. American Teenager magazine asked her about her habits. Jane has a lot of always good habits. She ______ exercises and she reads books. Also, she ______ drinks juice and she ______ stays up late. However, she has some bad habits, too.

She watches TV for more than two hours a day, and she ______ eats hamburgers. Her parents are not very happy because she ______ helps with housework and she ______ goes to the dentist for teeth cleaning. She says she is afraid!

Complete the chart with your own 3b information. In the last column, use expressions like always, every day, twice a week and never.
Habits Good habits Bad habits Activities How often?

3c Write a report about your good and bad habits. Say how often you do things. Use the report in 3a as an example.

4 Take the health quiz. Compare your results with your partner’s. Who’s healthier?
1. How often do you eat breakfast? a. Never. b. A few times a week. c. Almost every day. 2. How often do you eat fast food? a. Never. b. A few times a week. c. Almost every day.

3. How often do you eat vegetables and fruit? a. Never. b. A few times a week. c. Almost every day. 4. How often do you exercise? a. A few times a year. b. A few times a month. c. A few times a week.

5. How many hours do you watch TV every week? a. None. b. One to four. c. Five or more. 6. How many hours do you usually sleep at night? a. Less than six. b. Six to seven. c. Eight or more.

1 Complete the chart with activities you do and don’t do. What about your mother/father?
always usually often sometimes hardly ever I My mother or father never


Write five sentences using the information above.

3 Fill in the blanks in the conversation.
A: What do Tom and Mike _______ do on weekends? B: They sometimes go to the museum. A: ________ do they go to the shopping center? B: ________ ever. Maybe about twice a month. A: ________ do they watch TV? B: Mike never watches TV, but Tom watches TV ________ day. A: Oh, I’m just like Tom. I ________ watch TV, too.

Do you know how to keep a healthy lifestyle? Share your ideas with your classmates.

1.My family has a healthy (health) lifestyle. ______ eating 2. Tina’s _______ (eat) habits are pretty good. to play 3. Try not ______ (play) with those bad boys.

4. There are many ____________ (different) differences between the two girls. 5. My mother doesn’t want me ______ (be) on to be the school basketball team.

根据对话内容, 在横线处填入适当的内容, 补 全对话(

每空词数不限)。 A: Oh, your computer looks cool. Do you like surfing the 1. ________? Internet B: Yes. I like to 2. ________ my friends on the talk with computer. A: 3. How often do you talk with them? _________ B: I talk with them every day.

how many A: Then 4. _________ hours do you do that every day? B: Two. What about you? don’t / never / hardly (ever) A: I 5. ________________________ do that. I spend more time on my studies. B: You’re really a good girl.

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