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Many people ask for advice about improving their English. There are three basic questions.

The first question is about real English. Li Hao from Hubei wrote,”I enjoy watching English films and listening to real English songs. But it takes a long time. What do you think?”

This is a great way to learn English! Talk about the film or song with your friends, and guess the meaning of the new words. Just enjoy yourself!

The second question is about speaking. Sam, from Suzhou wrote, “Our school has a foreign teacher. But I’m shy and can’t speak to her. What should I do?”

When I visit China, lots of people in the street say, “Hello! How are you? Where are you from? Do you like China?” These are good questions to start a conversation. Many people are shy when they speak English, so before you begin, take a deep breath and smile! Smiling always helps.

The third question is about vocabulary. Oliver, from Anhui wrote,” I want to remrember all the new words. I write them down, but I forget them quickly. What should I do?”

Try to remember eight or ten words a day. Write them on pieces of paper and place them in your bedroom. Say the words when you see them, and change them every day. And when you’re shopping, how about counting the English words, or saying the English names for everything you see?

( )1. What advice do many students ask for?

A. Reading English. B. Speaking English.

C. Vocabulary. D. Improving their English.

( )2. How many basic questions do the students often ask?

A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. Five.

( )3.What should you do if you are shy to speak English?

A. Watch English films.

B. Write down the words first.

C. Listen to real English songs.

D. Take a deep breath and smile before you begin.

( )4.What’s Olicer’s problem?

A.He’s too shy to talk with others.

B. He’s not able to count English words.

C. He can’t remember new words.

D. He doesn’t know what real English is.

( )5.What’s the best title of this passage?

A. How to learn English

B. Talk about English films

C. Advice about English writing

D. The way of beginning an English conversation


Everyone needs friends. We all like to feel close to someone. It is good to have a

friend to talk, laugh, and do things with. Surely, there are times when we need to be alone, we don’t always want people around, but we would feel lonely if we never had a friend.

No two people are exactly the same. Sometimes friends don’t get along well. That doesn’t mean that they no longer like each other. Most of the time, they will make up and go on being friends.

Sometimes friends move away. Then we feel very sad. We miss them very much. We can call them up and write to them. But it could be that we will never see them again. Still we can make new friends. It is surprising to find our how much we like new people when we get to know them.

Families sometimes name their children after a close friend. Many places are named after men and women who have been friendly to people in a town. Some librateis are also named by this way. So are some schools. We think of these people when we go to these places. There’s more good news for people who have friends. They live longer than people who don’t have any friends. Why? It could be that they are happier. Being happy helps you stay well.

( ) 1. The first paragraph tells us _____.

A. No one needs friends

B. We always need friends around us

C. Making friends is important to peole’s lives

D. Everyone has many friends

( ) 2. Which of the following doesn’t the writer say in the passage?

A People are not happy when their friends leave them.

B People may never see their friends after their friends move away.

C People can know their frinds in different ways.

D People need friends.

( ) 3. Many places are named after _____ persons.

A. friendly B. sad C. unhappy D. luckily

( ) 4.People who have friends live longer than those who don’t because_____.

A.they feel happier and are healthy

B.they get a lot of help from their friends

C. they have much more money

D they can play together

( ) 5. What does the phrase “make up” mean?

A. 和好 B. 化装 C. 交朋友 D. 制造







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