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外研版九年级英语上册Module 8 Unit 2最新课件

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Module 8


Unit 2 Read on to find out who the winners are.

Lead in



Do you know these words?










Traditional Culture Music
Everyday City Life Nature Historic China Sport Most Unusual

Many Faces of Our City Most Unusual

Historic China

Traditional Culture

Listening Presentation Results of student photo competition We were very pleased with the photo competition. Compared with other years, we received many more photos. Even though all of the photos are excellent, we can’t give prizes to everyone. There are four prizes, so read on to find out who the winners are.

The person who won the prize for the Most Beautiful Nature photography is fifteen-year-old Li Wei. Li took photos of the mountains in Xiangshan Park. The park isn’t far from his home, about 500 metres, and he knows it very well.

The photo which we liked best in the Historic China group was taken by Zhao Min. Zhao is only 12 years old. Her photo is of Tian’anmen Square, the largest public square in the world. It’s 880 metres from north to south and 500 metres wide at the northern end. Her photo shows the size and beauty of the square perfectly. The best photo in the Music category was taken by He Zhong. His photo of this year’s best band Crazy Feet shows the singer, Becky Wang, and the band playing at a concert in Shenzhen. He Zhong manages to show the movement and the sounds of this great new band, and the fun which their fans are having.

A collection of photos called “The Many Faces of Our City” which features Beijing won the prize for the Most Unusual category. Three pupils at the same school worked on this entry. It includes photos of different parts of the city, old and new. It successfully shows the rich culture which makes Beijing so famous. Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who entered the competition. We are very lucky that the famous photographer John William is in China to talk about his new book. He has agreed to present the prizes at the prize-giving ceremony at the end of this month.

Complete the table. Write notes. Subject the tallest Most mountain in Li Wei Beautiful Xiangshan Nature Park Historic Tian’anmen Zhao Min Square China Crazy Feet/ He Zhong Music Becky Wang Most 3 pupils Unusual Beijing Winner Prize Comment knows the park well
shows the size and beauty of the square perfectly shows the movement and the sounds of band and fans

Shows the rich culture of the capital

Check (√)the true sentences在正确的叙述后的小方 框内打“√” 1. The photo competition was more popular in the past than it was last year. □ 2. Tian’anmen Square is longer from north to south than from west to east. √ □ 3. There were several photos which won the Most Unusual prize. √ □ 4.John William is coming to China soon. □

Find words in the passage which mean the opposite of the words in the box.

close modern poor same unlucky usual 1. close-far 2. modern-old 3. poor-rich 4. same-different 5. unlucky-lucky 6. usually-unusually

Work in pairs. Ask and answer about the places. How long Tian’anme 880m n Square Xianglu Peak — — How wide 500m — — How high — 557m — How far (to Xiangshan Park) — — 500m

Li Wei’s home

Writing Write about your favourite photograph. Include the following:

What it shows.
Where it was taken.

The main colours of the photograph.
Details about the people and things.

Why you like it.


Ⅰ. 从方框中选择合适的单词,然后用其正确形式填空。

historic category feature present size 1. This is a very _________ photo. historic
category 2. The piano is a _________ of musical instruments.

3. Do you know what the _____ of Tian’anmen Square size
is? 4. The new mobile phone _________ its small size. features present (ed) 5. They __________ him with a bunch of flowers.

Ⅱ. 根据句意和括号中的汉语提示完成句子。

ceremony 1. The prize giving __________ (典礼) was held on
September 3rd. beauty 2. We enjoyed the ________ (美丽)of nature. 3. Mr. Lee is an old Chinese teacher with _____ (丰富 rich 的) teaching experience. 4. How many colleges does the university _______ include (包括)? movement 5. He makes a ___________(动作)of impatience.

Ⅲ. 用括号内所给词的反义词填空。 1. The school is ______ (close) from my home. far old 2. His clothes are ______ (new), but still very popular. lucky 3. It’s _____(unlucky) that John will present the prizes. 4. He’s a _________ (same) man from what he was 10 different years ago. 5. As ______(unusual), there were many people at the usual meeting.

Ⅳ. 根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词。 Even though 1. _______ _______ (即使) we failed in the test, we should try our best next time. 2. Congratulations ____ ______ (祝贺你们)! You did ______________ to you well in the match. Compared with 3. __________ _______ (比较) their photos, you will know ours are beautiful. read on 4. There are four prizes, so ______ _____ (接着读) to

find out who the winners are.
working on 5. Miss Liu is __________ _____ (从事) a new book.

1. Exercise 11 on page 138 in the WB.

2.Retell the text.

Live to learn, not learn to live.—Francis Bacon
活着就要学习,学习不是为了活着。 ——弗朗西斯·培根

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