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八上Unit1 Where did you go on vacation 周周清

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班级__________ 姓名___________ 等级__________ 八年级英语 Unit 1 周周清

一、根据音标写出单词。 (27’)

1./ fju:/_________________ 2. /m?ust/___________ 3./ k?: s/ _____________

4. /mai`self/_____________ 5. /si: m / ___________ 6. /b?: d/ _____________

7. / `s?mw?n/____________ 8./`dai?ri/____________ 9./?k`tiv?ti / __________

10./ di`said/______________ 11./ trai/____________ 12. /b?: d/ _____________ 13. /`baisikl/______________ 14./ `bildi?/___________ 15./` treid?/____________

16./` w?nd?/_____________ 17./`difr?ns/___________18./t?p/______________

19./weit/_____________ 20. /wet/_____________ 21./ bi`l?u /_____________

22./ i`n?f/_____________ 23./ `h??gri/_________ 24./hil/________________

25./ d?k/_____________ 26./ dis`laik/__________ 27./` p?l?s/_____________


1. Look at the clouds. It seems __________________(rain).

2. There are some _________________(different) between the pictures.

3. I like action movies, but my mother ________________(like) them.

4. He decided __________________(visit) his teacher on Teachers’ Day.

5. The bus trip was really __________, I got _______ on the bus.(boring/ bored)

6. I felt like I _______________ (be) a bird.

7. This tall ___________________(build) was built last year.

8. She always tries ___________________(help) others.

9. Lily enjoys _________________(walk) in the park.


Today it __________(rain) the morning. We _____________(decide) to go to Beijing. First we went to Tian’anmen Square. We ______________(walk) to the top. Because of the rain, we ________________(can not) see anything below. For lunch, we ______________(eat) some Beijing Duck. It ____________(be) delicious. And I _____________(try) something special. In the afternoon, we visited the Palace Museum. There __________(be) so many old palaces. I ___________(feel) really tired. I really _____________(enjoy) the old buildings.

四、单项选择。(12 ’)

( )1.----Where did she go on vacation?---- _____________.

A. She stayed at home B. She visited her uncle

C. She went to New York City D. She wants to go to Hainan

( )2. I hope I can find __________ for my son in the shop.

A. good something B. something to eat

C. anything good D. good anything

( )3. She is _________ and she has _____________ to dance.

A. old enough; time enough B. enough old; enough time

C. old enough; enough time D. enough old; time enough

( )4. No one in my family ________ to eat fish now.

A. like B. likes C. want D. liked

( )5. Did you go __________ this summer vacation?

A. interesting anywhere B. anywhere interesting

C. anything interesting D. interesting anything

( )6. ____ interesting vacation!A. What an B. What a C. How an D. How a 五、选择词的适当形式填空。(15’) A

2. I have ____________________ housework to do on weekends.

3. He ___________________London at 10:00 am this morning.

4. Can you see anything ______________________?

5. We didn’t have a good time ______________________ the bad weather.

6. I ____________________ where he lives.

8. ----Is there ____________________ new in today’s newspaper?

----____________________new. It’s boring.

9. --Did ______ go to the beach with you?----Yes, I went there with my parents.

10. ___________________ is here today except Tom. Let’s begin our class.

11. I have ________________ special to show you. Look! This is my new hat.

12. This is a new term. _________ goes well now. __________ seems to be bored.

13.--- Do you know __________________ relaxing?--- Yes, I think Sanya is.


1. We took ____________ ____________ ___________ (相当多)photos there.

2. There was ________ ______ _____ _____(无事可做), so I went to bed early.

3. 好像没有人感到厌烦。No one _________ _________ _______ ________.

4. Did you ___________ _____________ _____________?(记日记)

5. For lunch, we ____________ ____________ ____________ (吃了特别的东西)---- Malaysian yellow noodles.

6. We saw the houses of the _______ ________(中国商人) from 100 years ago.


1.What do you think of the TV show? (改为同义句)

_________ do you __________ the TV show?

2. We couldn’t play soccer because it rained. (改为同义句)

We couldn’t play soccer ____________ _____________ the rain.

3. I did something interesting in Shanghai. (改为一般疑问句)

_____________ you _________ ___________ interesting in Shanghai?

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