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unit1 my name's Gina SectionB

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Unit 1 My name’s Gina

number zero


one two
three four

six seven
eight nine

telephone phone
电话号码 = telephone number


A: What’s your telephone number?

B: It’s 785-3207.

Michael Jackson

first name given name

last name family name



first name given name

last name family name

What’s his first name?
His first name is Barack Obama What’s his last name? His last name is .


first name: Xi last name: Jinping




My name is Jenny Green. My phone number is 281-9176. My friend is Gina Smith. Her phone number is 3584672. I’m Dale Miller and my friend is Eric Brown. His telephone number is 3575689. My telephone number is 3586344. My name is Mary Brown. My friend is in China. Her name is Zhang Mingming. My telephone number is 257-8900 and her number is 929-3155.

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