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七年级下英语单元考点必背 Unit 1

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初一级英语单元考点必背 Unit 1 My name’s Gina. 责任人:伍艳玲 Part 1思维导图

Part 2 单词和短语

1. introduce yourself 介绍自己 2. greet people 问候别人 3. introduce others 介绍他人 4. my bag我的包

5. your book你的书,你们的书 6. her desk她的桌子 7. his map他的地图 8. our cup 我们的杯子 9. their pens他们的笔 10. numbers 数字

11. phone\telephone numbers电话号码 12. ask for telephone numbers 要电话 13. give numbers 给电话 14. a girl’s name一个女孩名 15. a boy’s name一个男孩名 16. first name/given name名 17. middle name中间名 18. full name全名

19. last name/ family name/surname姓

Part 3交际用语

1. ---What’s your name?

---Alan.\I’m Alan.\My name is Alan.

2.---Hello, Alan. Nice to meet you. ---Hi, Alice. Nice to meet you, too.

3. ---Are you Helen? ---Yes, I am.\ No, I’m not. I’m Gina. 4. ---Is he Jack?

--- Yes,he is.\No, he isn’t. His name is Mike.

5. ---What’s his name? ---He is Eric.\His name is Eric.

6. ---What’s her name? ---She is Mary.\Her name is Mary.

7.---What’s your telephone number? ---It’s 22334455.

Part 4 单元必背短文 Hello, everyone. I am Tom Green(汤姆·格林). Tom is my first name; Green is my last name. I am thirteen years old. My best friend is Zhang Mingming. He is twelve. We are in the same class. We like to study and play with each other. My phone number is 253-3445 and his telephone number is 257-6678.

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