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九年级英语unit6 单元复习

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Unit 6
I like music that I can dance to.

1. A plane is a machine.The machine

can fly. A plane is a machine that can fly. 2. Do you know the girl? The girl is
sitting behind him. Do you know the girl who is sitting

behind him?

上述例句中a machine是先行词,that

是关系代词;the girl是先行词,who是
关系代词。当先行词是物时,用that, 当


Who is the man that is reading the
newspaper over there?

由关系代词引导的定语从句要注意的问题: 1. 关系代词在句中做主语时,不能省略,做

1) The book that has many pictures in it

is very interesting.


2) The book I borrowed from the library

yesterday is very interesting.


2. 当关系代词在句中做主语时,从句的谓语动

1)The students who are playing football
are from Class 2. 2) The student who is playing football is from Class 2.
1)先行词是students,复数形式,从句中谓语动词 用复数are。 2)先行词是student,单数形式,从句中谓语动词 用单数is。

I. 指出下列句中的关系代词在句中做主语还是宾语。

1. The songs that the Beatles sang were very popular. (做宾语)

2. The boy who broke the window is called Bob.

3. The girl who we met in the street just now

is Tom’s sister.
4. Is this the pen that Jim was looking for? 5. I love eating food that tastes good.
(做主语) (做宾语)



1. I’m reading a book. It is about Chinese history.

2. Those are the shoes. My mother bought them
for me last week. 3. Do you know that footballer? He scored two goals in the last match. 4. I hate those people. They talk much but do little. 5. I can’t eat the food. It has chocolate in it.

1. I’m reading a book that is about Chinese history.

2. Those are the shoes that my mother bought
for me last week.

3. Do you know that footballer who scored two
goals in the last match? 4. I hate those people who talk much but do little. 5. I can’t eat the food that has chocolate in it.



looking for


can’t stand

2 Read this e-mail and answer the questions.
1. Who wrote the e-mail? Lingling.

2. How many questions did she ask?

3. What are they?

3. What are they?
They are:

What languages would you like to learn?
What kinds of music do you like? What kinds of food do you prefer? Do you like it? Have you? What kinds of films do you prefer?

1. prefer v. 更喜爱,更喜欢 choose sth.

rather than sth. else; like sth. better
(1) prefer + n. 例如: I prefer groups that play quiet and gentle songs. 我更喜欢演唱轻柔音乐的组合。 Jennifer

prefers musicians who write their own lyrics.

(2) prefer sth to sth 比……更喜欢…… 例如: Which would you prefer, coffee or milk? 咖啡和牛奶,你喜欢哪一个? I prefer milk to coffee. 与咖啡相比,我更喜欢牛奶。 I prefer walking to cycling. 我喜欢步行,不喜欢骑自行车。 (3) prefer to do sth 宁愿做某事 例如: She prefers to be alone at home. 她宁愿独自在家。

2. have a great time 过得很愉快

同义词组: have a good time / enjoy oneself /
have fun.

3. my six-month English course 我6个月的英

一个16岁的男孩:a sixteen-year-old boy

4. I prefer quiet, traditional music so the concert suited me just fine.

句中的fine是副词,相当于very well.
suit, fit都有适合的意思,suit指衣服的款 式、颜色等适合,而fit则指尺码合适,suit还 可指天气、时间适合,如: The color of the coat suits you. But it’s

size L. I’m afraid it doesn’t fit you.
The 8:00 train suits us very well.

Write a reply to Lingling.
?Language ?Music ?Food


A reply to Lingling (Sample 1)
Dear Lingling, I’m glad to get your e-mail. I have never been to Hong Kong, although it is a part of China. To be honest I prefer Beijing and it’s a great place to visit. Some other students are learning Japanese in my school. I might like to learn some too. But right now I am learning English that is your native language.

There’s just so much to see here in Beijing. Last night I went to a Western Movie Exhibition. Most of my friends like American West movies that tell about your frontier history. I prefer Indian movies that have gentle music so the exhibition does not suit me well.

Before the exhibition we went for French drinks.

Do you like them? There’re lots of different
kinds of drinks here. I don’t know

what to drink next. What kinds of drink do
you prefer?

My mother is taking me over to New York next
weekend. I’m not sure what to expect because I’ve never been abroad. Give me some advice for going to your country for a sightseeing trip. Some people say New York is boring, others say it is great. What is your comment? Yours, Anna

Sample 2
Dear Lingling, I’m glad to hear from you. I went to Hong Kong when I was eleven. It’s a beautiful place. And people there speak Chinese and English. Also, I’d like to learn Chinese and English. Chinese is my mother tongue and English is important in our daily life. You like quiet, traditional music. So do I. I love classical music, too. But I also like pop music.

