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打印3份 八上英语(仁爱版)unit2 练习题

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Unit 2 练习题


( )1.—I have a toothache.

—You should _______. A.drink lots of water B.take a rest C.see a dentist A.many A.put on B.lot of B.to take off D.have a good sleep C.plenty of C.to put on D.a few D.take off ( )2.In summer, there is _______ rain in my hometown. ( )3.It’s hot here. Why not _______ your coat? ( )4.—You look pale. What’s _______ with you? —I have _______ headache. A.the wrong; a A.of —_______ A.I’ve no idea. C.I’d love. B.Good idea. D.I’m very busy. B.wrong; the C.matter; the D.the matter; a B.up C.for D.on ( )5.You mustn’t stay _______ late every day. It’s bad for your health. ( )6.—Shall we go to the park? ( )7. —Must we keep the window _______ all the time? —No, you don’t have to. A.opening

for our health.

A.more; less B.more; more C.less; more D.less; less ( )9.—How are you feeling today? —________ I think I can go to the picnic with you tomorrow. A.Not too bad. B.Much better. C.Very bad. D.Not so well. B.too much; much too D.too much; too many B.opened C.to open D.open ( )8.We should eat _______ fruit and vegetables, but _______ meat. It is good ( )10.He eats _______ food, so he is _______ fat. A.much too; too much C.much too; the many —No, you _______. ( )11.—Must I take the medicine every day?

A.must A.can B.mustn’t B.may C.needn’t C.should D.can’t D.maybe ( )12.My mother is ill. I _______ stay at home to take care of her. ( )13.—May I use your dictionary, Lily? —Sure, _______. A.go ahead B.you can ask Bill A.isn’t rain A.of B.don’t rain B.at C.you can’t D.that’s all right C.doesn’t rain C.for D.won’t rain D.in ( )14. If it _______ tomorrow, we will go to the park. ( )15.The nurse should care _______ the patients day and night.


A:What’s wrong with you, Alan?

B:I have a cold.

A:I’m sorry to hear that.

B:But I’m busy and I must finish the report.

A:Then you can give the report to him later.

B:Maybe you’re right.

A:Don’t say that. You’d better lie down and have a good rest now. B:OK, I’ll ask for leave right away. Thank you very much.


Mr. Johnson was having trouble with his stomach. he went to see a doctor. The doctor examined his stomach but couldn’t find any problem. Then he said,“Well,Mr. Johnson,take it easy. There’s serious,stop smoking and then you’ll be all right very .”

“But doctor,” answered Mr. Johnson,“I ’t like smoking at all.” “Oh,I see, ” said the doctor, “then stop drinking alcohol (酒) .”

“But I don’t drink alcohol,” answered Mr. Johnson.

“Don’t drink tea or coffee then,” the doctor said to him.

“I drink water, ” answered Mr. Johnson, “I don’t like tea or coffee, either.”

The doctor for a while and then said, “Well, what do you like to eat then?”

“Potatoes, I like potatoes very much,” Mr. Johnson answered at once.

“All right,then stop potatoes,” said the doctor as Mr. Johnson got up to say goodbye to him. ( )21.A.Or ( )22.A.slowly ( )23.A.nothing ( )24.A.early ( )25.A.won’t smoke ( )26.A.from then on ( )27.A.some ( )28.A.will ( )29.A.thinks ( )30.A.eating 四、句型转换。

31.Must we drink eight cups of water every day?(作否定回答) No,32.You’d better ask our computer teacher for help.(改为否定句) You’d better _______ _______ our computer teacher for help. (对画线部分提问) _______ did he _______ with his father?

34.His father coughs badly, so he must stop smoking. (同义句转换) His father has a bad cough, so he must_______ _______smoking. 35.What’s wrong?(同义句转换) What’s _______ _______?

B.But B.carefully B.something B.much

B.needn’t smoke B.just now B.many B.only B.will think B.buying

C.from now on C.any C.don’t C.is thinking C.cutting

D.until now D.little D.won’t D.thought D.washing

C.So C.quickly C.anything C.late

D.For D.happily D.everything D.soon

C.couldn’t smoke D.never smoke

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