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unit 2 Section A 2d

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Unit 2

How often do you exercise?

go to the movie 1. 去看电影 ___________________ 2. 运动 ____________________ exercise 3. 看电视 ____________________ watch TV read English books 4. 读英语书 ___________________ 5. 上网 ___________________ use the Internet 6. 购物 ____________________ shop How often 7. 多久一次 ____________________ 每天 8. every day ____________________

一周一次 9. once a week ______________ 一周两次 10. twice a week ______________ 11.three times a week ______________ 一周三次 12. three or four times a week 一周三到四次 ______________ 一个月一次 13. once a month _______________ 一个月两次 14. twice a month _______________

翻译: 1. 周末你通常做什么事情?我通常踢足球。 What do you usually do on weekend? I usually play soccer. 2. 周末他们做什么事情?他们经常去看 电影。 What do they do on weekend? They often go to the movies.

Read the conversation and match the activity with the 2d right time. Wednesday dance lesson and Friday
piano lesson play tennis Tuesday


2d Role-play the conversation.
Jack: Hi, Claire, are you free next week? Claire: Hmm…next week is quite full for me, Jack. Jack: Really? How come? Claire: I have dance and piano lessons. Jack: what kind of dance are you learning? Claire: Oh, swing dance. It’s fun! I have class once a week, every Monday. Jack: How often do you have piano lessons? Claire: Twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday. Jack: Well, how about Tuesday? Claire: Oh, I have to play tennis with my friends. But do you want to come? Jack: Sure!

3.How come ? 为什么呢? 这是英语中的一个口语,相当于汉语的 “为什么”、“怎么会”等,既可以独立使用, 也可在后接句子,来询问事情的缘由或状况。 例如: How come the sky is blue today? 今天天怎么会这么蓝?

A: I didn’t even eat lunch today. 我今天甚至没吃午饭。 B: Really? How come? 是吗?怎么会呢?

Hi, Claire, …

Hmm, ...

1. --What do you usually do on w_________? eekends --I often watch TV. 2. --How often does she shop? nce wice --O_____ or t_____ a week. 3. Grandpa is pretty healthy because xercises he e_________ every day. 4. Animal World is my favorite TV rogrammes p___________.

5. The weather here is so cold, ardly I can h______ stand it. 6. These two pictures have

differences no __________(区别). Although 7. ________ (虽然) Mr. White is very old, he goes to work every day. healthy 8. Do you have a ________(健康) lifestyle?

Keep a weekend diary showing what you do on weekend. You can write down what you do from the time you get up until you go to bed.

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