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新目标英语九年级 unit1 section1(1a-2c)课时作业

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Class __________ Name __________ I 单词翻译(每空2分,34分)

抽认卡___________, 课本 _____________, 词汇_____________, 语言______________

对话______________,发音 ______________, 学习______________,组 _____________, 嗓音___________, 明确的___________,具体的______________,记住,熟记 ______________, 语法______________,

不同地_____________, 使失望使沮丧______________,令人失望的______________, II. 翻译词组(14分,每题2分)

通过和朋友一块学习_______________________________ 通过制作抽认卡 _______________________________ 通过阅读课本 _______________________________ 通过制作单词表 _______________________________ 通过听磁带 _______________________________ 通过向老师求助 _______________________________ 通过小组学习 _______________________________ III翻译句子(10分,每题2分)

1. 你是怎样为考试做准备的?_______________________________. 2. 我是通过小组学习来准备的。_______________________________. 3. 你曾经和小组一起学习过吗? __________________________________. 4. 是的。我用那种方法学到了很多。______________________________? 5. --你通过出声朗读学习英语吗? __________________________________? VⅠ.单项选择(20分,每题2分)

( ) 1. 1.It is a good way to practice English_____ chatting with English native speakers online. A.in B.by C.for D.with

( )2. My sister is writing a letter ( ) English ( ) a pen. A.in,by B.with,with C.with,in D.in,with

( )3. My sister likes learning English ( ) singing English songs. A.in B.on C.by D.at

( )4.English is so important that I practice ( ) it every day. A.speaks B.to speak C.speaking D.speak

( )5. watch English movies to learn English? ----- Sounds great.

A.Why not B.What about C.Why don't D.Would you mind .( )6. did you tell him the news? By sending an e-mail. A.Why B.When C.Who D.How

( ) 7.Tom ended up on the floor after drinking too much last night. A.sleep B.to sleep C.sleeping D.slept

( )8. ______ TV too much is bad for your eyes.

A.Watching B.Watch C.Looking D.Look

( ) 9.The best way ______ your English is ______ an english club.

A.improve;join B.improving,to join C.to improve,to join C. Improving;join ( )10.Don’t worry!We still have ______ time left before the train leaves. A.a little B.little C.a few D.few

( )11.Mike said he found learning Chinese ______ beause he couldn’t understand people. A.frustrate B.frustrating C.frustred D.frustrats V.用括号内所给词的适当形式填空(24分,每空2分)

1.What about ________ (listen) to cassettes?

2.Do you learn English by watching English- language________ (video) ? 3.Do you English________(learn) by reading aloud? 4.It's too hard _______ (understand) the voices.

5.You can improve your listening skills by_____(listen)to tapes. 6.Reading aloud is a good way to practice _______(pronounce) 7.What about _______(make)flashcards to learn words?

8.Mr green gave us some specific______ ( suggestion ) on how to learn a foreign language 9.He said that ______ ( study) with a group helped a lot.

10.I think the best way ______ (memorize) the new words is using them.

11.He got really ______ (excite) when he won the first prize in the speech competition. 12.He speaks so ______ (quick) that I can’t follow him.

Unit 2 May all your wish come true . (心想事成。)

V II .把下面五句话还原回原文,使文章完整:(10分,每题2分)

I work in an office. It’s near a factory and a school. Every day, I get up at six in the morning, then I have breakfast. ______________. I get to the office at half past seven, I open the office at ten to eight. All the other office workers get here soon. __________________. I have lunch in the office at noon. _________, I go home. ___________________. I seldom watch TV. ____________________ 阅读文章,重新排列句子。 A. I go to work by bike. B. I go to bed at ten to ten.

C. I do some washing and cleaning in the evening. D. We start to work at eight o’clock. E. At ten to five

27. VIII.从B栏中找出与A栏中各句相应的答语。(5分,每题1分)

A B ( ) 31. Where are you from? A. No. They’re from Fuzhou. ( ) 32. What’s his name? B. It’s (010)8267-6919. ( ) 33. Is she Jane?

C. I’m from Cuba. ( ) 34. Are they from Beijing?

D. Yes, she is.

( ) 35. What’s your telephone number? E. His name is Liu Xiang. I附加题 . 从B栏中找出A栏对应的答语。(10分,每题1分)

Whatever you do, you need courage (无论做什么事情都需要勇气。)


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