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Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater?

Section B

Can you compare these three persons?


taller shorter heavier thinner older younger bigger Birth: 1954,04,07 Birth: 1980,08,29 Birth: 1961,09,27 longer Height: 1.73m Height: 1.745m Height: 1.74m Weight: 63kg more Weight: 68kg Weight: 64kg athletic … tallest, heaviest, oldest, thinnest, shortest, youngest,

funniest most creative quietest best Positive words

excellent terrible great Negative words most boring

most creative quietest best funniest
excellent great

worst most serious


talent show





The Math Teachers

talent show 才艺表演

performer 表演者

She is playing the guitar upside down 倒立.

They are singing and dancing
They are the…

She is the most creative person I know.

表演魔术 He is juggling with many balls.

He/She is the…

He and his dog are doing funny things

Section B 2a
Eliza Vera Steve Dennis The Math Teachers



The Math Teachers Dennis


Name Eliza Steve Vera

What people say excellent,great best,



creative,the most creative worst terrible

The Math Teachers

A: Wasn’t that a talent show? B: Yeah! A: Who do you think was the best act? B: Oh, I thought Eliza was the best. She’s an excellent piano player. A: Yeah, she was great. And I thought Steve and his dog were the funniest. B: Me too! I couldn’t stop laughing! And how about Vera? Wasn’t she creative? A: Yeah, I’d say she was the most creative act! I don’t know many people who can play the guitar upside and down. B: Who did you think was the worst? A: Oh, Dennis! He was terrible. He keep dropping the balls. B: I know! A: What did you think of The Math Teachers? B: Well, they were definitely the loudest for sure!

? A: Who was the best performer?

? B: Eliza was the best performer.
? A: Who was the funniest performer? ? B: Steve was the funniest performer. ? A: Who was the most creative performer? ? B: Vera was the most creative performer.

? A: Who was the worst performer?
? B: Dennis was the worst performer. ? A: Who was the loudest performer? ? B: The math teachers were the loudest performers.

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