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Module 8


Unit 3 Language in use

Lead in Language practice: 1. He’s the photographer who won the Photo Competition last time!

2. The photo which we liked best was taken by Zhao

Language practice: 3. It successfully shows the rich culture which makes Beijing so famous. 4.A collection of photos which

features Beijing won the prize for the Most Unusual category.

Presentation Complete the sentences with words in the texts in this

1.A person who takes photographs, especially as a job,
is a p___________. hotographer 2.Some money which is given as a “present” in a competition is a p____. rize 3.An area which is open to everybody is called a p_____ space. ublic

4.Someone who shows people around a place of interest is a g______. uide

5.A building which is new, and not traditional is a
m_____ building. odern

Complete the sentences with your own words. 1.A lake is a place which… collects water in a low area of land.

2.A teacher is someone who…
helps us to learn.

3.A writer is a person who…

earns money by writing.
4.A tradition is a custom which… we use to take photograph. 5.A city is a place which… has very many people living in it.

Match the parts of the sentences. ? we saw last 1.Beijing is the city night was not very good. 2.The photographers ? you met just were three students now is my brother. 3.Tian’anmen Square which ? won a prize. was the subject of the who ? go to the same photo school. 4.The tall boy
5.The movie ? they chose to photograph for the competition

Join the sentences with who or which. 1.The building is our school.The building stands by the lake. which stands by the lake The building ______________________ is our school. 2.Here is the girl. The girl wants to see you.

who wants to see you Here is the girl ____________________.
3.I am the only student. I can run faster than Peter. I am the only student __________________________. who can run faster than Peter

4.Yesterday we bought a book. The book is really hard

to understand.
which is really hard Yesterday we bought a book ____________________

to understand _____________.
5.Is this the play? We will see the play next month. Is this the play ___________________________? which we will see next month

Talk about the two pictures.

I like the picture which…
I don’t like the picture which… The picture which …is … The boy who…

Complete the conversation with the phrases in the box.

by the way compared with even though
far from try…out thousands of Jerry: Hi, How are you? I haven’t seen you for a long by the way time…Is that a new camera, (1) ___________?

Tina: Yes, I dropped my old one, and it was too expensive to repair. This one is much better,too. It’s so much lighter compared with and easier to use (2) ______________ the old one. I’ve learnt how to work it already, (3) ___________ I’ve only

even for a couple of weeks. And you don’t have to worry had itthough about getting prints of al

l the photos — you can store (4)
___________ photos on your computer! thousands of

Jerry: I’m thinking of getting a digital camera, too. try (it) out Do you mind if I (5) ___________? Tina: Of course not. Let’s walk past the lake. It’s not (6) __________ here, and would make a really good far from photo.

Say how you think cameras have changed.

The box camera,1900

19th century studio camera

“Instamatic” camera,1970

Camera phone

Listen and choose the best answer. 1.When was the first successful photograph

a)In the 17th century.

b)In the 18th century.
c)In the 19th century.

2. Why did people in the early photos not smile? a) Because there were no good photographers. b) Because it took a long time to take a photo.

c) Because they were too frightened to smile.

3. Compared with earlier cameras, how was the

1888 Kodak camera?
a) It was more difficult to use.

b) It was cheaper.
c) It was bigger.

4.What is the main difference between digital cameras and other cameras? a) Photos are smaller and lighter. b) There is no need to print the photos. c) They can be used by anyone, not only professional


5. How heavy was the 1888 Kodak Camera? a) 0.5 kg. b) 1.0 kg. c) 1.5kg.

Around the world: A famous photo ? The earth from space ? Bill Anders on the Apollo 8 trip into space ? Small, beautiful, take care of it

Module task: Making a photo show ? Choose one photo you like best. ? Write a passage or a story about it, saying what / who it is and why it is important to you.

? Show the group your photo and tell them why
you like it and why it’s important to you.

? Answer any questions your group may have.

Practice Ⅰ. 单项选择。 1. — Do you know the man ____ is talking with your D father? — Yes, he’s our head teacher. A. whom B. which C. what D. who

2. The girl ______ an English song in the park is B Tony’s sister. A. is singing B. who is singing

C. sang

D. was singing

3. Please bring the dictionary ______ I lent you last A

A. which

B. it C. who

D. what

B 4. I ______ your good friend will try my best to help

you out.
A. who is B. who am C. that is D. what is

C 5. My father has many books, some of _______ are on history.

A. them

B. that

C. which

D. who

Mr. Hill arrives at London Airport, at the end of a

three-week holiday in France. Usually he wears a
beard(留胡须). Since it has been hot there, he has

taken it off. But his passport photo shows him with
his beard.

An officer looks at the photo for a moment, and says, “Excuse me, and please sit down. I won’t keep you long.” With this, he walks away, shows the photo to a second officer and says, “I know that face.” The

second officer looks at the passport and asks where Mr.
Hill has come from. When he hears that Mr. Hill has

arrived back from Paris, the second officer smiles and
says, “An Englishman with a beard stole a painting in

Paris on Friday,

and that man looks just the kind of

Suddenly the first officer thinks of who Mr. Hill

is. He returns to him, and asks, “Did you teach at the
No. 2 High School?” When Mr. Hill answers, in

surprise, that he did, the first officer smiles and says,
“I thought so. I’m Jack Smith. You taught me French.

You haven’t changed a bit.”


1. Mr. Hill has just come back from the airport. F
2. Mr. Hill has a beard in his photo but not on his face. T 3. The first officer is sure he has seen the face in the photo before. T 4. The second officer says Mr. Hill stole the painting. F

5. Mr. Hill taught at the No.2 High School in France. F

Homework Finish all the exercises in the WB.

Science is the most important and the most
beautiful thing that man ever requires.


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