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2013版Unit4 What's the best movie theater第一课时

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Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater?

good better best

never let it rest
till good is better and better is best
A good radio station A better radio station The best one

Tall, taller, who is taller?
I am tall. You are taller. You are taller than me. Thin, thinner, who is thinner? He is thin. She is thinner. She is thinner than him. Funny, funnier, who is funnier? You are funny. They are funnier. They are funnier than you. Outgoing, more outgoing, who is more outgoing? Popular , more popular, who is more popular?

Mr Xu Mr Xu is _____ than Tom.. taller

Jim shorter Jim is _________ than Tom..


Mr Xu fatter / heavier John is ___________ than Mr Xu.

Danny outgoing more outgoing more outgoing than Danny. Gina is _____________

Where do we often see a movie ?


movie theater


West Lake cinema UME Movie City

Wanda Movie City


My home

It is close to my home. ________________

What does a good movie theater have?

It has comfortable seats.

It has a big screen.

It has friendly service.

It has new movies.

Big, big screens
Cheap, cheap tickets

Close, close to home
Friendly, friendly service

Comfortable, comfortable seats
New , new movies Buy tickets the most quickly That’s all I want.

It has

It is

new movies friendly service comfortable seats big screens short waiting time close to home cheap popular

I think two things are important. It has …. It is … I think …things are not important. It has …. It is…

The tickets to Hangzhou Theater is_________. cheap ¥30 The tickets to UME Movie City cheaper is________.

The tickets to West Lake Cinema the cheapest is___________.





home UME Movie City is close to my home.
West Lake Cinema is _______ to my home than Yifu Theater. closer

the closest Hangzhou Theater is ___________to my home.

West Lake Cinema

is popular.
Hangzhou Theater is more popular. ___________

UME movie city is

the most popular. ______________

Hangzhou Theater has

many new movies. _____________

West Lake Cinema has

more _________ new movies.
UME Movie City has

the most new movies. ________

Hangzhou Theater

has friendly service.

West Lake Cinemahas

friendlier ________ service.

UME Movie City

has ____________ service. the friendliest

Hangzhou Theater

has a big screen.

UME movie city has a

bigger ________ screen.

West Lake Cinema has

___________ screen. the biggest


West Lake Cinema

has comfortable seats.

UME Movie City

more comfortable has ____________ seats.
Hangzhou theater has

______________ the most comfortable seats.

规则 形容词 说明

+est +st
i+ est
重读闭音节双写词尾 字母双写+ est most +形容词

tall tallest tall short shortest short
close nice closest nicest happy happiest big biggest popular
单音 节和 双音 节词 变化 规则

friendly friendliest fat fattest comfortable

most comfortable


词 和部分双 音节词变 化规则

A: What’s the best movie theater? B: UME Movie City. It is the closest to my home. It has the friendliest service. A: But I think HangzhouTheater has the biggest screen. …


Show your own opinions.

has the most comfortable seats is the closest to my home has the most new movies has the friendliest service is the most popular has the biggest screens is the cheapest

1b.Town Cinema Movie World Screen City Qualities Movie Theater It has the biggest screens. It’s the most popular.
It’s the closest to home It has the shortest waiting time It has the best sound. It has the most comfortable seats.

MovieWorld Screen City Town Cinema Town Cinema Screen City MovieWorld

radio stations
choose songs the moet carefully

bad,has the woret music 970AM

the most popular, the most boring songs 97.9FM


Dream Clothes

clothes store

good clothes

bad clothes

2a Listen to a reporter interview a boy. How does the boy answer the questions? Circle the correct letters below. Green City Survey 1. What is the best clothing store? a. Miller’s b. Blue Moon c. Dream Clothes

2. What is the best radio station? 无线电台 a. 970 AM b. 97.9 FM c. 107.9 FM


Hello! I’m a reporter. Can I ask you some questions?

What’s the best clothing store in town? I think Miller’s is the best.

Miller’s has good quality clothes.

Why do you think so?

Pairwork 2c: Role play
? A: Hello! I’m a reporter. Can I ask you some questions? ? B: Sure. ? A: What’s the best / the worst clothing store in town? ? B: I think Miller’s is the best… / ...is the worst. ? A: Why do you think so? ? B: Miller’s has …… .

Food Street

an eatery

小餐馆 川味观 You can say it like this:



A: What’s the best restaurant? Why? B: I think …is the best . Because … is … C:… D:…

the the the the the

cheapest cleanest dirtiest friendliest service most popular

the the the the the

most comfortable seats most delicious most expensive freshest food most kinds of food

1. Mount Qomolangma (珠穆朗玛峰) is the __________mountain highest in the world. 2. Changjiang River is the _________river in China. longest

3. Pacific Ocean(太平洋)is the ___________ ocean in the world. largest
4. The falls of Jiuzhaigou(九寨沟瀑布) are the _________ falls cleanest in the world. 5. Blue Whale(蓝鲸) is the ________ animal in the world. biggest 6. Giraffe is the _________ animal in the world. tallest 7. Hummer (蜂鸟) is the ___________ bird in the world. smallest 8. The Great Wall is the _________ wall in the world. longest 9. Humans(人类) are the _________ animal in the world. cleverest 10. China has the ____________ people in the world. most most beautiful 11. Paris is one of the _______________ cities in the world.

Write a short article to tell the tourists about the best place in Cixi.

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