They often make me happy. I like Italian food, because it’s delicious. But my favorite is Chinese food because it’s not only delicious but also good for our health. I’ve never seen an Indian film. I think it might be interesting. I like action movies, because they’re exciting. How about you? Do you enjoy watching action movies? Please write to me soon. Yours, Lucy


一、用that或者who填空。 1. The coat ______ I put on the desk is blue. 2. I don’t know the man ______ came into the room. 3. His grandmother ______ he loved deeply died in 1996. 4. This is the house ______ my parents bought for me. 5. The man ______ is talking with my mother is my English teacher.

二、根据所给汉语完成下列句子。 1. 一些歌手唱歌不是很清楚。 Some of the singers ________ ________ the words _______. 2. 她是一个新来的教英语的老师。 She is a new teacher ________ _________ English. 3. 这幢建筑使我想起了我的母校。 This building ________ ________ _______ my mother school. 4. 那位女孩能弹出不同种类的乐曲。 The girl can play ______ ______ ______ music. 5. 他们谈论他们记得的在工厂的人和事。 They talked of the things and persons ________ they remembered in the factory.

一、Key: 1. that 2. who 3. who 4. that 5. who 二、Key: 1. can’t sing … clearly 2. who teaches 3. reminds me of 4. different kinds of 5. that

一、中英词组互译。 1. 伴随……歌唱 2. 过得很愉快 3. dance to the music 4. 在热天 5. 各种各样的 6. be lucky to do sth

9. 带……去……
10. 我的大多数朋友 11. 来来往往 12. think of 13. over the years 14. 寻找 15. 呆在家

7. 看见某人做了某事 8. quiet and gentle

1. The boy likes music that he can dance ____. 2. Lillian likes music that she can sing along ____. She thinks it's exciting. 3. The talented band played different kinds

____ music in the concert.
4. My father is a serious man. He prefers classical

music ____ pop music.
5. Those black and white photos remind my grandparents ____ their past.

that who which whom when where whose
1. The kite ____ her mother had just bought was broken. 2. The boy ____ we saw yesterday is Betty’s brother. 3. The person to ____ you just talked is Mr Wang. 4. The only thing ____ I can do for you is to call your parents. 5. The foreigner ____ visited our class yesterday is from Australia. 6. The desk ____ leg is broken is very old. 7. This is the mountain village ____ I stayed last year. 8. I'll never forget the days ____ I worked with you.

1. 老师更喜欢课堂上爱提问的学生。 Teachers prefer the students ____ ____ ____ questions in class. 2. 妈妈经常提醒我上学不要迟到。 Mother often ____ me ____ not being late for school. 3. 不到长城非好汉. He ____ doesn’t ____ the Great Wall is not a true man. 4. 她就是那个人人都愿意和她交朋友的女孩。 She is the girl ____ ____ everyone would like to make friends. 5. 许多人都喜欢那些能创作并演唱自己歌曲的歌手。 Many people love those singers ____ can ____ and ____ their

own music.

Key: 一、 1. sing along with 3. 随音乐起舞 2. have a great time. 4. on a hot day

5. all kinds of
7. see sb. do sth 9. take … to …

6. 很幸运做某事
8. 轻柔歌曲 10. most of my friends

11. come and go
13. 很多年以来 15. stay at home

12. 考虑到
14. look for

二、1. to 2. with 3. of 4. to 5. of 三、1. which 2. whom 3. whom 4. that 5. who 6. whose 7. where 8. when 四、1. who like asking reach 2. reminds; of 3. who;

4. with whom

5. who; write; sing

Teaching objectives
1. 谈论自己的喜好。 2. 学会用定语从句介绍自己喜欢的书籍、音乐、 电影等话题 3. 学会表达自己对某事物的好恶。

Attributive Clause — who, that

Sentence Structures
Rosa likes music that’s quiet and gentle. — What kind of music do you like?

— I like music that I can sing along with.
— We prefer music that has great lyrics. — What kind of singers do you love? — I love singers who write their own music.

Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to.

I only eat food that tastes good.

Voice our views on a healthy diet.

What food do you know and can you speak them out? Let’s write them on the blackboard.

