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打印2份 七年级英语练习题

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七年级上册starter units1-3+unit1-3练习题


( )1.— Good morning.

---- ________.

A. Hello, Good B. Good morning C Good afternoon D. OK

( ) 2. ---- How are you ?

----- ________________.

A. Thank you B. Sit down, please. C. I’m fine D. Good morning

( ) 3. What _______ this ?

A. am B. are C. is D. be

( ) 4. ----- What’s this in English ?

------ It’s __________ .

A.an orange B. a orange C. orange D. the orange

( ) 5. ---- Spell it , please!

----________ .

A.Thank B. P—E –N, pen C. It’s pen D. OK

( ) 6. ----____________?

---- It’s a ruler.

A. What’s this in English B. How are you

C. Good afternoon D. OK

( ) 7. What color _______ it?

A.is B. are C. am D. be

( ) 8. -What’s this?

-________ a key.

A. He’s B. This’s C. It’s D. That’s

( ) 9. --- What color is the ruler?

----- _____________.

A. It’s a ruler B. It’s white C. It’ a white D. it’s white

( ) 10. ---- Please sit down.

----- _____________.

A.Hello B. Thank you C. Sit down D. I’m fine

( ) 11.下午遇见老师时,你应该说;________.

A. Good evening B. Thanks C. Good afternoon D. Good morning

( ) 12.对方帮你忙完后, 你应该说:________.

A. OK B. Thank you C. Hello D. Fine

( ) 13.---How do you do. ----___________.

A. How are you B. What’s your name C. How do you do D. Good morning

( ) 14. ---_________________? ---B-O-O-K.

A. Can you tell me B. How do you do

C. What’s this D. How do you spell it

( ) 15. 当你向别人认错时, 你应该说:________.

A. Thank you B. I’m sorry C. That’s OK D. I’m Fine

( ) 16. ---Mum,Good night. -----____________.

A. Good night B. Good evening C. How are you D.Good afternoon

( ) 17. ---Hello,Bob. ------___________.

A. How do you do B. Hello C. Good evening D. Hi, Alice

( ) 18. 当你的老师向你介绍一位新同学时,你应对你的新同学说:

A. How are you? B. Nice to meet you. C. Thanks. D. How old are you?

( ) 19. 当你进了Mr. Du的办公室,他说:Sit down, please! 你应回答:

A. Yes, I sit down. B. Thanks. C. Please! D. Sorry.

( ) 20. 你手里拿着一张字母卡片问别人时,应说:_________________

A. What's this? B. What's your name? C. How are you? D. Goodbye.


1、she is (缩写形式 2、it is (缩写形式

3、that is(缩写形式 4、what is (缩写形式5、I am (缩写形式 6、is not(缩写形式7、he is (缩写形式 8、where is(缩写形式9、these(单数形式 10、that (复数形式

11、his(主格 12、my(宾格

13、friend(复数 14、dictionary(复数

15、pen(复数 16、watch(复数

17、she (形物代 18、is (复数

19、you(宾格) 20、her(主格

三、用be动词(am \is \are)填空

我(I)用 ,你(you)用 . 跟着他(he)、她(she)、它(it)。单数形式用 。复数形式要用 。

1、I 2、you a student?

3、he your brother ?

4、She my aunt.

5、It a red pen.

6、Wang Fang 7、These 8、Gina and Mary 四、完型填空

I am English girl. name is Kate. I’m twelve. Ia Chinese friend. name is Han Meimei . She is Han Meimei and I in the I’m in Row 3. We are not in the same row, 组)

( )16.A. the B. an C. a

( )17.A. I B. Her C. My

( )18. A. am B. know C. have

( )19.A. She B. Her C. His

( )20.A. too B. two C. to

( )21. A. is B. am C. are

( )22. A. Class One, Grade One

B. Grade One ,Class One

C. One Class, One Grade

( )23. A. 5 Number B. Number 5 C. in Number 5

( )24.A. am not B. isn’t C. amn’t

( )25. A. and B. but C. or


Hello! I’m Jim Green. I’m English. This is my mother. Her first name is Mary. This is my father. His first name is Steve. My telephone number is seven-six-oh, nine-one-seven-six. My friend is Li Lei. His English name is Paul. He is Chinese. His telephone number is 281-5248. Look at the photo. Who’s that in the photo? It’s my Chinese teacher. His name is Liu Yongjun. He is a good teacher.

( ) 21.---What’s your first name?----_________.

A Jim B Green C Jim Green D Green Jim

( ) 22. My father’s last name is ________ .

A Jim B Steve C Green D Tom

( ) 23. My telephone number is ________ .

A 760-9176 B 687-9716

C 281-5248 D 706-9671

( ) 24. ----What’s Li Lei’s English name?

---- ________.

A Mary B Paul C Jim D Lei

( ) 25 _______ is in the photo.

A Li Lei B Jim Green

C His father D Liu Yongjun

My name is Tom. My birthday is June 2nd. The weather is sunny and hot. It’s my favourite season. On my birthday, I usually have a birthday party. Sometimes we have a picnic. Tomorrow is my birthday. I am cleaning the room now. My mom is making a birthday cake for me. 根据上面短文的意思判断下面的句子是否正确,正确的在句子前面的括号里打―√‖,不正确的打―×‖

( )26.Tom’s birthday is on Children’s Day.

( )27.It’s warm and sunny in summer.

( )28. Today is June 1st.

( )29. Tom’s mother can make a birthday cake.

( )30.Usually there is a birthday party on Tom’s birthday.


36. ---What’s this? ---It’s a ________________ (时钟).

37. ______________ (看) at this picture, please.

38. My _____________ (第一) name is Tony.

39. Is _____________ (零) a number?

40. I have a sister. _________(她的) name is Jenny.


对划线部分提问) ____________ is this?

对划线部分提问)_____ _________ ________your shoes?

43.This is a blue backpack.(改为否定句) This ____ ______a red backpack.

对划线部分提问) _________is he?

45.She is Emma.(用Annie改为选择问句) ______ ______Emma or Annie?


1. 这个用英语怎么说? What’s this ____________?

2. 他的电话号码是536-7185。 ________ telephone number _________ 536-7185.

3. 她姓什么? What is ____________ __________ name?

4. 他叫Mike. _______ _________ _______ Mike.

5. 我是Anna, 很高兴见到你。I ______ Anna. _______ to ______you.


--_______ _______ is his jacket? --It’s _______.


My name is Mary Connor. I’m American and I’m a nurse in Rosewood Hospital. I’m 20 and single(独身). My hobbies are tennis and computer games. My brother is also a nurse. Our parents are from the USA but we live in Brighton now. My mother is a painter(画家) and my father is a doctor. I like a pen friend from China or Japan. Please write to: 63 Lily Road, London SWL, England.

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