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Unit2 短语和句子


1. would rather do 宁愿做

2. would rather do than do宁愿做…也不做…

3. prefer sth=like sth better 更喜欢 (过去式)preferred

4. prefer sth(A) to sth (B)=like A better than B 比起B更喜欢A

5. prefer doing to doing 宁愿做…也不做

6. prefer (not)to do sth 宁愿(不)做

7. prefer sb (not)to do sth宁愿某人不做

8. prefer to do rather than do 宁愿做..也不做

9. be far away离…远

10. Western food/Chinese food西餐/中餐

11. anywhere else 任何其他地方

12. keep a diary/keep diaries记日记

13. buy sb sth =buy sth for sb给某人买某物

14. go shopping for clothes购物买衣服

15. be in a good/bad mood情绪好/糟糕

16. all the afternoon整个下午

17. keep making photo calls to sb不断打电话给某人

18. seem to have a secret似乎有秘密

19. act normally表现正常

20. strange behaviour奇怪的行为

21. none of us我们中没有一个人

22. colour the card orange把卡片涂成橙色

23. so that以便

24. I would rather sing than dance.我宁愿唱歌也不跳舞。

25. I prefer red to blue.比起蓝色我更喜欢红色。

26. I prefer to watch TV.我更喜欢看电视

27. I prefer watching TV at home to gong out.我宁愿在家看电视也不出去。

28. I prefer to watch TV at home rather than go out. 我宁愿在家看电视也不出去。

29. I wonder if she is going to a birthday party.我想知道她是否要去参加生日晚会。

30. He would not tell us what it was about.他不会告诉我们谈话的内容。

31. Sandy talked so much about herself that she didn’t listen to anyone else.桑迪谈论自


32. There was none left in the shop.商店里一个也不剩。

33. I coloured them blue so that you will feel more peaceful.我把他们涂成蓝色以便你


34. None of us like(s) the idea of going fishing at the weekend.我们没有一个人喜欢周


35. Would you like something to eat?你想吃点什么吗?


1. the power of colour颜色的力量

2. improve your life提高你的生活质量

3. rub oil into people’s skin/rub oil onto one’s head把油擦进人的皮肤/把油擦在头上

4. give advice/suggestions给建议

5. promise(sb) that从句 承诺(某人)…

6. promise sb to do sth 承诺(某人)做某事

7. promise sb sth 承诺某人某事

8. give/make a promise许下诺言

9. keep a promise 信守诺言

10. carry out a promise 履行诺言

11. break a promise 食言/不守诺言

12. We promise to help you successfully change your moods, or you will get your money


13. If it doesn’t work ,I can get my money back.如果不奏效,我可以拿回我的钱。

14. People with pale skin and blond hair look good in orange and green.有苍白皮肤和金


15. What if it doesn’t work?如果不奏效怎么办?

16. Why don’t you do..?=why not do…? 为什么不做…?

17. How/what about sth/doing sth?....怎么样?

18. You should/ought to do?你应该做…

19. You’d better (not)do sth.你最好(不)做…

20. Let’s do ,shall we?让我们.., 好吗?

Let us do, will you?


1. a pair a white shoes一双白色的鞋子

2. make herself look more powerful使它自己看上去更有力量

3. feel a little bit stressed感动有一点不安

4. a good match一个很好的搭配

5. Black represents power and protection.黑色代表力量和保护。

6. buy some colour paper for my project为我的课题买一些彩纸。

7. find it a bit strange发现有一点奇怪

8. let me have a look让我看一看

9. look like someone from our school看上去像学校的某个人

10. Red and white are a good match, as the powerful red balances the calm white.红色和


11. He does look like Mr Wu.他的确看上去像吴老师。

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