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9A Unit1短语和句型

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9A Unit1短语和句子


1. read your stars阅读你的星座

2. have lots to eat and drink有很多吃的和喝的

3. worry about sb./ sth.担心某人/某事

4. worry about (not)doing sth.担心(不)做某事

5. sb be familiar with sth.对某事物熟悉(补)sth be familiar to sb为(某人)所熟知

6. be represented by creatures 由生物代表 (补)be based on以…为基础

7. star signs/ animal signs星座/生肖

8. It’s nice of you to bring me the newspaper.你太好了把报纸给我拿来了

9. You shouldn’t worry about not having breakfast.你不需要担心没有早饭吃了。

10. It says I’ll have lots to eat and drink.它上面说我会有很多吃的和喝的。


1. for fun开玩笑的,不当真的

2. be divided into被分成

3. your date of birth 你的出生日期

4. at times/sometimes/from time to time有时

5. give up easily轻易放弃 (补)be similar to sb/sth 和…相似

6. take care of sb/look after sb照顾某人

7. like saving money and cooking喜欢储蓄和烹饪

8. buy your friends nice gifts/buy nice gifts for your friends给你的好朋友买精美的礼物

9. worry too much担心太多

10. pay attention to details注意细节

11. argue with sb (about sth) 和某人(关于某事)争吵

12. get angry with sb生某人的气

13. have lots of energy=be energetic有很多能量/精力充沛的

14. keep secrets保密

15. forgive others for their mistakes原谅其他人的错我

16. travel to different places到不同的地方旅行

17. do everything differently做事不同

18. dream about everything/dream about doing sth.梦想一切/梦想做某事

19. A year is divided into 12 different star signs.一年被分成12个不同的星座。

20. Your date of birth decided your star sign.你的出生日期决定了你的星座。

21. Some people believe that people (who were) born under the same star sign share similar


22. It’s silly of you not to forgive others for their mistakes.不原谅别人的错误你太愚蠢了。

23. You are patient enough to wait for a long time without getting angry.你是足够耐心的等很

- 1 -


24. Some people think that you are strange because you hate to be like others.



1. care about sb关心,在乎某人

2. treat everyone equally=be fair to everyone公平对待每个人

3. have a good sense of humour (humor)=be humorous有好的幽默感

4. feel sure about one’s own ability=be confident自信

5. be/get friends with sb和某人成为朋友。

6. share sth with sb和某人分享某物

7. do well in / be good at擅长

8. This means she is probably a careless person.这意味着她可能是个粗心的人。

9. My characteristics match what my star sign says about me.我的性格和星座上说的相符。


1. spend (time/ money) (in)doing sth / spend(time/money)on sth

花费(时间/金钱) 做某事/在某物上

2. explain sth to sb向某人解释某物

3. show off/ show sb around /show sb sth/show sth to sb

炫耀 /带某人参观 把某物给某人看

4. bring balloons of all colours 带来各种颜色的气球

5. eat the whole birthday cake 吃了整个蛋糕

6. at all times=always=all the time 一直,总是

7. consist of=be made up of 由…组成

8. refer to 指的是

9. do an experiment in the laboratory在实验室里做实验

10. have got a headache=have a headache头疼

11. pictures of all kinds of butterflies所有种类的蝴蝶的照片

12. be interested in sth/doing sth 对…感兴趣

13. the first cloned sheep地一只克隆羊

14. be awake醒着

15. pass sth to sb=pass sb sth把某物递给某人

16. be on the phone 在打电话

17. have sth done使某事物予以处理(其他人做的)

18. It’s+ adj. +of sb (not )to do sth

It’s thoughtful of Andy to play his CDs for us.安迪给我们播放光盘真是考虑周到。

19. sb +be+adj.+enough (not) to do sth

- 2 -

Peter is creative enough to be a writer.彼得当一名作家是有足够的耐心的

20. Peter has had his bicycle repaired..彼得已把它的自行车修好了。(别人修的)

21. Amy has just found a wallet lying on the ground.艾米刚才发现地上有个钱包。


1. in the year of the Goat在羊年

2. have a lot to celebrate有许多事要庆祝

3.make a new friend交一个新朋友

4. have success at school or work=be successful at school or work在学业或工作中取得成功

5.around/in the middle of the month 大约/在在月中

6.be given some money被给钱

7.spend the money wisely明智的花钱

8.call sb on+电话号码 打电话给某人

email sb at+邮箱地址 发邮件给某人

9.have problems with sth/have problems (in)dong sth 在某方面有问题/ 做某事有问题 have difficulty in sth/in dong sth

10.get lots of rest 得到许多休息

11.have (lots of) fun in dong sth做某事很开心

have a good time dong sth

enjoy oneself

12.feel sick/get ill 感觉生病了/生病

13.come up with new ideas 相处新点子

14.be suitable for the post 适合这个位置

15.recommend sb as +身份=recommend sb to be 身份 推荐某人当…

16.recommend sth to sb 把某物推荐给某人

17.recommend doing sth建议做某事

18.recommend sb to do sth 建议某人做某事

19.recommend that sb (should)do 建议某人该做

20.as smart as…和…一样聪明

21.More details are available on request.备有更多的细节供索取。

22.Do you think who would be a good chairperson?你认为谁将是一个号主席呢?

23.He is imaginative enough to come up with new ideas.他是有足够想象力的能想出新点子。

24.I don’t think he would be able to organize things well.我不认为他能够把事情组织好。

25.Who else would be suitable?还有谁适合呢?

26.I’d like to recommend David as the new chairperson of the Students’ Union.我想推荐大卫当学生会主席。

27.The only difference is that David has more hair than my uncle.唯一的不同是大卫比我的叔叔有更多的头发。

- 3 -


1.in the first week在第一周

2.get full marks得满分

3.speak in front of the whole school在全校面前演讲

4.make a speech to a large group of people对着一大群人演讲

5.forget to do the things he needs to do忘记他需要做的事

6.do extra work做额外的工作

7.help himself get more organized帮助他自己变得更有条理性

8.have many good personal qualities有许多好的个人品质

9.the rest of the summer holiday暑假的剩余时间

10.mind doing sth介意做某事

Mind sb doing sth/mind me doing sth介意某人做某事

Mind one’s doing sth/mind my doing sth介意某人做某事

11. in my mind在我的脑海里

12. join the Computer Club参加电脑俱乐部

13. We are writing to recommend David as the chairperson of the Students’ Union.


14. We think he will be an excellent chairperson because he has many good personal qualities. 我们认为他将是一个极好的主席因为他有许多的好的个人品质。

15. This is important because he will have to speak in front of the whole school.


16. We think that David has all the qualities to be a good chairperson.


17. We hope that you agree with us.我们希望你同意我们的观点。

18. Since he is so hard-working, he would not mind dong extra work for the Student’ Union. 既然他是如此的刻苦,他将不会介意为学生会做额外的工作。


1. the most suitable person最适合的人

2. the best person最好的人

3. it’s my pleasure.我的荣幸。

4. I’ll do/try my best.我将进自己最大的努力。

5. It’s exciting to be the new chairperson, but I’m worrying about my ability to do all the

extra work.成为新主席是令人兴奋的,但是我正担心我能做好额外工作的能力。

- 4 -

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