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通化县大安镇中小学校 刘妍

时间:90分钟 满分:100分 姓名: I.根据首字母补全单词。(5分) A.How far B.How long C.How D.How often

( )14. _______does Kate live from her office?

It’s half an hour’s ride.

A.How long B.How often C.How far D.What time

( )15.What do you think of the fish?

1.Where did he go on v__________?

2.She takes the acting lesson o________ a week. 3.It’s i___________for us to learn English well. ( 4.He enjoys r________cartoon books. 5.I have a good eating h________. ( II.用所给词的正确形式填空。(5分) 6.My father is _______(serious) than my mother. ( 7.We decide_______(take) the train to Tianjin. 8.She_______(hard) ever eat junk food. ( 9.The girl jumps_______(long) of all.

10.We had a _______(disscuss) about TV shows. ( Ⅲ.单项选择。(15分)

( )11.What do you_______the book?

( It’s kind of boring,in fact.

A.think about B.think of C.think D.think up

( ( )12.I love to eat lots of junk food but never eat fruits. _______you see,I’m, kind

of unhealthy.

A.Because B.Than C.But D.So

( ( )13. _______do you have the piano lesson?

Twice a week.



It looks_______,but I don’t know if it tastes_______.

A.good ;delicious B.well,delicious C.well,nice D.nice,well

)16.How often does your sister surf the Internet?


)17.Thank you for_______me find my little eat yesterday.

A.help B.helps C.helped D.helping

)18.I am very_______because I don’t like exercise.

A.health B.healthy C.healthily D.unhealthy

)19.I can’t go shopping with you now,because I have_______homework to do.

A.too much B.too many C.much too D.many

)20.His brother is not _______as you.

A.so outgoing B.more outgoing C.outgoing D.most outgoing

)21.He showed me_______.

A.strange something B.something strange C.anything D.strange anything

)22. _______is it from your home to your school?

It’s about two kilometers.

A.How long B.How far C.How often D.How much

)23.It’s quite hot today.Would you like_______swimming with me?

A.go B.to go C.going D.went

)24. _______he isn’t tall ,he is strong.

A.Although B.But C.So D.And

( )25.Would you mind_______the window?

Aopen B.opens C.opening D.to opening


_______ _______ _______Hu Wen _______ fruit and vegetables for breakfast? 27.My parents cooked something delicious last Sunday.(变为否定句) My parents_______ _______ _______ delicious last Sunday. 28.What do you think of the hotel?(变为同意句) _______ _______ you_______the hotel?

29.The pen is cheaper than the other two.(变为同意句) The pen_______ _______ _______ of the three. 30.Jane came back home form school(变为否定句) Jane_______ _______ back home from school. Ⅴ.情景交际。(10分)

A:I went to Tbet(西藏)with my family during May Day holiday. B:How did you make your trip? B:How long were you there? A:Only five days.

B:What places did you visit? B:Did you try Tibetan food there?

31_______32. _______33. _______34. _______35. _______ Ⅵ.完形填空。(10分)

How can students go to school?China is a very big_______,so students in different places go to school by different_______of transportation(交通).In big cities,some students_______trains,buses or ride_______bikes.Students who love near the school_______to school.Some good schools_______their own school buses,so students,so students take the school buses.In polaces where there are rivers,lakes and islands_______Hongshanhu and Kaishandao island,students usually go to school by boat.That’s more interesting_______taking a bus.In the future,mabe students will go to school by plane.That will be cool.In some_______coutries like England you can drive a car when you are_______years old.So some students even go to school in their own cars. ( )36. A.city B.country C.town D.village ( )37.A.kinds B.kind C.a kind D.two kinds ( )38.A.took B.takes C.are taking D.take ( )39.A.theirs B.them C.they D.their ( )40.A.walk B.walks C.walked D.are walking ( )41.A.has B.have C.had D.are having ( )42.A.in B.to C.around D.like ( )43.A.as B.like C.than D.by


( )44.A.west B.western C.south D.east

( )45.A.seven B.seventy C.seventeenth D.seventeen Ⅶ.阅读理解。(30分)


Michelle Wie,from America,is like a lot other young girls in many ways.She is a good student,and she likes reading,drawing and computers.Howerer,in some other ways,she is very differents.She doesn’t spend much time going out with friends or shopping or going to parties.She’s very busy practicing golf.

