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七年级英语上册 Unit 6 Food and lifestyle Grammar II学案

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Unit 6 Food and lifestyle Grammar II


一.写出下列单词的复数。 half _____story ____glass ____wish ____ mango ___shelf ____knife ___man ____ woman ___foot ____Chinese _ life_____________


1.两盒牛奶 ___ 2.一盘鸡肉 ____

3.三包大米 ___ 4.五公斤肉 ____

5.六瓶果汁 ___6.一杯茶 ____

7.三片面包 ___8.一袋盐 _____


一.用所给词的正确形式填空。 1.Wang Ping has two ______________(knife).He can lend one to you.

2.Mr Zhang and Mrs Zhang has three ____________(child).

3.My English teacher often tells me some _____________(interest) ___________(story).

4.Can you see lots of _____________(sheep) on the hill?

5.I like eating _____________(beef),but I don’t like eating _____________(pork). 6.There are five _____________(people) in my family.

7.I have some nice _______________(photo) in the album.

8.He has two ___________(radio) and three _____________(watch). 9.I brush my ____________(tooth) and wash my ______________(foot) every night.

二.单项选择。 ( )1.There is _________ milk in the fridge.Please buy some on your way home. A.much B.many C.little D.few

( )2.Tom dislikes noodles, so he__________ eats them.

A. always B. often C. usually D. seldom

( )3.There __________ some juice and oranges in the fridge.

A. are B. is C. have D. has

( )4.__________ do you go shopping? Sometimes.

A. How much B. How often

C. How long D. How many times

( )5.There are twenty __________ in our school.

A.woman teacher B.woman teachers C.women teachers D.women teacher

( )6.There are fifteen ____________ in my class.

A.girl student B.girls student Cgirl students Dgirls students

( )7.---How many _____________ can you see in the picture? ---Only one.

A.dog B,sheep C.child D.book


( )8.I have three cousins.They are all ___________.

A.man doctor B,man doctors C.men doctor D.men doctors

【拓展延伸】 一.翻译下列句子。

1.水对我们来说很重要。 __________ ___________ very ____________ ___________ us.


I’d like to buy two __________ of ___________ and a _________ of ___________.


He wants to __________ ___________ __________ and ____________ __________ lunch.


We can ___________ buy _________ __________ bottles of ____________ .


I want ________ __________ _________ orange and some ___________.

6. 吃的太多对健康无益。 __________ _________ __________ is _________ _________ ___________.

7. 他们有健康的生活方式吗?

Do they _________ __________ ___________?


1.Jim doesn’t come to school today because he is ill.(对划线部分提问)

___________ __________ Jim __________ to school today?

2.There is a watch in the box.(改为复数形式)

There __________ some ___________ in these ____________.

3.I’d like to buy two kilos of fish. (对划线部分提问)

___________ ___________ ___________ __________ you like to buy? 4.She wants to buy two kilos of meat in the supermarket. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ ________ of meat _________ she _________ to buy in the supermarket? 5.I need a bag of rice.( 对划线部分提问)

__________ __________ __________ of rice _________ you __________?

6.Oranges are Grandpa’s favourite.(改为同义句)

Grandpa _________ __________ _________.

7.There is a sheep on the farm.(用ten改写句子) There _________ ten __________ on the farm. 8.There is a woman in the picture. (对划线部分提问)

___________ __________ __________ ___________ ___________ in the picture?


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