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打印3份 七下英语复习(一)练习题

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仁爱英语七下Unit 5 Our school life


( )1.The Browns usually drive to the park on Sundays. But today they go to the park ____ .

A. on feet B. on foot C. by foot D. on the foot

( )2—What time do you usually go to bed?

—_____ about a quarter to ten.

A. For B. At C. In D. On

( )3.The boy likes playing _____ basketball very much.

A. a B. an C. the D./

( )4. —Happy New Year!


A. The same to you. B. Thank you.

C. Thank you all the same. D. You’re right.

( )5. We have a football game ____ Monday.

A. in B. on C. at D. for

( )6. Do you often take ____ bus to school?

A. the B. an C. a D./

( )7. —Where is Wang Junfeng?

—He ____ playing basketball _____ the playground.

A. is; in B. is; on C. are; in D. are; on

( )8.My brother usually _____ his classroom after school.

A. cleans B. cleaning C. clean D. to clean

( )9.— _____ do you go to the zoo with your brother?

—Once a month.

A. How B. How often C. How old D. How much

( )10.—What is Tom doing now?

—He is _____ at the moment.

A. sleep B. sleeps C. to sleep D. sleeping

( )11. —Are you doing your homework now?

—_____ I do my homework at this time every day.

A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I’m not. D. Yes, I don’t.

( )12. There ____ some apples.

A. is B. are C. have D. has

( )13. —____ is it today? —It’s Thursday.

A. What B. What date C. What day D. What time

( )14. He is a very good teacher, so we can ___ a lot ____ him.

A. learn; to B. learn; from C. learning; to D. learning; from

( )15.Physics is too _____ for me. I don’t like it at all.

A. interesting B. easy C. difficult D. wonderful



( )16.Where is Jane? A. Three weeks.

( )17.What are they doing?

( )18.Would you like to play soccer?

( )19.How long can I keep it?

( )20.Is Tom having lunch at home now? B. Yes, he is. C. She is in the lab. D. Good idea! E. They are dancing.


21.It’s 对画线部分提问)

_____ _____ is it today? 对画线部分提问)

_____ _____ does Tom watch TV?

23.The lesson begins at 对画线部分提问)

_____ _____ does the lesson _____ ?

24.The students are playing soccer on the playground.(改为一般疑问句)

_____ the students _____ soccer on the playground? 对画线部分提问)

_____ _____ Maria like living in China?


I have a good friend. Her name is Kate. She is English girl. She is eleven. She with her family in China. There four people in her family. They’re her father, her mother, her brother and herself. She has a cat. name is Mimi. It’s Sunday today. They at home. Look! Kate with Mimi. Her father is reading newspapers. Her mother is cleaning the house. Where is her brother Jim? He is doing homework in his study. Kate Chinese very much, but she can’t it very well. Jim likes soccer. He can play it very well.

( )26.A.a B.an C.the D./

( )27.A.live B.living C.to live D.lives

( )28.A.is B.are C.am D.be

( )29.A.It B.It’s C.Its D.It is

( )30.A.are B.is C.do D.does

( )31.A.play B.plays C.playing D.is playing

( )32.A.he B.his C.her D.my

( )33.A.like B.to like C.likes D.liking

( )34.A.speak B.tell C.say D.talk

( )35.A.play B.plays C.to play D.playing


Unit 1 Can you play the guitar ?



( )1. Can you sing or dance? A. Yes, I am.

( )2. Are you playing football? B. I can dance..

( )3. What club do you want to join? C. Yes, I can.

( )4. Can you draw? D. Sounds great.

( )5. Let’s tell stories. E. Chess club.


( )1. Let’s go and play __ping-pong. I don’t want to play __violin.

A. a, the B. the, a C. X, the D the,the

( )2. Who wants ______ the singing club?

A. to joins B. join C. to join D joining

( )3. I always help my sister_______ her history.

A. to B. with C. for D of

( )4. Maybe he can ______ in their basketball team.

A. is B. be C. are D am

( )5. I can sing English songs very _____.

A. well B. much C. good D bad

( .But I can sing.

A. Yes,I do B. No, I don’t

. C. Yes,I can D. No, I can’t


A. dance B. to dance C. dances D dancing

( )8. My friend Lisa is good at _____.

A. sing B. to sing C. singing D sings

( )9. We want some singers______ our rock band.

A. for B. at C. with D to

( )10. He is funny。He likes____ stories.

A. talking B. saying C. telling D speaking

( )11. A:Can you swim or play chess? B:___________.

A. Yes ,I am B.Yes,I can

A. I can swim B.I don’t know

( )12. Are you good ____ kids?

A. with B. at C. for D. to

( )13.--- Can I help you? .I can do it myself(我自己).

A. Yes,please. B. Sorry.

C. Very good. D. No,thanks.

( )14. A: __ do you join the club? B: I like music.

A. What B. Where C. Why D How

( )15. Can you ____ Chinese?

