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Unit 2 Topic 3 Section C

你在SectionA ,SectionB中 学到了什么?
1. 形容词性和名词性物主代词 2. whose 引导的特殊疑问句 3.名词的所有格 4. I think +从句的用法

my our your 你 的 你 们 的 his her its 他 她 它 的 的 的 their 他/她/它们 的

我 我 的 们 的

mine ours yours 我 我 的 们 的 你 的 你 们 的 his hers its 他 她 它 的 的 的 theirs 他/她/它们 的


my mine


his his

her hers

its its

our ours




名词性物主代词=形容词性物主代词+名词 我的··· mine = my + n. ··· 你的··· yours = your + n. ··· 他的··· his = his + n. ··· 她的··· hers = her + n. ··· 它的··· its = its + n. ··· 我们的··· ours = our + n. ··· 你们的··· yours = your + n. ··· 他们的··· theirs = their + n. ···

Whose cat is this?

It’s her cat. It’s hers.

Whose baby is this?

It’s his baby.

It’s his.

They are our schoolbags.

They are ours.

Whose schoolbags are these?

Tom — Tom’s the students— the students’ some women —some women’s
Lucy’s and Lily’s — Lucy and Lily ’s

a map of China a friend of my father’s one of my father’s friends

? “I think”语义为“我认为…”,“我想…”,后接一个简单句 ,表明自己对某人或某事的观点、态度和看法等。它的否 定句要用否定前置,而翻译时要否定转移。如:

I think he is a student. I don’t think he is a student.

Do you think he is a student?


Work alone

Listen to 1a and complete the table.

Person Kangkang Clothes T-shirt Pants Shoes Color Kangkang’s classmate

red white blue

purple blue black


Read and understand (影片1)

I’m Kangkang. I have a new classmate. He is from Japan. He has black hair and black eyes. We look the same, but we are in different clothes. He is in a purple T-shirt and my T-shirt is red. His pants are blue and mine are white. My shoes are blue and his are brown. Guess! Who is he?


A Small Game

? Describe one of your classmates, other students guess. ? You can say like this : He is a boy, he has a round face, a small nose and a big mouth. He is in a black jacket and gray pants. Guess, who is he?

Please write a passage to describe them!

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