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9B Unit2 短语和句子

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9B Unit2 短语和句子


1. would rather do sth than do sth 宁愿做..也不做…

2. would rather not do sth宁愿不做

3. look out of the window朝窗外看

4. I’d rather wear blue than(wear) pink.我宁愿穿蓝色也不穿粉色。

5. Pink is a girl’s colour.粉色是女孩的颜色。

6. There is nothing(something) wrong with pink粉色没有任何问


7. Something/Nothing is wrong with my bike.我的自行车有问题/


8. My bike has something wrong.=My bike is broken=My bike has

broken down.我的自行车坏了。

9. Blue looks good on you.=You look good in blue.蓝色穿在你身


10. We live in a world full of colours.我们住在一个充满色彩的世


11. Do you know how many colours there are in a rainbow.你知道彩


P 26-29

1.affect our moods影响我们的心情

2.change our moods改变我们的心情

3. make us feel energetic or sleepy使我们感到精力充沛或想睡觉

4.feel relaxed /stressed/ tired or weak感到放松/紧张不安/累或虚弱

5.be painted blue被漆成蓝色

6. a calm and peaceful colour一种平静安宁的颜色

7.be good for our mind and body多我们的身心有好处

8.create a feeling of harmony营造一种和谐的感觉

10.the colour of purity/ envy/ heat/ nature /wisdom纯洁/邪恶/热 /自然 /智慧的颜色

11. like to be in white=like to wear white喜欢穿白色

12. on their wedding day在他们婚礼当天

13.give you a happy and satisfied feeling给你一种欢乐和满足的感觉

14.prefer to use warm colours更喜欢用暖色

15.people living in cold climate住在严寒气候的人们

16.bring you success给你带来成功

17.cheer sb up使你振奋

18. remind sb of sth使某人想起

19.study for exams为考试而学习

20.for example例如

21.represent new life and growth代表新生和成长

22.be green with envy嫉妒

23.anyone in need of physical and mental strength需要体力和脑力的任何人

24.take action(s)采取行动

25.have difficulty doing sth做某事有困难

26. make a decision做决定

27. In a deep sleep处睡眠于深度

28.calm down镇定下来

29.have a strong personality有很强的个性

30.have influence on sb影响某人

have a good/bad influence on sb对某人又好的或坏的影响 have many influences有许多影响

have an effect an sb影响某人

31.So you may say “I’m feeling blue ”when you are feeling blue. 所以当你悲伤时,你可以说我感觉蓝色。

32.Wearing red can also make it easier for you to take action.=wearing red can also make you take action more easily.


33.Yellow is the colour of the sun, so it can remind you of a warm, sunny day.


34.I think the best colour to represent Lisa is yellow


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