A. say B. talk C. speak D tell


Tom and Mike are good friends. They are kind to children. They want to find summer jobs. One day Tom tells Mike that Beidaihe Kids Summer Camp needs help with sports, music and computers. They are both very glad to hear(听说) this.

Tom can play basketball and volleyball, and he can swim, too. Mike can play the

violin, the trumpet, the drums and the guitar. Tom and Mike like computers very much. Can they join the Summer Camp?

( )16. Tom and Mike want to ____.

A. help with sports, music and computers B. be good with children

C. join the Summer Camp D. get help from the Camp

( )17. What does the Summer Camp need help with?

A. Flying kites . B. Sports, music and computers.

C. Making cakes. D. Drawing pictures.

( )18. Tom can play ____.

A. balls B. computer games C. music D. violin

( )19. Mike can play _____.

A. the drums B. volleyball C. basketball D. football

( )20. What do Tom and Mike both like?

A. Football. B. Computers. C. Swimming. D. Sports.


21. Can he play chess or play the drums?. (选用chess进行回答)

______ _____ _______ 22. She can sing and dance. (否定句)

She ______ _______ ________ dance.

23. Li Lei can play the violin. (一般疑问句)

________ Li Lei _______ the violin? 就划线部分提问)

________ _______ _______ she _____ to join?

25. My sister wants to swim . (一般疑问句)

_______ ________ sister

Unit 2 What time do you go to school ?


1、We eat breakfast at half __ six in the morning .

A in B to C at D past

2、He usually _____ work at a quarter ________eight .

A go to B goes to ,to C goes , to D go to ,at

3、When do you get _______ there ?

A to B up C at D /

4、It’s eleven o’clock, you have to go ___________.

A to home B home C my home D his home

5、-- Is it _______ boring job ? ----No, it is ___ interesting work .

A a , an B an , a C / , a D a, /

6、When ____he ______ his homework .

A does ,does B does ,do C do , does D do , ,do

7、What time is it now , Peter ?

-----Let me see , _______ half past nine .

A is B it’s C it D are

8、Are you often late _______ school ?

A to B for C. at D. in

9、We go to bed at a quarter _______ten .

A at B to C pass D after .

10、________ weekends , we go to the park ______ seven o’clock .

A. On , in B. At , at C. On ,at D. To, at

11、My sister _______home at 5:00 every day.

A gets b gets to C get D get to

12、Peter often plays tennis _________four ________the afternoon .

A in , at B at ,in C at , at D in , for

13、Watching TV too much isn’t good __ our health .

A to B with C for D at

14、1. —_____ do you go to school ? — I often go to school ____ 7:30 pm .

A、What time,on B、What time , at C、What , in D、When ,in


(1)usually , six-thirty , at , get up , I(连词成句____________________________________________.

(2) I play soccer at 5:00pm.(变成否定句)

I ________ _________ soccer at 5:00 pm.

(3) Kate takes a shower (对划线部分提问)

_________ ________ ________ Kate take a shower?

(4) Rick has lunch at 12:00.(变成一般疑问句)

_________ Rick ________ lunch at 12:00?

Unit 3 How do you get to school?


1)我骑自行车到校。 I get to school_____ ______

I get to school_____ my bike.

I_________ my bike to school.

I__________ to school.

2)他走着到校。 He________ to school.

He_______ to school______ ______

3)她乘公共汽车到校。 She_______ _______ ______ to school.

She________ to school_____ _______. She_______ to school____ the bus.


1.—How does he go to Hong Kong?


A. Takes the plane B. By the plane C. By the air

2. I usually go to school ____________.

A. ride the bike B. on bike C. on the bike )

3. If they live around the river, they can go somewhere ____________.

A. by train B. by taxi C. by boat

4. How are you going to the museum, ______ bus or ______ car?

A. on; on B. by; on C. on; by D. by; by

5. Today I’d like to ______ the train to work.

A. take B. ride

C. drive D. bring

6、(乘坐)the train to Shanghai.

A.by B.take C.drive

到达)to school?

A.go B. get C.getting

8. -- _____ you usually go to school?

-- I usually go to school _____ .

A.What do you;by bike B. How do;ride bike C.How do;by bike

9.I take the bus to school.

I get to school _____.

A.by bus B. by the bus C. take the bus

10.I get to london by plane. =I to London.

A. take the plane B. by a place C. am by

11. --____do you live from your school ? -- About 10 minutes’ walk.

A. How many B. How long C. How soon D. How far

12. ______ does it take her to get to school ?

A. How many time B .How long C .How far D .How much

13. How far is it _____ your home to school ?

A .at B. of C .with D. from

14. It takes me twenty minutes ______ my homework

A. to do B. do C. doing D. in doing

15. Don’t worry _____ me. I’m OK.

A. about B. with C. for D. of


A: __________ does she get to school ?

B: She takes the subway to school .

A: ___________ is it from her home to school ?

B: It’s 12 miles .

A: ____________does it take her to get from home to school ?

B :It takes 15 minutes .

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