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Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show?
Section A 2a-2d

?1. 熟记单词短语,并掌握重点单词 plan, hope, find out,expect的用法。 ?2. 听力训练 ?3. 阅读训练---通过阅读学习表达自己的观点 看法。

2a Listen to Lin Hui and Sally’s conversation. Number the TV shows [1-5]in the order you hear them 1 ______ sitcoms 2 ______ news 4 ______ game shows 3 ______ talk shows 5 ______ soap opera

2b Listen again. Complete the sentences. 1. Sally likes to watch news or talk shows . _________________ 2. Lin Hui thinks she can learn some great jokes ________________ from sitcoms. 3. Sally thinks_____________are more educational game shows than sitcoms. 4. Sally loves ___________ soap operas . She plans to watch Days of Our Past ________ . tonight

2c Ask and answer questions about the TV shows in 2a. Use information that is true for you.

A: Do you plan to watch the news tonight?
B: Yes, I like watching the news. I watch it

every night.
A: Why?

B: Because I hope to find out what’s going on
around the world.

Do you want to watch game shows?

Yes. I like watching game shows. I watch them three times a week.


Because I …

Grace Sarah

Read the conversation and match the persons with their favourite shows. game shows and sports shows soap operas news and talk shows

Grace’s classmates

2d Role-play the conversation.
Grace: What did you do in class today, Sarah?

Sarah: We had a discussion about TV shows.
My classmates like game shows and

sports shows.
Grace: Oh, I can’t stand them. I

love soap operas. I like to
follow the story and see what happens next.

Sarah: Well, I don’t mind soap operas. But my favorite TV shows are the news and talk shows.

Grace: They’re boring!
Sarah: Well, they may not be very exciting, but

you can expect to learn a lot from them.
I hope to be a TV reporter one day.

What did you do in class today, …?

We had a discussion about TV shows. …

1.Do you plan to watch the news tonight? 你今晚打算看新闻吗? plan v. & n. 计划, 打算,常用搭配为 plan to do sth 计划做某事 I plan to go swimming tomorrow. make a plan for sth 为......制定计划 It is better for you to make a plan for your future.

2. Because I hope to find out what’s going on
around the world. hope v. & n. 希望; 常见结构为: hope to do sth 希望做某事 They hope to take the plane to Beijing next year. hope +( that)从句 希望...... I hope that I can pass the exam.

find out 查明; 弄清 (指通过调查、研究等方式查 明事情的真相) e.g. Did they find out where the old man lived? 他们查明那位老人住在哪里了吗?

回忆: find out /look for /find的区别

3....but you can expect to learn a lot from them. expect v. 预料; 期待 常见结构为:

expect to do sth. 期盼做某事 expect sb. to do sth.
Jack expects to visit his grandparents this weekend. learn...from... 从某处获得知识 learn的常见词组

还有:learn from向某人学习; learn...by heart熟记; learn one's lesson from从... 中吸取教训;learn...by oneself自学

joke 1. She finished her speech with a funny _______(笑 话) 2. I think theTV plays are more ______________ educational (education)than sitcoms. 3. I hope _______(go) to France some day. to go discussion 4. Are you joining our ___________(discuss) to see 5. I followed it ________(see) where it was going。 6. He expectedto finish ______(finish) the work by March.

7. What ______(发生)outside the school last night? happened

1. ---What ____ your brother think of the bike? ---He likes it. A. does B. do C. is
2. ---What do they think ___ the movie. ---They like it very much. A. to B. of C. for 3. Thanks for _______ me. A. invite B. inviting C. invites

4. --- What do you think of sitcoms? ---Oh, I _________ mind them. A. can’t B. don’t C. am not

5. ---What does she think of the scarf?

---She ________ stand them.
A. isn’t B. doesn’t C. can’t

6. I hope you ___ at once. A. to start B. starting C. can start D. starts 7. ---What do you plan ____ this weekend? ---I've no idea. A. do B. doing C. to do D. to doing

8. What time do you expect her ____? A. arrive B. is arriving C. arriving D. to arrive 9.---Jack, could you help me ___ when the plane will take off on the Internet? ---I'm sorry, my computer doesn't work. A. get out B. look out C. take out D. find out

10. ---It's too hot. Would you mind my ___ the window? ---___. Do it as you like, please. A. to open, OK B. opening, Certainly not C. openning, Of course D. open, Good idea

11. She enjoys _________.
A. swim B. swimming C. swims

12. You have no _______ to say so. A. right B. left C. wrong

13. Mary, a ____ girl, is a new student.

A. ten years old
C. ten-year-old

B. ten-years old

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