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七年级下英语单元必背考点 Unit 4

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初一下英语单元考点必背 Unit 4 Where is my schoolbag? 责任人:伍艳玲 Part 1 思维导图

Part 2 单词和短语:

1. things around the house 房间里的物品

2. where things are 物品的位置 3. on the sofa 在沙发上 4. on your desk 在你的桌上 5. on her bed 在她的床上 6. on his head 在他的头上 7. under the radio在收音机下 8. under the chair 在椅子下 9. under the book在书下

10. under the model plane在模型飞机下 11. in the schoolbag 在书包里 12. in the pencil box在铅笔盒里 13. in the bookcase在书柜里

14. in the tape player 在录音机里 15. in your grandparents’ room 在你祖父母的房间

Part 3 交际用语

1. ---Where is the map? ---It’s on the desk.

2. ---Where are my books? ---They are in the bookcase.

3. ---Where are his pencils? ---They are

in his pencil box.

4. ---Where is your ruler? ---It’s under the chair.

5. ---Where are their keys? They are on the table.

6. ---Where is the schoolbag? Is it under the table?

---No, it isn’t. It’s on the table. 7. ---Are the keys on the sofa? ---No, they aren’t. They are on the table. 8. Gina’s books are everywhere—on her bed, on the sofa and under the chair.

Part 4 单元必背短文: Hello, everyone! I am Kate Green. Kate is my first name, Green is my last name.

Look! This is a photo of my room. I am tidy. My books and CDs are in the bookcase. My pencil box and my ID card are in my schoolbag. I have a pink clock. It’s on the desk. Oh, I also have a blue model plane. It’s on the desk, too. What about your room? Is it tidy? That’s all. Thank you.

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