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Unit 4 What time do you go to school?(学案)

1.通过大屏幕上的钟表学习时间表达法及提问 Ways to say time.

1)整点钟读法:用基数词 + o’clock来表示整点,注意o’clock须用单数,可以省略 e.g. 6:00 six o’clock

2)顺读法: 数词按钟点 + 分钟的顺序直接读出时间。 e.g. 6:05 six O five / six five 6:15 six fifteen

提问方法:What time is it? What’s the time?

2.通过屏幕学习单词和词组:time, what time., go to school, shower, take a

shower, usually , o’clock.


3. Learn 1C Pairwork:

Suppose one of you is Rick, the other is an interviewer. Ask and answer questions about Rick’s day in pairs like this. A: What time do you usually get up, Rick? B:I usually get up at five o’clock.

A: What time do you usually run, Rick? B:I usually run at six o’clock.

A: What time do you usually eat breakfast, Rick? B:I usually eat breakfast at seven o’clock. … …

4.What time 和 When 的区别:

两者都是对时间进行提问,但是What time 只针对具体某一时刻进行提问,而When可以对任何时间进行提问。

A: _______is your birthday ? A: ______do you take a shower? B: A: ____________does Mary take a shower? 5. Learn 2C Pairwork:

Ask and answer questions about shower times in 2b in pairs like this: The persons are: Bob, Mary, Jerry, Alicia A: When does Alicia take a shower? B: She takes a shower at eight o’clock. A: When does Bob take a shower? B: She takes a shower at five o’clock. … …


一、Choose the best answers.

( )1.---What time do you usually go to bed? ----I usually go to bed ____eight o’clock.

A. in B. on C. at D./ ( )2.Rick _____at seven o’clock in the morning. A. go to school B. goes to school

C. to go to school D. goes to the school ( )3.----______does you father go to work? - --- At seven thirty.

A . What B. How C. What time D. What about ( )4.---______ is your birthday?

---My birthday is October 10th.

A. When B. What time C. What D. How old ` 二、Change the sentences:


____ _____ _____he _____home in the morning? 提问) ____ _____ he usually _____ _____?

3. What time is it?(变同义句) ______ the _______? 4.His mother goes to work at 8:00.(变一般疑问句) _______his mother ______to work at 8:00?

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