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打印1份 九年级Unit_I__How_do_you_study_for_a_test

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Unit 1 How do you study for a test ?


1. Dashan _______(speak) Chinese quite well.

2. Mr King _______(teach) us English last term .

3. It _____(rain)outside . Please take this raincoat with you.

4. __________ you ever _______(be) to London ?

5. The homework must ____ (do) by yourself .

6. You should look up the right _______(pronounce) of this word

in the dictionary.

7. He was so careless that he made many_____ ( mistake ).

8. Don’t run so ____(slow), or you will fall behind .

9. Lucy is smart. She is a quick ________(learn).

10. In English class I often take ______(note) to remember.

11. Nancy is patient and she doesn’t give up_____(easy)

12. Many Chinese have trouble using a knife and fork ___(correct)


1. Peter studies English ______ seeing foreign films .

A. for B. by C. about D. of

2. This book is a bit difficult. _____ read something easier ?

A. Why not to B. Why don’t C. Why not D. Why not you

3. You can’t do it by yourself , you should___ others___some help.

A. tell; give B. ask; for C. ask: about D. tell ; for

4. I want to join the English club, because I want to practice____


A. speak B. to speak C. speaking D. speaks

5. ---I’m feeling rather tired .

--- ___________?

A. How about swim B. How about swimming

C. What about to swim D. What about swim

6. She seldom(很少)speak English after class , for she was afraid

______ mistakes ______ grammar .

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A. to make ; of B. making ; of

C. to be made ; in D. of making ; in

7. If you want to do better in playing the piano,you need more___

A. technology B. practice C. pleasure D. challenge

8. The teacher decided _______ a test _____ Friday afternoon.

A. have ; in B. have ; on C. having ; on D. to have ; on

9. You should _____ the professor’s lecture when you attend the lecture.

A. make a note B. take notes C. take notes of D. make a note at

10. If you keep _____ every day , you will be a good player.

A. practicing run B. practicing running

C. practicing to run D. to practice run

11. How did the police _____ that accident ?

A. deal in B. deal with C. do deal D. deal on

12. Mum , don’t complain _____ my carelessness any more.

A. about B. with C. to D. on

13. The girl wants to change her dream ____ reality .

A. in B. into C. for D. to

14. ______ your help , we wouldn’t catch the thief .

A. With B. Under C. For D. Without

15. You must try your best____ the work.

A. finishing B. finish C. finished D. to finish

16. He feels sick from the _____ of weather .

A. affect B. effect C. affection D. affectation

17. The plan is all right , _____ , it can be make better.

A. then B. however C. and D. or

18. Don’t regard him _____ foolish.

A. with B. for C. as D. or

19. --- It’s beginning to rain.

--- _____ , we won’t be able to finish the ball game.

A. If it stops B. Should it stop C. Unless it stops

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D. It if stop didn’t

20._____ is really hard _______ them to climb Mount Qomolangma

A. This ; to B. It ; for C. This ; for D. It ; to

三. 改写句子

1. English is so hard that I can’t learn it well. (同义句)

English is ______ _____ _____ me to learn well.

2.The student read aloud to make the teacher hear him.(一般疑问句)

____ the student ____ aloud to make the teacher hear him ?

3.Could you tell me how I can remember the words ?(简单句)

Could you tell me _____ ____ _____ the words ?

4. I’m talking with my grandfather . (同义句)

I’m ____ a______ _____ my grandfather.

_____ _____ your sister ______ English ?

6.The question is very hard . I can’t work it out .(合为一句)

The question is _____ hard ____ I can’t work it out .

7. To get good grades isn’t easy . (同义句)

_____ not easy_____ _____ good grades .

______ ________ we can deal with the problem?

9. He didn’t tell me what I could do next .(改为简单句)

He didn’t tell me _____ _____ _____ next.

10. Why don’t you make a conversation with her ? (同义句)

______ _____ make a conversation with her ?


The greatest problem for teenagers is that they are too stressed.Gina, a 15 – year – old girl , __1__ about her exams very often.Although she __2__for six years and is good at it , she is still afraid of English exams. Last night, after coming back home, she __3__to get ready for the English exam. While she __4__English books, her mother said to her, “Come on , dear ! It’s

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time__5__supper!” But Gina __6__ nothing. Her mother went on and said, “Gina, I believe that you __7__ the test tomorrow.” This time Gina answered, “Oh, Mom , I__8__ words now. I’ll have it later. ” But at 11:30 p.m.,the light is in Gina’s bedroom__9__ still on . Her mother said to her, “ I don’t think teenagers __10__ to stay up late before exams. ” Gina agreed, but she couldn’t fall asleep. She was too nervous. Maybe it’s time to help the teenagers like her.

