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初中英语导学案8A Unit3(2)

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初中英语导学案8A Unit3

课题: Reading(1)


1. 读懂文章,了解此次游玩的基本情况。

2. 复习和拓展有关世界名胜的知识。


I. 了解文章体裁。此篇文章是私人信件的书写方式,信中用非正式的语言描述了Linda去北京世界公园旅游的一次经历,并表达了旅游之后的感受。

II. 翻译下列短语

1.一日内环游世界 2.起初,开始 3.上大巴 4.感到恶心 5.来自世界各地 6.由金属制成 7.名胜古迹 8.加入 9.不再 10.在网上 III. 首字母填空。

1. Mount Tai is a place of i___________ in China.

2. A good b___________ is half done.

3. The trip took about two hours by c___________.

4. There is a lot of t____________ in the street.

5. There are a lot of p___________ in Egypt.

6. The trip to the hill was really __________(bore).

7. I __________ believe these are the ___________(real) ones.

8. It was lucky that they did not hurt__________(they) in the traffic accident.


Ⅰ.Warm-up & lead-in

Show some pictures to let the Ss guess where I am.

Ⅱ. Pre-reading

Tell the Ss I don’t have enough time to travel around the world. What shall I do? ( Go to a world


Learn some new words. Get the Ss to match the new words

with their English meanings. Explain the words simply.

Ⅲ. While-reading

1. Listening

Now, let’s listen to the tape. After you listen to the tape, please

answer my question, How did Linda feel yesterday? Help the Ss to answer. ( Get the Ss to match the sentences.)

Listen and read the letter together. Then put the pictures in the correct order! Check the answers.

2. Reading

Ss read the letter by themselves. Get the Ss to ask and answer questions in pairs. Have a competition between boys and girls. Then ask the Ss to Fill in the form.

3. Role-play

Suppose you are Linda, retell the day out to the World Park according to the form. Work in pairs. Get some Ss to retell it.

Ⅳ. Post-reading

Discussion (Group work)

Divide the class into several groups. Have a discussion in groups. Show the Ss some pictures. Each group chooses a picture to talk about the place of interest you want to visit best. 1) where to go 2) when to go

3) how to go 4) why to go

5) what to see 6) how to feel

Each group chooses a student to give us a report.

Ⅴ. Sum-up

From this lesson, we have learnt how to talk about the place of interest we want to visit. We also learnt sth about the places of interest So we must love our world and study harder to make our world more and more beautiful.

Ⅵ. Homework

1. Finish the exercises on the paper.

2. Write a letter to your close friend to tell him/her your pleasant

trip to a place of interest.


一、句型转换。 1. Nick is having a great time in Australia. (同义句)

Nick is __________ ___________ in Australia.

2. My house is a beautiful building. It has a big garden and many trees.(合并为一句) My house is a beautiful building ____________ a big garden and many trees.

3. The house is very beautiful. It has a big garden. (合并一句)

_________ a very beautiful __________ __________ a big garden.

4. At last, we got to the World Park.(同义句)

________ ________ ________, we ________ ________ the World Park.


( )1. Here is Linda’s letter _______ her mother ______ the trip.

A. from; with B. to; about C. of; for D. from; to

( ) 2. Kitty and I felt sick for ________.

A. many of the trip B. most of the trip

C. more of the trip D. the most of the trip

( ) 3. I’m sure she will _______ learn English well.

A. can B. be able C. be able to D. can be able to

( ) 4. I would recommend Yao Ming _____ NBA ____ Basketball Player Award.

A. for; good B. for, Better C. for; Best D. at; Best

( ) 5. The exam is coming. I am doing my _____ to work hard ______ Japanese.

A. better; with B. best; at C. well; to D. best; with


1. 格林先生计划到中国一些名胜之地旅游.

Mr. Green _______ _______ _______ some _______ _______ _______ in China.

2. 在那里整个世界展现在我们眼前.

The _________ world is there in _________ _________ us.

3. 这个埃菲尔铁塔模型是由金属做的.

The ________ Eiffel Tower ________ ________ ________ ________.

4. Kitty的老师邀请我参加他们去世界公园的旅游。

Kitty's me to ____ ______ their _________ to the World Park

5. 从Kitty的学校乘长途汽车到世界公园需要两小时左右。


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