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( )1 -___do you like computer ?

-I like it very much. A How B What C Why D Where

( )2 -___does he like music ? -Because it’s relaxing .

A How B What C Why D Where

( )3 .I’m tired _____happy today.

A not B and C but D because

( )4 There isn’t ___orange in this bottle,but there’s_____in that one.

A some,some B some ,any C any,any D any,some

( )5 Tuesday is the ___day of the week?

A second B first C third D fourth

( )6 Do you finish ______homework ?

A do B to do C doing D does

( )7 We usually play sports_____two hours after class.

A for B in C of D at

( )8 ____favorite subject is biology.

A He B His C Him D She

( )9 –What is your favorite country? -____________

A Red B English C England D Japanese

( )10 It’s hot ____________summer in Beijing.

A. by B. on C. at D. in


Miss Zhao is one of the most popular teachers in the school. Yesterday she came into the (1)with a big smile not pleased to see the classroom last Saturday not as (5 )as usual. She hoped they would chean the classroom yesterday. She said everyone was at except Lin Tao. Then she told Miss Zhao about their (8 )to the Great Wall last Sunday. Luckily the weather was (9 ) . The played games ( ) 1. A. shop B. classroom C. park D. office

( ) 2. A. students B. teachers C. workers D. doctors

( ) 3. A. angry B. sorry C. glad D. sad

( ) 4. A. she B. I C. we D. he

( ) 5. A. dark B. old C. large D. clean

( ) 6. A time B. duty C.foot D. top

( ) 7. A. home B. noon C. night D. school

( ) 8. A. visit B. music C. clock D. football

( ) 9. A. bad B. fine C. rainy D. windy

( ) 10. A started B. had C. finished D. gave

三 阅读理解



The students were having their chemistry(化学)class. Miss Li was telling the children what water was like. After that, she asked her students, “What's water?" No one spoke for a few minutes. Miss Li asked again, "Why don't you answer my question?Didn't I tell you what water is like?"

Just then a boy put up his hand and said,“Miss Li, you told us that water has no colour and no smell. But

where to find such kind of water? The water in the river behind my house is always black and it has a bad smell。” Most of the children agreed with him.

“I’m sorry, children.”said the teacher, “Our water is getting dirtier and dirtier. That’s a problem.”

( ) 1. The students were having their __________class.

A. Eglih B. Chinese C.chemisty D.maths

( )2.Miss Li was telling the chldren what _________ was like.

A. water B. air C. earth D. weather

( )3. A boy said, “The water in river behind my house is always __________”.

A. white B. black C. clean D. clear

( )4. Most of the children __________ the boy.

A. agreed with B. wrote to C. heard from D. sent for

( ) 5. The water in the river has colour and smell because it is getting _________

A. more and more B. less and less C. cleaner and cleaner D. dirtier and dirtier


“Cool”is a word with many meanings. Its old meaning is used to express a temperature that is a little bit cold. As the world has changed, the word has had many different meanings.

“Cool”can be used to express feelings of interest in almost anything.

When you see a famous car in the street, maybe you will say, “It’s cool.”You may think, “He’s so cool,”when you see your favourite footballer.

We all maximize(扩大)the meaning of “cool”. You can use it instead of many words such as “new”or“surprising”. Here’s an interesting story we can use to show the way the word is used. A teacher asked her students to write about the waterfall (瀑布) they had visited. On one student’s paper was just the one sentence, “It’s so cool. ” Maybe he thought it was the best way to show what he saw and felt.

But the story also shows a scarcity(缺乏)of words. Without “cool”, some people have no words to show the same meaning. So it is quite important to keep some credibility (可信性). Can you think of many other words that make your life as colourful as the word “cool”? I can . And I think they are also very cool .

( ) 6. We know that the word“cool”has had ________________

A. only one meaning B. no meanings

C. many different meanings D. the same meaning

( ) 7. In the passage, the word “express”means “_____________”

A. see B. show C. know D. feel

( ) 8. If you are _____________ something, you may say, “It’s cool。”

A. interested in B. angry about C. afraid of D. unhappy with

( ) 9. The writer takes an example to show he is _____________ the way the word is used.

A. pleased with B. strange to C. worried about D. careful with

( ) 10. In the passage, the writer suggests(暗示) that the word“cool”__________

A. can be used instead of many words B. usually means something interesting

C. can make your life colourful D. may not be as cool as it seems)


请根据短文内容完成下列各题。 night. Sometimes he fights with other classmates. He always talks or eats in class. He often goes to the teachers’.

(4) of the students in class don’t like him, but some do. What about you, Dear friends? 1.How old is Nick ?

2.What does nick do in class?






1 How many _________(科目)do you have at school?

2 My sister __________(上) maths every day. 3 W________ is the fourth day of the week.

4 I like English ,b______it is intresting.

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