Michelle Wie is the best woman golfer for her age in the world.She was born in 1989.In 1999,at the age of 10,she began to win games against women twice her age.At 13,she could hit the ball further than most of the women in the Ladies Professional Golf Association(职业女子高尔夫联赛)。At 14,she showed she could hit the ball further than most men.

Wie began playing golf at the age of four.When she grew older,she played about four hours a day on weekdays and seven hours a day on weekends. Another thing that helped her was that she was tall.By the time she was 13,Wie was six feet tall.She has the flexibility(灵活)of a dancer and also is very strong.And it’s clear that she loves the game. ( )46.When did Michelle Wie start playing golf?

A.At 4 B.At 10 C.At 13 D.At 14

( )47What does she often do after school?

A.Going out with her friends. B.Shopping with her family C.Going to parties D.Praticing golf

( )48.How long did she practice on weedends when she grew older?

A.3 hours a day B.4hours a day C.7 hours a day D.8 hours a day ( )49.What makes her a successful golfer?


A.Dance B.practice C.Drawing D.Computers

( )50.Which of the following is the best title for this passage?

A.Michelle Wie,a good student B.Michelle Wie,a young winner C.Women golf players D.Golf games for women


Little Tom likes cartoons very much.When the cartoons begin on TV,he just watches them until they’re over.Sometimes he’d rather(宁可)wait for a long time and go to bed late.In the morning his mother has to wake him up,or he’ll be late for school.As he got up,he turned on the television,but he didn’t see the program on it.He had to have breakfast and then went to school.After school he ran home while his mother was cooking supper in the kitchen.He hurried to the sitting room and turned on the television again,but he couldn’t find the cartoon.He rushed into the kitchen and asked his mother for help. “ It’s only five now,”said the woman.”Your program will be in after supper.” “Well,let’s have supper right now!”

( )51.Tom goes to bed late sometimes,so_______.

A.he’s late for school B he goes to school by bus

C.he can’t wake himself up in the morning D.he has to go to school without breakfast

( )52.Tom spends much time_______when he is free.

A.playing football B.watching sports shows C.doing his homework D.watching caroons on TV

( )53. _______,so he turned on the television after getting up that morning.

A.Tom thought he had some time left

B.Tom didn’t know when the cartoon would begin

C.Tom wanted to know the important news D.Tom hoped to watch a soap opera.

( )54.Tom was afraid _______so he ran home after school.

A.to miss the interesting cartoon B. to miss the last bus

C.he would be hungry D.he had little time to finish his homework

( )55.Tom thought_______.

A.supper should be ready B.his mother’s watch was slow

C.the cartoon would begin as soon as he finished supper D. his mother cooked supper too late


It was Mr Hill’s birthday .He was one hundred years old and many people came to his birthday party.A reporter came to party and asked him a few questions.

“Many people want to know how you keep healthy,”he said.”I never smoke,drink or eat too much,and always get up at six in the morning.”

“But,”said the reporter,”my uncle also did so,and he only lived to be sixty.What do you think of that?|

“He didn’t keep it long enough.”was the old man’s answer. ( )56.Mr Hill was_______.

A.not very old B.one of the oldest men C.old but not healthy D.the oldest man in the world ( )57.The reporter wanted to know_______.

A.how old the old man was B.how the old man kept healthy C.why the old man lived


D.what the old man ate

( )58.The old man lived so long because_______.

A.he never smoked B.he got up early C.he had a good living habit D.he ate much food ( )59.The word”drink”in this passage means” _______”.

A.喝水 B.喝饮料 C.喝奶 D.喝酒

( )60.Which is right?

A.The reporter’s uncle didn’t keep healthy B.The reporter’s uncle got up early C.The reporter’s uncle smoked

D.The reporter’s uncle didn’t live a long life


以日记的形式介绍你的一次旅行,要求70词左右。内容包括: 1.Where did you go last summer? 2.Whom did you go with? 3.What happened(发生了什么)? 4.How was the trip?


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