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2013七年级下册英语第一次月考试题 3

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A卷 I 语音:找出画线部分与其它三个不同的选项(每题1分,共5分)

( )1.A. ( ( ( ( )1. A. speak B. breakfast C. teach D. clean

II 词汇(每小题1分,共20分) A)英汉互译 1.交朋友_________ 2.洗淋浴_________ 3.过河_____________ 4.take the train_________ 5.说英语__________ B)按括号内的要求写单词。 1.I(名词性物主代词)_______ 2.easy(对应词)________ 3.do(第三人称单数)_______ 4.bus(复数)_______ 5.our(同音词)________ C)根据首字母或汉语意思写出所缺单词。 1.Can you play the g____? Yes, I can . 2.Tony usually goes to bed at a q_______to ten in the evening. 3.You can take the bus to the train 车站). 4. My (梦想)is to go to Beijing in 20l3. 5.. My sister doesn’t go on a ropeway, she is very (害怕)。 D)用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.They want (join)the art club. 2.I can play the drums, but I can’t play it (good). 3. For many students ,It is easy (get) to school. 4.Lisa is very good at________(sing). So she can be in our school music festival. 5. Mary wants to know where Bob (live). III.单项选择(25分)。 ( )1. The man is David Johnson. Johnson is his name and David is his name. A. family; last B.first; family C. first ; last D.last ; first ( )2. He can play chess,But he can’t play guitar. A. the; the B. the; / C. /;/ D. /; the ( ) 3. 一What can you do,Li Xin? —。 A.I like sports B I want to join the music club C.I am well D I can do Chinese kung fu.


( )4..I walk to school every day.____?

A. What about you do B. What do you C. How about you D. What about your

( )5. 14. Mrs Smith is good music. She can be good ___ kids(孩子)in the music club.

A.at;at B with ;with C. at; with D.with;at

( )6. — do you usually get up?

— I usually get up at six o’clock every day.

A. What time B. When C. What D. How ( )7. Miss Wang is a good teacher, she usually .

A. helps me to English B. help me learn English

C. helps me with English D. help me with English

( I go to school by bike.

A. some time B. sometime C. some ttimes D. sometimes ( )9. I want the basketball club.

A. to join B. join C. joining D. joins

( )10. — Can he play the drums? —No, he .

A. doesn’t B. can’t C. isn’t D. don’t

( )11. — ?

— Yes, please. I want a sweater.

A. Do you have pencil boxes B. Can I help you?

C. Do you want a pencil box D. What’s it in English

( ) 12. his homework in the evening

A. Do; do B. Do; does C .Does ;do D.Does ;/

( )13. Dick never eats vegetables, so this is not a life.

A. happy B. healthy C.interesting D. Sad

( )14. We home at 6:00 pm every day.

A.go B. go C. goes D. goes to

( )15.I____at ten o'clock in the evening.

A. have breakfast B. get up C. go to bed D. watch morning TV

( the afternoon.

A.at;on B.at;in C.at ;at D.in;/

( his homework on Sundays.

A doesn’t B. don't do C. doesn't do D. don't

( ) 18.How do you get____from the bridge? 一On a ropeway.

A. to home B. to school C.to here D. the room

( )19.. Nancy loves A. write B. writes C. to write D. wrote

( )20. How long it A.do; take B. do ; takes C. does; take D. does ; takes

( ) 21.. Mr Han has a A. 3 year old B. 3-year-old C. 3-years-old D. 3 years old

( )22. What do you the book? It’s very interesting.

A. get to B. think of C. live to D. go to


( )23. —Do you often a bus to school ?

—Yes. The bus ride often me about 5 minutes.

A. take; take B. take; takes C. takes; takes D. takes; take

( )24. — is from your home to school? —Only two kilometers.

A. How B. How many C. How far D. How long ( )25.It takes half an hour by bike.

A. my; to get to school C.me, to get to school

C. my; going to school D. me; going to school

二. 完形填空。阅读下面材料,掌握其大意,然后从每小题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳选项(10分)。

What is the best way to study(学习)? This is a very important 1 . Some Chinese 2 often study very hard(努力). And they often study for long 3 . But it is not a 4 way to study. A student must 5 lots of rest(休息) and eat lots of 6 food. You need to take a walk, play basketball, ping-pong or 7 a song every day. You will not feel tired when you start 8 studies.

For some 9 like English, we also need to speak it every day,listen to it or 10 English movies. These are good ways to learn English.

