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外研版九年级英语上册Module 2 Unit1课时作业

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Module 2 Unit 1

(20分钟 50分)

Ⅰ. 根据句意及汉语提示完成单词(10分)

1. Han Han told us his思想) in his new book.

2. What will(影响) your decision about what to do when you grow up?

3. It’s polite to尊重) and help the old in China.

4. The radio says it’s going to rain this afternoon, so it’s睿智的) of you to take your umbrella.

5. What do you know about the Chinese(文学)?

Ⅱ. 根据所给词的适当形式填空(10分)

1. Journey to the West(think) to be one of the greatest Chinese books.

2. When did you read the magazineThe Times?

3. Don’t you think Confucius is a famous(think) of China?

4. Have you ever read any

5. When does your school have the(month) school meeting?

Ⅲ. 单项选择(10分)

1. There has been life for

A. two millions

C. millions B. millions of D. two millions of

- 1 -

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2. Yang Liping is known

A. for B. as C. of D. about

3. —How about buying a radio and learning English on it?


A. It doesn’t matter

B. Sorry to hear that D. Sounds like a good idea C. Thanks for your help

4. I know, his father is a doctor rather than a teacher.

A. As far as

B. As long as D. So far C. As soon as

5. —Hi, Tom.

—I hurt my left leg.

A. What are you doing

C. What’s up B. What are you up to D. How are you

Ⅳ. 完成句子(10分)

1. 从现在开始你不应该再玩太多的电脑游戏了。

From now on, you ______ play computer games too much ______ ______.

2. 士兵们虽然非常累, 但他们仍继续工作。

The soldiers were very tired, but they still ______ ______ ______ .

3. 那时警察在找那个失踪的孩子。

At that time, the police were ______ ______ the lost child.

4. 我们正在考虑如何保护环境。

We are ______ ______ how to protect the environment.

- 2 -

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5. 为什么不多读些名著呢?

______ ______ you read more great books?

Ⅴ. 阅读理解(10分)

Hemingway was one of the famous writers. He was born

in America in 1899. His father was a doctor and loved sports

very much, and his mother taught music. Among six children in

the family, Hemingway was the second oldest.

Hemingway had written many books in his life. The Old

Man and the Sea is one of the most famous and also my favourite.

It came out in 1952. The main character in the book is a fisherman.

He is an old man and fishes alone. People think he is a man with

bad luck, because he doesn’t get a fish in eighty-four days. Every

evening, he comes home with his empty boat. But the old man believes himself. Then on the eighty-fifth day the man takes a big fish. Although he meets a lot of trouble, the old man never gives up.

1. Hemingway’s father was a fan of.

A. books B. sports C. music D. art

2. The Old Man and the Sea was published(出版)in

A. 1852 B. 1899 C. 1952 D. 1989

3. The old man doesn’t get a fish until the

A. fifteenth

- 3 - B. eightieth D. eighty-fifth C. eighty-fourth 4. What does the old man do when he can’t get a fish?

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A. He has to look for food somewhere else.

B. He doesn’t give up fishing.

C. He doesn’t fish any more.

D. He has nothing to do.

5. What can we learn from the old man?

A. When we are in trouble, we should not give up.

B. When we want to fish, we can get a big fish.

C. We can do everything well because we are young.

D. We can live a better life if we like fishing.


Ⅰ.答案: 1. thoughts 2. influence 3. respect 4. wise 5. literature

Ⅱ.答案: 1. is thought 2. called 3. thinker 4. works 5. monthly

Ⅲ.答案: 1~5. BBDAC

Ⅳ.答案: 1. shouldn’t; any more 2. went on working 3. looking for

4. thinking about 5. Why don’t

Ⅴ.1.【解析】选B。推理判断题。由第一段第三句“His father was a doctor and loved sports very much. ”可知, 他的父亲是一个体育迷。故选B。

2.【解析】选C。事实细节题。由第二段第三句“It came out in 1952. ”可知, 《老人与海》于1952年出版。故选C。

3.【解析】选D。事实细节题。由第二段倒数第二句“Then on the eighty-fifth day

- 4 -

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the man takes a big fish. ”可知, 老人于第85天捕到一条大鱼。故选D。

4.【解析】选B。推理判断题。由第二段倒数第三句“But the old man believes himself. ”可知, 老人并没有放弃捕鱼。故选B。

5.【解析】选A。主旨大意题。由文章最后一句“Although he meets a lot of trouble, the old man never gives up. ”可知, 无论遇到任何麻烦, 我们都不要放弃, 这是我们应该向老人学习的。故选A。


- 5 -

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