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What would do if…?

aid first-aid nearby shelf come out cover press deep downstairs correct

帮助;救助; 急救; 附近的;近处的; 架子;隔板 出来;出版,发表 覆盖;遮掩 按;压;挤 深的 顺楼梯而下 正确的;准确的

knee pain hurt safety offer refuse helpful treat burn burn

膝;膝盖 疼;疼痛 感到疼痛; 受伤 安全 提供 拒绝;回绝 有帮助的;有用的 对待 n. 伤害;伤痕 v. 烧伤,烧坏

Learning strategy:
USING WHAT YOU KNOW You know more than you think!When you are faced with a task or a situation, use what you know already to help you learn more, or deal with the problem.

根据短文第一段内容, 选择最佳答案。 C 1. Martin Robinson is a famous ______ . A. writer B. teacher C. doctor D. scientist 2. When did the book, What Would You B Do If ...? come out?________. A. Last week. B. Last month. C. Last year. D. Last spring.

Reading Tasks What would you do if...? 请根据课本第32-33页的短文完成下列表 格, 每空词数不限。

Accidents Cut yourself by accident.

What to do cover the cut with (1) a clean cloth ___________ and press it deep hard. If it’s a (2)_____ cut, you should see a doctor.

fell downstairs.

(3)__________________ get the medical help first and then make her comfortable and stay with her.

burned First ________how bad it is. find out yourself Then put the burned area __________under by accident. (4) __________________. cold running water

injured your If you feel some pain, you knee while should (5)______________ .And stop exercising running. if it hurt for more than a few days, you should _________. see a doctor

A friend offers you cigarettes

What to do
You should (6)______ and refuse talk to your friend about the (7) _______ of dangers smoking. hide You must (8)_____ medicine from children. And you should tell them to ask their parents ____________________.

Children often think medicine is candy and eat it.

An “internet Tell your parents, friend” wants to agree to meet in a public place meet you. (9)_______________ and you shouldn’t go alone. You get pimples when you are nervous. You should drink (10) ___________ and ask lots of water your doctor for advice.

1.If I were you, I’d have a first-aid book on a nearby shelf in your home (1) a first-aid book 急救手册 (2) a nearby shelf 附近的书架 (3) shelf是可数名词。其复数为shelves. eg:那些架子上有一些书。 There are some books on those _________. shelves 2. Martin Robinson is a famous doctor who has a lot of experience dealing with teenagers. (1) have a lot of experience doing sth:干某事有经验 have trouble doing sth:干某事有困难 learning English eg: Tom has trouble______________.(学英语)

have fun doing sth: 干某事很开心 walking Eg:My parents are having fun__________ in the park. (散步) (2)这里who引导 定语从句。结构是 先行词+关系代词/关系副词 + 定语从

句其他部分 先行词: 定语从句修饰的词。 句中先行词是 a famous doctor 定语从句的引导词:
关系代词: that; which;who;whom;whose

例如:I can’t understand people who talked fast.

先行词 引导词

3.His new book, What Would You Do If…? came out last month. come out: 出版;(太阳)出来;花儿开花。 eg: 太阳出来了。 The sun is___________. coming out 春天花朵开始开放。 The flowers begin to come out _________in spring. 4. give advice on sth 给某方面提建议。 advice 是不可数名词。 eg: If you take my ______, you won’t tell anyone B about it. A. advices B. advice C. an advice

5.What would you do if you cut yourself by accident? (1) cut 过去式 过去分词 cut cut

(2) If +主语+ 过去式, 主语+ would+动词原形
主句 从句 eg: If I were you, I would wear a shirt and tie. If a friend said something bad about me, I would talk to the friend right away.

6. cover… with… 用某物覆盖某物 7. If it’s a deep cut, you should see a doctor. deep:adj.深的 eg:一口深井 a deep well

n. 深度. eg.这条河深一米五。 deep The river is one and a half meters_______. deeply: 副词,深深地。 deeply eg: Are you _________ (deep) moved by the movie? 8. fall downstairs: 掉下楼。 downstairs: 副词,顺楼梯而下地。 upstairs: 顺楼梯而上地。 go upstairs.

9. hurry to do sth = do sth in a hurry匆忙做某事。 eg: He went to call the police in a hurry.(改同义句) He ____________ the police. hurried to call 10.medical help 医学求助 stay with sb 和某人呆在一起 11.burn yourself 烧伤你自己 12.find out 找出来; 查明(经过一定推理思考) how bad it is. 多么糟糕 。 感叹句 How + 形容词/副词 + (主语+ 谓语) eg: How beautiful the girl is ! How smart they are! How quickly Tom runs!

13.running water 自来水 14.injure=hurt 弄伤 knee knees(复数) 15. feel some pain. 感到疼痛。 16. stop doing 停止正在干的事情 stop to do 停下来去干某事 crying (1) The baby stopped______(cry) and began to laugh, when he saw his mother. to have a rest (2) We are tired. Let’s stop _____________.(休息)

17. A friend offers you cigarettes at a party. (1) offer sb sth.给某人提供某物 eg.他们给我提供了一份好工作。 They offer me a good job. (2) offer sth to sb 把某物提供给某人 eg. They offer me a good job.(改为同义句) offer to They______ a good job ____ me. 18. refuse to do sth.拒绝干某事。 to answer eg: She refused _________(answer) the question.

19. the dangers of … …的危险 20. hide sth from sb 对某人隐藏某物 eg.我丈夫从不对我隐瞒任何事情。 hides from My husband never ______anything _____me. 21.agree to do sth 同意干某事 to go to a movie Do you agree _____________(去看电影) today? 22. ask sb for advice. 向某人寻求帮助

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