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外研版九年级上册英语导学案Module 7 Australia

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Module 7 Australia

Unit 1 I’m looking for the photos that you took in Australia.(课前预习) I.预习目标:

1. 初步理解对话大意 2. 理解记忆新词和短语 3. 感知理解新语法 II. 预习过程:


crocodile__________ shark __________ hand __________

have a look at ________ alongside_________


二. 阅读对话,在文中划出下列短语 ,朗读并默写:

1.看??一眼_________________ 6.look for ___________________

2.在某人回来的路上______________7.the next day ___________________

3.被称作 ________________ 8.write to sb._______________

4.在??的中________________ 9.by the way ___________________

5.最大的说英语国家____________ 10.take some photos ________________


Why does Tony want to borrow the camera?


1. what are you up to?= what are you doing?

2. look for/find

look for 强调的是寻找的过程,find注重寻找的结果,找到,还是没找到。 3. Would you like a hand to find them?

--Would you like+to do..?

--Yes, I’d like to.

--Would you like sth.?

--Yes, please./ No, thanks.

give sb. a hand ==help sb.

4. it’s called Uluru.

be called 是一个被动语态,一般现在时态的被动语态 5. It’s like a huge sailing boat with water on three sides.

be like中的like 是介词,还可以作动词“喜欢”讲。

例如:I like reading books.


“和” I want to go with you.

“带有” Do you have a house with a big garden.

“用” I eat the cake with a pork and knife.


There are some trees on of the street. There are some trees on of the street.

6. I bet you do! 我打赌你一定会赢。


1.I would like a h______ to help me finish the work..

2.There were kangaroos that were jumping a_________ the car.

3.Did you see any kangaroos or c____________?

4.I have to i__________ that I have been to Australia, because I’m going to write about it.

5.We’re really lucky because sharks are usually s_____.

Module 7 Australia

Unit1 I’m looking for the photos that you took in Australia.(课堂学习) I.学习目标:1. 会用本课所学四会单词和短语

2. 能用所学词汇,句型进行情景口头表达和书面表达。



二.自主学习 :

1. Listen , read fast and answer.(Activity2)

2. Listen , read carefully and answer.(Activity4)

3. Listen and repeat.

4.Read aloud alone.

5.Read and fill in the blanks:

Tony was ______ ______ the photos that his father ______ in Australia. He was going to ______ about this country. His father helped him find three pictures. One was a huge rock ______t was called Uluru ______ ______ ______ ______ Australia. One was the Sydney Opera House. The last one was a photo of a Shark _____ Tony’s dad saw on the Great Barrier Reef. Tony’s dad also saw some kangaroos______ were jumping alongside the car ______ ______ ______ ______ from Uluru. At last Tony borrowed dad’s ______ because he would take part in a ______ ______ that he wanted to win

6.Retell or recite :

三.交流展示:Discuss language difficulties in groups to help each other .

方式:1. 组内讨论解决疑难

2. 班内交流解决

3. 教师解释




I’m looking for the photos ____________________ in America.


The Sydney Opera House is like a huge ____with water on three sides.


There is a photo competition that I _______________________.


My father has a camera that ______________________ under water.


There were kangaroos that were jumping ______on our way back.


1.If it_________(not rain) tomorrow, I will climb up the Great Wall.

2.I think my father is able ___________(come).

3.We knew that the earth __________ (go) around the sun.

4.Why don’t you_________(listen) to the teacher carefully?

5.I__________(work) at the school since I _________(come) to Beijing.

6.This lesson is _______________(interesting) than that one.

7.I often listen to our English teacher __________(sing) songs.

8.Mother asked me __________(tidy) up my bedroom just now.

9.Thank you for___________(take) me around Beijing.

10.The doctor advised me __________(do) more exercise.

11.It took me lots of free time___________(take) photos.

12.If you keep _________(study), you ______(get) a high mark.

13.Can I _________(borrow) your camera again?



