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2013-2014学年度第一学期第一次月考 初一英语试题(样卷) (考试时间:100分钟 满分:150分) 成绩__________ 一、听力测试(30分) A) 从A、B、C三幅图中找出与你所听内容相符的选项。听两遍。(15分) ( ) 1. What kind of animal does the woman like best? A B C ( ) 4. When is Mr. Li’s birthday?

A B C B) 听对话,根据所听对话及问题选择正确答案。听两遍。 ( ) 5. What are they talking about? A. Breakfast. B. Lunch. C. Supper. ( ) 15. Where does Kate sit? A. Between Jack and Amy. B. In front of Jack. C. In front of Amy. C)听下面几段对话,选择正确答案。听两遍。 听第一段对话,回答16-17题。 ( ) 16.Who has got the wrong number? A. Kangkang. B. Dongdong. C. Taizhou. ( ) 17.Where do you think Dongdong lives? A. Taizhou. B. Beijing. C. In a cinema. 听第二段对话,回答18-20题。 ( ) 18.What’s Jim doing? A. He’s doing his homework. B. He’s reading. C. He’

s cleaning.


( ) 19.Where’s Jack?

A. In the classroom. B. In the teacher’s office. C. On the playground.

( ) 20.Where’s the man going?

A. Home. B. To work. C. To school.




( ) 21. A. at 7:30 B. at 7:00 C. at 6:30

( ) 22. A. the underground B. a taxi C. a train

( ) 23. A. visits other companies B. writes reports C. has meetings

( ) 24.A. walk B. rest C. cold

( ) 25. A. at 11: 30 p.m. B. before 11 p.m. C. later than 11:30 p.m


( A. his mother B. his father C. his sister

( .

A. by bike B. on foot C. by bus

( ) 28. His uncle’s home is their home.

A. far from B. near C. next to

( ) 29.Tom runs on the bus because .

A. he wants the bus to go faster B. he is a boy C. he is unhappy

( ) 30. Mother tells Tom to A. sit down B. run C. stand up

二、按音标写出单词(10分) (范围7AUnit1-4 P.135小学单词) 31. [?'bIl?tI] 40. [?'ba?t] ——————————————————————————————————


( ) 41. There’s ______old ruler on the desk, and ______ ruler is mine.


A. a; an B. a; the C. an; the D. the; the

( ) 55. There’s ______old ruler on the desk, and ______ ruler is mine.

A. a; an B. a; the C. an; the D. the; the





1. There’re some windows in the wall. (改为一般疑问句) 2. Those are banana trees.(改为单数句式) 3. Do your homework, please!( 改为否定句)

4. She’s your classmate.(改为复数句5. Is this your drawing? (作肯定回答对画线部分提问) 7-10 连词成句

八、完成句子(15分)(每空1分)(7A Unit1-4 含Starter 重点短语)

1. 七点钟了,该起床了。It’s seven o’clock. It’s time to 九、用所给词的适当形式填空,使短文意思通顺、语法正确。每空一词。10分

and the beginning of


I’m a student in Grade Seven in a junior high school. I’m thirteen years old. Today is


同学们,我们都在期待着春节的到来!请以“Chinese New Year”为题写一篇作文,词数:不少于70个单词。要求:语句通顺,条理清晰,书写工整。文中勿出现真实姓名和班级。

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