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一、 英汉互译(20分)

1. somewhere interesting __________2. feed some hens __________

3. buy something for my father___________ 4.照相__________

5. seem to be bored __________ 6. Go out with someone___________

7. buy something special __________ 8 写日记__________

9.大部分的猪______________________________ 10.去度假____________________ 二选择填空(30分)

( )1.Today we _________ the Great Wall, I think it’s great.

A. visits B. to visit C. visiting D. visited

( )2.Last Sunday we went to the beach . We had great fun __________ in the water.

A. playing B. plays C. play D. to play

( )3.It ________ rainy and windy on April 10th , I stayed at home all day.

A. is B. was C. are D. were

( )4.What did the foreigners _________ their vacation?

A. think of B. think for C. think over D. think of as

( )5.My mother and I _________ at my home _________ that snowy night.

A. were, at B. was, at C. were, on D. was , on

( )6._______ you _______ to see the film? Yes, I did.

A. Did , went B. Did , go C. Are , went D. Are , go

( )7.It’s spring now, so we decide _______ to the mountains.

A. to go B. going C. to going D. go

( )8.I was late for school because the bus was too ________ for me to get on.

A. awful B. fantastic C. crowded D. exciting

( )9.Who broke the window? I ________.

A. do B. does C. broke D. did

( )10.My teacher _______ me do my homework yesterday.

A. make B. makes C. making D. made

( )11.The news made me _________ .

A. feel excited B. feel exciting C. to feel excited D.to feel exciting

( )12.On her way to Central Park, she found a little boy _______ in the corner.

A. cry B. crying C. to cry D. cries

( )13.We ________ for dinner yesterday.

A. have a B. had fishes .C .had fish D. have fish

( )14.It was cool last month, ________ we decided to go hiking.

A. so B. but C. and D. because

( )15.______ he _______ at this school last term?

A. Did , study B. Does, study C. Was, study D. Did, studied


1.I was at home last night.(改为一般疑问句,做否定回答)

________ _______ at home last night? _________, ________ _________.

2.I did my homework yesterday.(改为否定句)

I _______ ________ my homework yesterday.

3.She went to London on vacation.(对画线提问)

_________ did you ________ on vacation?

4.The library was crowded.(对画线提问)

_________ _________ the library?

5.Vera visited The Great Wall last Sunday.(改为一般疑问句)

________ Vera ________ the Great Wall last Sunday?

6.The boys were at school last Saturday.(改为否定句)

The boys __________ at school last Saturday.

7.He went to the movies last week.(对画线提问)

________ _________he ________ last week?

8.Scott came back home on foot.(同义句)

Scott ________ back home.

9.He watches TV every Sunday evening.(用now 改写)

He _________ _________ TV now .


1.你们去年在哪度假的? Where _________ you go _________ vacation last year?

2.你假期过得怎么样? _________ ________ your vacation?

3.他们决定去看电影。 They _________ ________ go to the movies.

4.那个小男孩迷路了。 That little boy ________ __________.

5.你觉得你们的假期怎么样? What did you ________ ________ your vacation?

五.书面表达。(20分)写自己旅游日记一则1。旅行路线。 2。天气/活动。3。风景等(字数60)

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