( )1. A. time B. question C. age D. book

( )2. A. students B. musicians C. teachers D. actors

( )3. A. with B. of C. at D. for

( )4. A. busy B. short C. good D. sad

( )5. A. want B. bring C. show D. have

( )6. A. long B. healthy C. funny D. successful

( )7. A. sing B. draw C. ask D. tell

( )8. A. her B. our C. his D. your

( )9. A colors B. people C. subjects D. clothes

( )10. A. spell B. see C. look D. join




( )1. Susan wants to get a job as a musician, and she can call .

A. 856987456 B. 856936688 C. 856952347 D. 856236589

( )2. Tom wants to be a teacher, and he can call .

A. Mr Lee B. Mr Smith C. Mr White D. Miss Green

( )3. Jenny can swim in the swimming club .

A. from 3:00pm-5:00pm on Sunday B. from 3:00pm-5:00pm on Monday

C. from 3:00pm-5:00pm on Friday D. from 4:00pm-6:00pm on Tuesday

( )4. Mrs Green can buy for her daughter in the shop.

A. a bag B. shoes C. a blue hat D. a nice T-shirt

( )5. Jack gets the job as a teacher, so he .

A. is eighteen years old B. is very interesting

C. plays basketball well D. speaks English well


Tom works in a school. The school is far from his house. He gets up very early in the morning. He usually has breakfast at half past six and takes a bus to work. He has lunch at school. He has supper with his family at home. After supper he usually walks along the river with his wife. At seven he watcher TV or listens to the radio.

Tom likes his work very much. He is always friendly to others. And all his friends love him, too. They work happily.


( ) 6. Tom is a worker in an office.

( ) 7. Tom’s house isn’t far away from the school.

( ) 8. He doesn’t have lunch with his family.

( ) 9. He likes his work and is friendly to others.

( ) 10. He usually watches TV after supper.



you ? Here are some ideas(主意)to help you.

11 . We are happy when someone helps us. When you help someone, you can be happy, too. If you help other students often, they may think you are kind and want to be your friends. 12 . When a students speaks, he wants his friends to listen to him. If you listen to other students often, they may think you are a good listener(听众), and tell you things more.

13 . All the students like people to smile(笑) at them. You smile to them often, and they may think you are friendly and want to be your friends. Smile to other students, and you may be happy, too.

14 . You can tell other students your favorite sports, stars, food and other hobbies. They can know you well. They can also tell you their favorite things. So you and they can do many interesting things you like.

15 . In some clubs, you can meet more people. You can also

1. After (have) breakfast, he goes to school. 2. Susan can play the guitar (good).

3. They have happy (life). 4. Our club wants two (music).

5. My cousin often (go) to bed at 10:30 in the evening. 五、按要求完成下面的句子,每空一词(5分)。 1. Tom can play the piano. (对划线部分提问)

can Tom ? 2. He has dinner at seven o’clock on weekends. (对划线部分提问) he have dinner on weekends?

3. Mary do her homework first when she gets home. (改为否定句) Mary her homework first when she get home.

4. I always get to school on foot. (改为同义句)

I always school.

5. My mother goes to work by bike. (对划线部分提问)

does your mother to work?



Dear Sally, Thanks for your e-mail. My life here is 1 . My English is not good. I can only say a little English. So I have to get up at six o’clock in the morning to 2 it. I have lots of 3 every day. That bring me lots of homework to do. It’s 4 for me. I want to ask some of my classmates for help, 5 they are too busy and have no time to help me. You know I’m new here and don’t have any friends. I don’t like 6 , so my classmates don’t speak to me often. I am very sad. Today is my 7 birthday. My mom buys me a cake and my father buys a nice book for me. Of all my classmates, only Tom gives 8 a card. He 9 me he wants to be my friend. We have different 10 . He likes playing basketball. I like reading. But I want to be his friend. Can you give me some suggestions(建议)? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 七、补全对话(10分)。 A: 1. ? B: I get up at six o’clock in the morning. After that, I run. Then I take a shower and eat breakfast at 7:00. 2. ? A: Me? I get up at nine o’clock. B: Nine o’clock A: Yes. B: 3. ? A: I go to school in the afternoon. B: Well, what do you usually do in the evening? A: 4. . B: Me, too. I do my homework at 7:00 and 5. at 9:00. A: Oh, I don’t watch TV. I go to bed at 9:00. B: You really have a healthy habit. 七、书面表达(15分)。 根据提示写一篇短文,叙述一下你通常的学习生活情况。(不少于60词) 提示:1. 家离学校3

千米路程。 2. 六点起床,早饭后坐公交车上学。 3. 到学校花15分钟时间。 4. 中午在学校吃午饭。 6

5. 晚饭后先做作业,再看半个小时电视,9:30上床睡觉。 7

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