Module 7 Australia

Unit 2 The camel that I rode had a bad temper.(课前预习)


1. 初步理解短话大意 2. 理解记忆新词和短语 3. 感知理解新语法

II. 预习过程:


grape_____ ham______ lamb______ outback_____ relative_____

sheep_____ spirit_____ surfing_____ wine_____ helicopter_____

purple_____ similar_____ similar to_____ ours_____ cricket_____

rugby_______ sunshine_____ expression_____ mate_____ temper_____


二. 阅读短文,在文中划出下列短语,朗读并默写:

1.装满??的_________________ 6.be surprised at _________________

2.从??变成?_________________ 7.in the south of _________________

3.同??相似 _________________ 8.on the hills ___________________

4.在那时 _________________ 9.such as ___________________

5.许多羊 _________________ 10.keep lying down ________________

三.再读短文,回答问题: (1)Where is Tony? (2)What’s the weather like in Australia?


1. similar

【精析】similar用作形容词,意为 “相似的”,常与to连用构成similar to,如:

My teaching style is similar to that of most other teachers.


1) same可作形容词,意为 “相同的,同样的”,它表示食物毫无改变或

者完全相同,常与the连用,如:The two boys look the same.

same还可以用作代词,意为 “同样的人,同样的事”,如:This sentence means the same as that one.

当表示 “与…相同”时,用固定搭配the same as,其中as不可以用like代

替,如:My coat is the same as yours.

2) similar用作形容词,意思是“类似的,相似的”,它表示食物在大多数

方面相同,但并非在每一个细节上都相同。如:All big cities are similar. 当表示“与…类似”时,应用“be similar to”。

如:What you said is similar to what I said.

【精析】expression是名词,意为“语句,表达方式,表现 ”,如:

You should remember these useful expression. 你们应该记住这些有用的短语。 There was an expression of surprise on his face.在他的脸上有一种惊讶的表情。


如:H e wants to express his ideas clearly.他想清除地表达个人意见。 【精析】keep doing sth.一直做某事,同一件事情;He kept reading the novel.

keep to do sth. 坚持作另外一件事情 【拓展】keep sb. doing sth.

I am so sorry to keep you waiting for so long time.

keep sth. Adj. We must keep the food cool.

Module 7 Australia

Unit 2 The camel that I rode had a bad temper.(课堂学习)


1. 会用本课所学四会单词和短语

2. 阅读理解短文,能用所学词汇,句型进行情景口头表达和书面表达。 Ⅱ。课堂学习过程:


二.自主学习 :

1. Read fast and answer(A2)

2.Read carefully and answer(A4,5).

3. Listen and repeat in a low voice with the tape..

4.Read aloud alone.

5.Read and fill in the blanks:

(1)Tony is w______ a letter to his parents.

(2.) We took a h______ tour over the rock.

(3.) The colours of the rock are f______ , they change from purple to red.

(4.)These stories d______ the spirits that created the world.

(5.) The Australians have many British r______.

(6.) Their family life is s______ to ours, and they enjoy the same food and hobbies.

(7.) The outback is more like a desert, f______ of rocks and sand.

(8.) The next day we a______ at Uluru, we went on a camel r______.

(9.) The camel that I rode had a bad t______.

(10.) It’s been a f_______ trip.

6.Retell or recite the text.

三.交流展示:Discuss language difficulties in groups to help each other .



The colours of the rock are fantastic, and ________________of the day, they change from purple to red.


Australians are like us in ________________.


Most Australians love going to the beach, __________________.


The next day, we _____________________Beijing Station.


Everyone thought __________that my camel kept _________.


1.If you _______(tell) your father the truth, he ______ (be) angry with you.

2.She said that she __________ (miss) her parents.

3.The actors are very ____________(popular), and I like them very much.

4.He didn’t tell me ____________(come) to the party.

5.You’d better ___________(put) on your raincoat, it’s raining out side.

6.The machine ___________(make) in China.

7.Don’t make any noise. The children _____________(read) the books.

8.Lily and Sally ________(study) English since they ________(come) to


9.One day he was ill, his mother _________(send) for a doctor at once.

10.It’s cool. We’d better keep the windows __________(close).

11.Many children are good at ____________(fly) kites.

12.______ you ________(have) breakfast yet? It’s ten o’clock.

13.We_________(not leave) until he comes back.



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