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Do you want to watch a game show

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Unit 5

Do you want to watch a game show?
Section A 1a-2b

Do you like watching TV?
Do you know the voice of China?

Do you know other TV shows?
Look at the picture and answer: What kind of TV show is it?

talent show 才艺表演

talent show 才艺表演

game show 知识竞赛节 目 电视游戏节 目

talk show 脱口秀


sports show 体育节目

sitcom (situation comedy) 情景喜剧

soap opera 连续剧,肥皂剧

Good memory!!!

I love...
I like...

I don’t mind... I don’t like...
I can’t stand...

What do you think of talk shows ?

I can’t stand them.

What do you think of news ?

I like it.

Make your own conversations. A: What do you want to watch? B:What do you think of game shows /sports shows/ talent shows...?

A:I love/ like... them. B: Then let's watch a game show/ sports show/ talent show...


阅读题干、观察图片、听力预测 静心倾听、搜索信息、思考判断 依据要求、完成任务、书面反馈


pay attention to the key words 1b Listen and number the shows1-4 in the order you hear them

___ talent show 3 ___ talk show 1 ___ soccer game 4

___ news 2

Listen again. Fill in the blanks. watch TV 1. I plan to__________tonight. 2.What do you think of __________? talk shows don't mind 3.I___________them.

2a Listen to Lin Hui and Sally's conversation.Number the TV shows1-5 in the order you hear them.
___sitcoms 1 ___news 2 ___game shows 4 ___talk shows 3 ___soap operas 5

听力策略2: 边听边记,防止遗忘,书写关键字母、 缩写符号甚至中文或只有自己才能辨 认的符号,等到听音结束时再补充完整, 如此能提高记录速度。

Sally: Hi,Lin Hui.What are you watching? Lin Hui: Hey,Sally. I'm watching a really funny sitcom. Sally: Oh,I don't like sitcoms.What can you expect to the news or talk shows learn from them? I like to watch __________________. Lin Hui: Watching sitcoms is a great way to relax! You can learn some great jokes, too. Sally: Well, I like shows that are more educational.I _____ think even game shows are better than sitcoms.You can try to guess the answers to the questions. Lin Hui: Then what do you think of soap operas? Sally: Oh, umm, well, I know you can't expect to learn soap operas much from __________, but I have to say I love ____watching them! I plan to watch Days of Our Past tonight _____.

Some students may love talk shows, some students may love sports shows, and some students may love game shows.Remember that whatever you love, love yourself,and love our life.

1.Read 1c fluently and make your own conversation. 2.Make a survey in your group. "What kind of TV show do you like? Why?" And then write it into a short passage.
You can choose one of them.

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