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section A grammer focus第二课时

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Dan Ping Middle School: WU Jun

This is Xia Yu. That’s his family.

Who’s he? brother He’s his _________. Who’s she? sister She’s his _________.
Who’s he? father He’s his _________. Who’s she? She’s his _________. mother

Fill in the blanks.

1. 这是我的朋友简。
_____ ______ my friend Jane. This is

2. 那是我的爷爷。
_____ That’s my grandfather.

3. 这是我的兄弟们。
_____ are These ____ my brothers.

4. 那是我的父母亲。

_____ are Those _____ my parents.
5. 她是谁?______ she? Who’s

6. 她是我的妹妹。
She’s my ______. sister

7. 他是谁?______ he? Who’s
8. 他是我的弟弟。

_______ my brother. He’s

9. 他们是谁?

Who ____ they? are
10. 他们是我的祖父母。

_______ my grandparents. They’re

1. these是指示代词,意为“这些”,是this
的复数形式。These are… 句型意为“这


These are his parents. 这是他的父母亲。
These are blue skirts. 这是些蓝色的衬衫。

2. Are these/those…? 是一般疑问句, 意为“这/那(些)是……吗?”, 用Yes, they are. 或No, they aren't. 来回答。例如: Are these your friends? 这是你的朋友们吗? Yes, they are.是的。

3. who意为“谁;什么人”,是一个疑问 代词,用于对人的身份进行询问。 who's是who is的缩写形式,用于对单 个人进行询问,回答时常用 He's/She's/It's…。who’re (=who are)用 于对两个或两个以上的人进行询问, 回答时常用They’re (=They are)… 。

例如: —Who is that boy? 那名男孩是谁? —He’s my cousin. 他是我的堂弟。 —Who are they? 他们是谁? —They’re my brothers. 他们是我的弟弟们。

4. they意为“他(她、它)们”,


they are的缩写形式。

—Who’re they?

—They’re my cousins.

— Who’re Linda and Mary?

— They’re my sisters.


5. that’s 是that is的缩写形式。当人称代词、 指示代词及疑问词与be动词am, is, are等 连用时,为了简便常用缩写的形式。大 家试着写出下列缩写形式: who is = ________ who’s she is = ________ she’s it is = ________ it’s who are = _______ who’re he is = _________ he’s what is =what’s ________ they are = _______ I am = _________ they’re I’m

3a. Complete the conversation and practice it with your partner.
A: That is my family. That’s my mother. ___ B: Who’s he? _____ A: ____ my father. He’s B: Who’s ____? she

A: She’s ___ sister. my
B: And ________ they? who are

A: They’re my grandparents. ______

3b. Look at the picture.

Make sentences with the
words in the three boxes.


father mother


my your

grandfather grandmother parents grandparents brother sister


This is my brother.
This is my sister. That is my father. That’s my mother. That’s my grandfather. Those are my parents.

3c. Ask and answer questions about the

Who’s he?

He’s my grandfather.

Who’s …?

用下列句型介绍一下你的一张家庭照片。 This is… That’s… These are… Those are…






B 1. This is my sister.
A 2. That's my grandfather.

D 3. These are Cui Tao and Li Dong.
C 4. Those are my father and mother. E 5. They're my friends Mary and Linda.

1. That is my brother. (变为复数句)

_____ are Those ___ my brothers.
2. It is a nice picture. (变为复数句)

____ are They ___ nice pictures. 3. Are these your sisters? (变为单数句) __ this Is ____ your sister?

4. Are those your friends?

Yes, ____ ____. No, ____ ______. they are they aren’t 5. He’s my father. (对划线部分提问) ______ he? Who’s

6. They’re my grandparents.

_______ they? Who’re

三、从方括中选择恰当的单词补全对话。 are, they, are, is, thanks, who’s, is, he’s, she’s A: This ______ my family. is B: Who’s he? A: ____ my father. He’s B: ______ she? Who’s A: _____ my mother. She’s

Are B: _______ those your grandparents? A: Yes, ____ ___. they are B: Is that your brother? __ A: Yes. He’s my brother, Dale. B: Oh, I see. Well, have a good day! A: ________! You, too. Thanks

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