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外研社九年级上 Module5 Unit2

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Module 5


Unit 2 There’s no shouting and no running.

The science museum in London

The science museum in London

Submarine 潜水艇

The science museum in London

The science museum in London

Paragraph1: What is the name of the most unusual museum in London?

It is the Science Museum.

People talk about what they can see and do there.

人们谈论着他们在那 儿能看到什么、能做 什么。

A great/good way to do sth 做某事的好方法 Running is a great way to keep healthy. 跑步是保持健康的好方法。 阅读是学习英语的好方法。 Reading is a good way to learn English.

work out 算出,制定出,做出 Ge yunhai can work out that math problem.
Please work out how to do it. try out 尝试,试验 我们应该尝试一下这个想法.

We should try out the idea.

fill sth. with sth. 用…装满… He fills the bottle with water.

be full of …


The bottle is full of water.

Paragraph2:What kind of physics experiments can you do at the Launch Pad? You can move a truck into the correct position and try to fill it with sand.

Paragraph3:What can you do in the Human and History room?

You can compare your speed with animals.

compare…with 和…比较 Mr wu teaches two classes. He likes to compare Class Three with Class Five.

吴老师教两个班。他喜欢拿三班和五班做 比较。

Paragraph4: What else is there to see in the Science Museum?

There are also rooms on transport, the environment, space technology, maths, physics and chemistry.

Paragraph5: Can we take photos of the exhibits in the museum?

No, we can’t take photos of the exhibits here. But we can buy postcards of the exhibits in the museum shops.

Paragraph6:How long does the Science Museum open? And how much does it cost to go into the Science Museum?

It is open from 10am to 6pm every day. And the museum is free.

above all 最重要的是,首先。

最重要的是,记得把你的相片寄给我们。 Above all, remember to send us your photos.
drop in at somewhere/ drop in on sb.顺 道拜访(某人)。 Why don’t you drop in at my office when you are free.

Would you like to drop in on me tomorrow?

Complete the table
Name of museum place Favourite room Exhibit/ Experiment Rule
The Science Museum London Launch Pat
the rocket show catching falling sand Compare your speed with animals

No photography


from 10am to 6am

Read the passage again and decide what the underlined words refer to
1. People talk about what they can see and do there… 2. …it’s a great way to learn about science… 3. …but you can buy postcards of them in the museum shops.

Complete the passage with it, they, and there
There are a lot of museum in London, and one of the most popular is the British Museum. Thousands of people visit(1) it every year.(2) They can see lots of interesting things from different times and places.

Complete the passage with it, they, and there
The British Muse

um is very serious, so(3) it is quiet(4) there People . mustn’t make a noise, and (5) they mustn’t touch the exhibits. Photography is not allowed in the British Museum, so it’s a good idea to visit the museum shop and buy postcards. Entry to the museum is free, so you can visit(6) it as often as you like.

Write a passage about your favourite museum
? Say if there are many museums in your town.
? Say which one is your favourite.

There are only two museums in my town… My favourite museum is… It’s special because…

? Say what’s special or unusual.
? Say what you can see and do there.

You can see…

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