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冀教版九年级英语上 Lesson5

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Lesson 5
Danny’s Very Special Guest

Fill in the blanks with proper prepositions or adverbs:

1. Smoking is bad for health. We should give it _______. up
2. Good luck _______ you. to

3. I believe you, but I don’t believe ________ you. in
4. Jim swims as fast ________ Li Ping. as

5. Are you going to take part _______ our discussion? in
6. They are diving _______ the swimming pool. Dive right into ______! Go! in 7. We are all proud _________ Guo Jingjing. of 8. Miss Thompson set a world record _______ the 100in metre event ________ a time of 54.48 second. with

Fill in each blank with the proper word from the brackets: 1. He is _________(good) at playing basketball than Lily. better 2. Jump as _________(far) as you can. You can jump the far ____________(far). farthest 3. We are very _________(luck) to meet the famous movie lucky star. 4. Do your _________(well), then you’ll catch up with the best others. 5. We should try our best to make our country _______(pride). proud

Correct the mistakes: ______ 1. Can you tell us has who won the gold medal? who has 2. Do you want to make your parents pride? proud ____ 3. My father wants to give up to smoke. smoking _______ _____ 4. Jenny has done her best finish the work. to finish give it up 5. We should ________ give up it. 6. Our English teacher has a 8-year-old son. an _ 7. You must do your homework as careful as you can. ______ carefully 8. She seemed that she was very young. It ___ 9. My students are always doing ___best to study well. his their 10. __ the last day, we put up our poster. In on

Think about it!
1. Who is your favourite star? Why do you like him or her? 2.Would you like to be famous? Why or why not?

Read carefully and answer the questions: 1. Who is Danny’s special guest? What does he do? Jeff Johnson. He is a great basketball player.

2. What does Danny want to be in the future?
He wants to be in the Olympics some day. 3. What should we learn from Jeff? We should always try hard and never give up.

Language notes: 1. We had such an interesting day at school today! such adj. “这么的,如此的” 作定语 后接名 词 such + a(an) + adj. + 可数名词单数形式 such + adj. + 可数名词复数形式 such + adj. + 不可数名词 such a good idea 如此好的一个主意 such an interesting book 如此有趣的一本书 这些如此美丽的房子 such beautiful houses such bad weather 这么糟糕的 天气 so + adj.(adv.) “这么地,如此地”

如此小 这么认真

so small so careful so carefully

Language notes: 关于such和so需要注意的三个问题: 名词前有“many, much, little, few”修饰时,用 so

so many children so little water

so much work so few friends

such + a(an) + adj. + 单数名词 = so + adj. + a(an) +单数名词 such a nice girl = so nice a girl such a big orange = so big an orange such an exciting story = so exciting a story so/such … that … 如此……以致于…… He is so young that he can’t go to sch

ool. She is such a good girl that everyone loves her.

Fill in the blanks with such or so:

1. _______ good so
3. _______ slowly so

2. _________ carefully so
4. ________ tall so

5. ________ bad weather such
7. ________ a beautiful girl such

6. ________ little milk so
8. ________ many students so

9. ______ an interesting book such
11. ________ good ideas such 13. _______ a mistake such

10. _____ few trees so
12. ______ much water so 14. _________ games such

so such 15. _________ exciting a film = ________ an exciting film

Language notes: 2. If I don’t (write about it), I won’t be able to sleep tonight! ? be able to 表示能力 用于各种时态 can 表示能力 只有一般现在时和一般过去时 When I was five, I was able to to ride a bike. The baby will be able to talk in a few months.

?在表示现在和过去的能力时可以互换 She can speak three foreign languages. = She is able to speak three foreign languages. 3. At the end (of his talk), we asked questions. ? at the end “在一端,在终点” at the end of … “在……的末了,在……的结尾” at the end of the road( year) in the end finally at last “最后,终于”

Language notes: 4. I told him that I wanted to be in the Olympics some day. some day= someday “有朝一日” 常用来表示某个不确

的一天 one day 表示过去或将来某一天 the other day “几天前” 多用于过去时态
One day I ________ (see) him in a shop. saw You __________(make) big mistakes one/some day. will make I _________(see) him in the street the other day. saw
5. He said that the first time when he played basketball, his team came in twentieth. when 引导定语从句修饰 time. come in twentieth “得第20名”

Language notes: 6. Did he stop trying? stop to do sth. 停下正在做的事情去干另一件事 stop doing sth. 停止正在干的事 He was so tired that he stopped _________(have) a rest. to have 7. The next morning, he went to the gym to practise. practise vi. vt. practise + 名词(代词,v-ing)

They often practisespeaking _________(speak) English in class.
8. I want to be just like Jeff Johnson. just adv. adv. “正好,恰好” “刚刚,方才”

Fill in the blanks with such or so:

1. It is _________ an interesting film that we can’t miss it. such
2. The song is ________ beautiful that we all like it. so

3. It was ________ fine weather that we all wanted to go such out for a picnic.
4. They have _________ few good books to read. so 5. I have never seen ________ nice flowers as these. such 6. He walked ________ slowly that he couldn’t catch up so with us. 7. _______ little water is not enough for _______ many So so people.

Fill in each blank with the proper word from the brackets: 1. He wasn’t feeling well. He had to stop ________(work). working 2. It’s time for dinner. Let’s stop __________(eat). to eat 3. If I ___________(not write) about it, I _________(not be) don’t write won’t be

able to sleep well. 4. The next day, he went to the gym ___________(practise). to practise 5. I’ll go to the zoo, if it ____________(not rain) tomorrow. doesn’t rain 6. He asks me if I ______________(come) on time. will come 7. I love ___________(watch) the Olympics. watching

8. I want _________(be) in the Olympics some day. to be
9. Jeff Johnson’s team came in ___________(twenty). twentieth

10. Do you want to practise ___________(dive)? diving


1. We had such an interesting day at school today!
We had ______ interesting _______ day at school today. so a

2. He could speak English when he was very young.
was able to He ___ ____ ___ speak English when he was very young. 3. You will make big mistakes one day. You will make big mistakes _________ day. some 4. At last they won the game. At the end _____ _____ ______, they won the game. 5. It’s time to go to school. It’s time _______ ________. for school

1.如此有趣的一天 1.so interesting a day /such an interesting day 2. 能够 2.can / be able to 3. 为…比赛 3.play /compete …for 4. 在上届奥运会 4.in the last Olympics 5. 在篮球比赛中获铜奖 5.win the bronze medal in basketball 6. 走进我们的体育场 6.come into our gym 7. 最后 7.at the end / at last / finally 8. 想参加奥运会 8. Want to be in the Olympics 9. 努力拼搏 9.try hard 10. 永不放弃 10.never give up 11. 得了第二十名 11.come in twentieth 12. 第二天 12.the next day 13. 像…一样 13.be…like

A task: Tell a partner about an interesting day you had. Remember to answer the questions below, then write your story down. ? What was it? ? What did you do? ? Who was with you?

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