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一、掌握重点词汇:medical; research; tie; worry; what if 二、掌握重点句型:(1) -What would you do if you had a million dollars? -I?d give it to charity.

(2) I don?t know what to wear.

(3) If I were you, I?d wear a shirt and tie.

(4) What if everyone else brings a present?


1、 medical /medicine

(1) medical adj . 意为“医学的”

eg . This is a medical book .

2、 medicine n .意为“药”,不可数名词,take medicine 意为“吃药” eg . The doctor asks the boy to take medicine three times a day .

3、 little /a little / few / a few

little 和 a little都可修饰不可数名词,few 和 a few 都可修饰可数名词复数

(1) little和few表示否定,意为“少数”

eg . Mum, I have little money .Can you give me some ?

The boy is always thinking himself . He has few friends .

(2) a little和a few表示肯定,意为“一点,一些”

eg . They have a little water .

There are a few books on the shelf .

4、 bring / take


(1) bring v . 意为“拿来”,指从远处带到近处,或带到说话人都去的地方。 Eg .Can you bring your book to school tomorrow ?

(3) take v . 意为“拿走?,指从近处拿到远处,或指随身携带。

Eg . He takes away some books .

5、 maybe / may


(1) maybe adv . 意为“可能,或许“,通常放在句子开头。

Eg .Maybe he put his books in the bag .

(2) may aux .v 意为“可能”,放在主语后面,并且其后的动词用原形。 Eg . My mother may be at home now .


1、Please rememer to after meals .

A . take some medicines B .have medicine C .eat medicine D .take medicine

2、Maybe she to the park .

A . go B .goes C . to go D . going

3、She may to the park .

A . go B .goes C . to go D . going

4、Don?t worry .There istime left .

A . a little B . little C . a few D . few


A . has she B . hasn?t she C . does she D .doesn?t she


1、worry n . 意为“ 烦恼” Forget your worries and enjoy yourself.忘记你的烦恼好好玩

(1) worry v.意为“使发烦,打扰”

Eg . Don?t worry me ,I am busy .

(2) worry v . 意为“发愁,着急”

Eg . There is no need to wory .

(3) worry about sb /sth 短语,意为“担心某人/某物”

Eg . You mustn?t worry about your cat .I can look after it .

2、What if I don,t know anyone ?要是我谁也不认识怎么办?

What if …..意为“倘使。。。。。。将会怎样?”相当于从句为一般现在时态的条件状语从句,if 后需用陈述语气。

Eg . ---What if I don?t know the way to the bus stop ? ----You can ask the police .

Eg. A : I will have a birtherday party .Can you come ?

B :Yes .I?d like to .But what if I don?t find your house ?

A : You can ask the police .

3、He is late for the party . 他晚会迟到了。

当表达某人做某事迟到时,我们常用短语 be late for 表示。

Eg . ----I am sorry I am late for school .

----It doesn?t matter ,but you should be on time next time.

4、I?d give it to medresearch n . 意为“研究”

research v . 意为“调查,研究”

Eg . He is researching into a certain subject .

5、help v . 意为“帮助”(1) help sb with sth 意为“帮助某人某事”

Eg .Xiao Wang helps me with my work .

(2) help sb (to) do sth 意为“帮助某人做某事”

Eg . The boys help Mr Wang carry the heavy box .


1、 children in America have little to eat ,and you can really help them if you want .

A . Million of B . Two millions C . Millions of D . Two million of

2、There were about two people watching the football match yesterday .

A . Million of B . million C . Millions of D . Two million of

3、There are (thousand) of students in the university .

4、Taking a long way before goimg to bed can help you before exams .

A . relaxed B . relaxing C .relax D . relaxes

5、The little boy helped his mother cook breakfast .(同义句)

The little boy his mother breakfast .

6、The mother worries about her son very much . (同义句)

The mother her son very much .



基本要求 理解虚拟条件句表达说话人不能实现的愿望、假设、怀疑、建议。



结构:If sb did / were +其他,sb. would / should / could /might + 动词原形。

eg:What would you do if you were / did ?

I would…… if I……

Eg: 1、 If I were you , I ?d wear a shirt and tie .如果我是你,我会穿衬衣打领带。

我永远成不了你,所以在表达“如果我是你,我就。。。。。。。。”时,用If I were you ……..表示是不能实现的。

Eg . ----- What would you do if you have a million dollars ?

------If I were you , I would give it to charity .

2、million num . 意为“百万”

(1) millions of n . 意为“数百万的” Eg . She has millions of money .

(2) million n . 意为“百万元” Eg . He is worth three million.


1、What you if you a million dollars?如果你有一百万美元,你将做什么?

2、If I _________(find) a purse, I __________(give) it to the police.

3、If I ______(be) a bird, I ___________(fly) in the blue sky.

4、If you _______(have) something important, you _________( can go) now.

( ) A. shall; do B. will; do C. would; do D. may; do

( )2.What ?

A. weather B. whether C. though D. if

( )dollars in the lottery(彩票).

A. a million B. millions C. million of D. two millions

( )4. If I

A. was B. be C. am D. were

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