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八年级unit 4 Section A2

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用所给词的正确形式填空。 1. The Yellow River is the second________ longest (long) river in China. 2. Do you have_____ (many) books more than Tom? 3. He drank_____ (little) juice than you. less 4. Tom is the______ (tall) of the two boys. taller 5. I think English is__________________ the most interesting (interesting) of all the subjects.

6. The radio says it’ll be even______ (cold) colder tomorrow. 7. Who is the____ (good) in physics in your best class? 8. All the movie theaters are good, but the Big Screen Complex has __________________ (comfortable) seats. the most comfortable 9. I don’t want to go to Jack’s clothes store. It has the_____ (bad) clothes in town. worst 10. What do you think is the____________ most creative (creative) of all the music video?


1.The two computers both have big s_____. 2.The air in the countryside is very f____, so I like living there. 3. My house is c____ to my school, so I walk there every day. 4. The two sweaters are both nice. Which one do you want to c_____? 5. The train is much more c____ to stay inside. 6. The theater was too crowded. There were no s___ for us . So we had to stand. 7. Please show me the m____. I’d like to order some food.

8. The food is delicious in the restaurant, but the s____ is not good because there are few waiters. 9. The r_____ is interviewing some students. 10. _Thanks for helping me move the box.

--____ ___. 11. I think Sun Cinema has the best sound. You can buy t____ the most quickly. 12.The best radio station is 970AM. The DJs choose s_____ the most c______. 13.Alice is the best chess p____. Bob is the most talented d_____. Cindy is the most interesting w___ Dale is the fastest r____. 14. Who was the best p_____? Eliza was.

3a Fill in the blanks with the correct forms

of the words in brackets. 1.We went to the worst(bad) restaurant ____ in town last night. The menu had only 10 dishes and the service was not good at all! 2. Blue Moon is _____ (good), but good Miller’s is ______ (good) in town. better

3. The Big Screen is _______________ more expensive (expensive) than most cinemas, but Cinema City is the most expensive _________________ (expensive). 4. Movie City has the worst(bad) service, ____ but we can sit the ________________ most comfortably (comfortably) there. 5. Johnny Depp acted the _____ (good) in best that movie. He’s much _____ (good) better than others at finding the ___________ interesting (interesting) roles.

翻译下列句子。 1. Town Cinema不拥挤,它有最友好的 服务。 Town Cinema isn’t crowed and it has the friendliest service. 2. 我认为她是最有创造力的演员。 I think she is the most creative actress. 3. 97.9FM是最流行的电台。 97.9FM is the most popular radio station.

3b Pairwork

Think of three stores that sell similar things in your town and fill in the chart. Then write six sentences using the information in the chart. worst: Service best:

worst: Quality best: most expensive: Prices cheapest: A: I think Teen World has the best service. B: I think Bargain House has the worst quality.



Think of three restaurants for lunch near your home. Fill in the chart. RESTAURANTS Danny’s How much is a meal? How far is it from 10 minutes your home? by bus Is the service good? Is the food good?

Talk in your group and choose the best one. A: Danny’s is the best one because it’s the closest. Let’s go there. B: No, it’s the most expensive. I think we should go to ….

Make a survey and do a report
names service quality prices

Meet All
Shan Mushi

Hua Lian

Report: What do you think about supermarkets in Taiyuan? We did a survey of our group members and this is what we learnt…

课时重点回顾 We went to the worst restaurant in town last night. Blue Moon is good, but Miller’s is better in town. The Big Screen is more expensive than most cinemas, but Cinema City is the most expensive. Movie City has the worst service, but we can sit the most comfortably there.

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Write a short passage about your survey of supermarkets in your city.

To preview the new words and expressions

What do the people say about the performers in 1c?

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