1. Learning strategy:
Knowing different styles of English. There are many styles of English: To learn to “speak” English, read plays and novels that contain spoken language. And to learn to “write” English, read newspaper articles. Notice the difference. 了解不同风格的英语。 英语有不同的风格。学习英语 口语,读读戏剧、小说这些包含英语口语的材料。学 习书面语,读读报纸上的文章。注意这些不同点。


Match the statement with the person.


1. This person spoke last. 2. This person says tasty food is bad for you. 3. This person eats a balanced diet.


4. This person is a strict vegetarian.

5. This person doesn’t mind eating
burnt food.


6. This person is shocked by what others eat.

Check with your partners.
? Peter is the person who says tasty food is bad for you. ? Peter is the person who doesn’t mind eating burnt food. ? Laura is the person who … ? Tony is the person … ? Tony …

Answer the questions with complete sentences.
1. What kind of food does Peter like to eat?

2. Why do you think Laura wants to stay away from
sugar? 3. Does Peter like to eat meat that is burnt? If not, how would he like his meat done? 4. What kind of person is Tony?

5. Do you know what a "vegetarian" is? Can you
explain it?

1. Peter likes to eat food that tastes good.

2. Because sugar is something that is sweet.
3. No, he doesn’t. He likes to eat meat that’s well cooked. 4. Tony is a person who likes to only eat food that he likes.

5. A vegetarian is a person who never eats meat.

Please find out the similar patterns
in the passage and underline them.


same patterns in the passage.
1. I only eat food that tastes good. 2. Food that is bad for you can taste good. 3. I prefer not to eat too much food that is fried. 4. I love to eat food that is healthy. 5. I don’t eat anything that’s been cooked in oil. 6. I love to eat meat that’s well cooked.

7. People who eat a balanced diet should be

healthier than those who only eat biscuits
and hamburgers.

8. I prefer to eat food that I like, but isn’t it
important to eat food that’s healthy?

Can you think about when and how to use such patterns? Is the word order used in the same way in Chinese?

? I prefer music that is quiet and gentle.

? I only eat food that tastes good. 我只吃味道好的食物。

Play a guess game
dessert It is sweet food that is served after dinner.


It is a drink that is sweet and dark-colored.

Match the words with the meanings.
stay healthy have more possibilities of bad result keep far away from

taste good

stay away from
increase the risk of balanced diet take care of

be delicious
look after not get sick, strong eat the right foods in the right amounts

take care of, taste good, increase the risk of, stay healthy, balanced diet

? ? ? ? ?

stay healthy He eats enough vegetables to ___________. taste good Does the food ___________? stay away from Kids should _______________ fire, because it’s

dangerous. increases the risk of Do you think smoking __________________ cancer?
It’s important to have a ______________. balanced diet take care of We should ___________ our health.

Circle the similar words or phrases in the passage. Laura: Do I eat fast food? Never! I love to eat food that is healthy. I want to take care of my health, so I eat mainly fruit and

vegetables. Oh! And I stay away from sugar,
you do too, don’t you?

Fill in the chart.
An exclamation 感叹词 A sound made to show you are thinking 思考时的声音 A tag question 反义问句 A contraction Really! Never! Oh! Yes, it is. Er



isn’ it?

don’t you? isn’t it? shouldn’t they?


Don’t Here’s, I’d, it’s, isn’t that’s, I’ve, shouldn’t don’t

Try to imitate such spoken language
tones while listening.

Discussion outline
1. Are you a vegetarian? If you are, what food do you eat? If you aren’t, what food do you eat? 2. How often do you eat fried food? 3. What kind of drink do you prefer when you are thirsty? 4. Do you only eat food that you like? Why or why not?

A sample beginning
A: I am not a vegetarian. I like meat and fish. (Er) My favorite meat is beef that is well cooked. B: Really! I don’t think food that is well cooked is good for health. Oh! I am not a vegetarian, either. But I can’t stand … C: Do you? I prefer seafood that is good for health and can make me clever … …

Write a report
Would you please write a report about your discussion and try to

use the key phrases on the

A sample b

? As teenagers, some of us have balanced
diets. Ming loves food that’s fresh and green.

For example, he prefers broccoli to eggplant.
But he says he isn’t a vegetarian. He likes beef very much but he can’t stand lamb that tastes terrible. Li says she stays away from fast food that is full of oil. …

Read and comment

? What have you learnt in this class? ? Do you know what a healthy diet is? ? Are you interested in keeping a healthy diet? What will you do?

? Give some suggestions of a healthy diet

to your family members.

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