1. _______ 2.______ 3._______ 4._________ 5.__________

6.______ 7._______ 8._______ 9._________10.__________


Reading books is a good habit for all kinds of reasons.

First, reading books is __1__. You can always keep yourself amused if you like reading. This is especially useful when the weather is bad. You can really become __2__ in a book.

Next, you can read a book__3__; in a car, in a waiting room, on a plane, in bed – in the bath. All you need a book! Reading is a convenient hobby as __4__ is easy to stop and then start again. __5__ good reason for reading books is that it is useful . If you read as a hobby you will be better and better at it. This means that you will read faster and will be better at understanding __6__ you read . As your reading improves, you will probably find your schoolwork becomes much __7__. Many school subjects depend on good reading and , as you read , you learn __8__.

Some people say that reading is out of date. This is not true. You have to be able to read to use a computer and, the better you read, the better your computer skills will be. Reading is __9__out of date!

Good readers are most likely to be good writers, too . They usually __10__ spelling as well , and have more things to write about. Reading books is a wonderful hobby, one of the best. But other hobbies could be more useful , or more enjoyable !

1. A. fun B. boring C. different D. useless

2.A. lose B. lost C. losing D. miss

3.A. nowhere B. anywhere C. every day D. sometimes

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4.A. it B. they C. that D. one

5.A. Another B. The other C. Others D. More

6.A. that B. which C. what D./

7.A. easy B. easier C. harder D. difficult

8. A. less and less B. much and more

C. more and most D. more and more

9.A. already B. hardly C. also D. still

10.A. good at B. good for C. bad at D. poor at


When you are leaning English, you find it not clever to put an English sentence, word for word, into your own language. Take the sentence “ How do you do ?” for example , if you look up each word in the dictionary, one at a train . what is your translation? It must be a wrong sentence in your own language.

Languages don’t just have different sounds , they are different in many ways. It’s important to master(掌握)the rules for word order in the study of English , too . If the speakers put words in a wrong order, the listener can’t understand the speaker’s sentence easily .Sometimes when the order of words in an English sentence is changed, the meaning of the sentence changes. But sometimes the order is changed, the meaning of the sentence doesn’t change. Let’s see the difference between the two pairs of sentences. “ She only likes apples.” “ Only she likes apples.” “ I have seen the film already .” “I have already seen the film .” When you are leaning English, you must do your best to get the spirit of the language and use it as the English speaker does.

1. From the passage we know that ____ when we are leaning English.

A. we shouldn’t put every word into our own language.

B. we should look up every word in the dictionary.

C. we should put every word into our own language.

D. we must read word by word.

2. The writer thinks it is ______ in leaning English.

A. different to understand different sounds.

B. possible to remember the word order.

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C. important to master the rules for word order.

D. easy to master the rules for word order.

3. We can learn the passage that _________.

A. the meaning of the English sentence always changes with the word.

B. the order of words can never change the meaning of an English sentence.

C. sometimes different order of words has a different meaning.

D. if the order of word is different , the meaning of the sentence

must be different.

4. “She only likes apples . ”_____________

A. is the same as “Only she likes apple.”

B. is different from “Only she likes apples.”

C. means “ She likes fruit except apples.”

D. means “She doesn’t like apples.”

5. Which is the best title(标题)for this passage?

A. Different Orders , Different Meanings

B. How to Speak English

C. How to Put English into Our Own Language

D. How to learn English

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一.1.speaks.2.taught 3.is raining 4.Have,been 5. be done

6.pronunciation 7.mistakes 8.slowly 9. learner 10.notebook

11. easily 12.correctly

二.BCBCB DBDCB BABDD BBCCA BBBBC DBCCB 三.1.too hard for 2.Did , read 3.how to remember 4.having conversation with 5.How does , learn 7.so;that 8.It’s; to get 8.How can 9. what to do 10. Why not

四.1.worries 2. has studied 3.began 4.was reading 5.to have

6.heard 7. can pass 8. am memorizing 9.was 10.should be




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