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( )1.—How do you study for a test?—I study by ___aloud.

A.reading B.to read C.read

( )2.Do you ever practice___English with your friends?

A.to speak B.speak C.speaking

( )3.She has never been to Canada, ______?

A.has she B.hasn’t she C.is she

( )4.. We should learn _________ each other.

A. to B. from C. for

( )5.He used to___short hair.

A.have B.is C.has

( )6.My sister plays___piano every week but she doesn’t play___football.

A.the,the B.\,\ C.the,\

( )7.English___in China as a second language.

A.speaks B.is spoken C.speak

( )8. —You look very nice in this red shirt .


A.Thank you B.Don’t say that C.No , I don’t think so

( )9.—___do you fly to England to see your son?

—Twice a year

A.How long B.How soon C.How often

( )10. My grandmother found watching TV _______ but I enjoyed it very much.

A. frustrated B. frustrating C. exciting

( )11. I don’t know _______.

A. what to do it B. how to do C. how to do it

( )12. June 1st is the ________.

A. Children’s Day B. Children Day C. Teachers’ Day

( )13.Mother told her son______play too much.

A.to not B.not to C.don’t to

( )14.The bridge is about___meters long.

A.two hundreds B. two hundred C.two hundres

( )15. -----You used to be quiet , ____you ?

-----Yes, and I used to be very shy.

A. wasn’t B. didn’t C. aren’t

( )16.He must be in the room,because the light in the room is___

A. open B.on C.off

( )17.I got an A this term ,so my teacher was___

A. .impressed B.impress C.impressing

( )18.I find___easy to understand our English teacher.

A.that B.it C.this

( )19. ___seems that Jame has known the bad news.

A.She B.It C.This

( )20.Einstein,the famous scientist,was born___March,1879

A.at B.on C.in

二.完形填空 (10分)

These days computer games have become more and more popular in many cities and towns. A lot of small shops along busy streets have ___1___ into computer game houses in order to get more ___2___. These places are always crowded with


In the computer game houses, teenageers ___3___ a lot of money on the games. It’s ___4___ for one to beat(打赢) a computer, but one can get ahead(重新) after trying again and again. People want to win when they play computer games. The ___5___ they pay , the more they want to win, and at last they even can’t live without it.

The results (结果) for school boys are ___6___. They couldn’t set(放在) their mind on their lessons. When school is over, they rush (冲入)to the computer game houses near their schools. Some of them can get enough money from their parents.

Some of them are not ___7___ to get the money. So they steal(偷) others’ ___8_ and become bad.

Computer game addiction (上瘾) is a __9___ problem in our life. Something has to be done to stop it. ID card is good for _10___it.

( ) 1.A. got B. became C. changed

( ) 2. A. boys B. money C. computers

( ) 3. A. pay B. spend C. cost

( ) 4. A. hard B. easy C. good

( ) 5. A. more B. many C. game

( ) 6. A. even worse B. changed C. better

( ) 7. A. happy enough B. enough lucky C. lucky enough

( ) 8. A. bike B. money C. computer

( ) 9. A. serious B. good C. happy

( ) 10. A.to stop B.stoping C. stopping

三.阅读理解(30分) A

I’ve been working in a school for more than twenty years. Many parents often

ask me, “How can you teach your child good study way? How can he or she get the homework done as quickly as possible?” Here are some tips:

1. If the child is as young as nine or ten, ask him or her to prepare(准备) a small notebook to write down the homework given by his or her teachers. By developing this habit, he or she will learn to be much more responsible (负责的).

2. Find a good place to study. This should be a quiet place to study . No games, radios, or televisions. Once you have decided on a place to study, this should be the only place where your child does his or her homework and studies. There should also be a very specific time for homework to be done. Usually, homework should be done after the child gets home from school. This also goes for the kids who take part in

after-school activities. Of course, it is a good idea to allow the child to have a healthy snack before the work begins.

3. Also remember that it is the child’s duty to do his or her homework. Some children them solve it first. By doing this, they will get a sense(感觉) of success from it. In this way we help them to help themselves.


( ) 1. Asking the kids to keep a notebook to remember their homework will make them ______.

A. remember more B. learn more C. more responsible

( ) 2. The place where the children study must ________.

A. be free for everything B. have a TV set and a computer C. be quiet

( ) 3. What does the underlined (划线 )“go to Mom and Dad” mean in the passage?

A. Forgetting. B. Leaving. C. Asking.

( ) 4. According to the passage, the children should _____ when they have trouble with their homework.

A. ask their parents for help

B. try to solve the problems by themselves

C. wait for their teachers’ help

( ) 5. This passage is written _________.

A. for parents B. for the children C. for teachers


The best way of learning a language is using it. The best way of learning English is talking in English as much as possible. Sometimes you’ll get your words mixed up and people will not understand you. Sometimes people will say things too quickly and you can’t understand them. But if you keep your sense of humor (幽默), you can always have a good laugh at the mistakes you make. Don’t be unhappy if people

seem to be laughing at your mistakes. It’s better for people to laugh at your mistakes than to be angry with you, because they don’t understand what you are saying. The most important thing for learning English is: “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because everyone makes mistakes.”

( ) 6. The writer thinks that the best way for you to learn a language is _______.

A. writing B. using it C. listening

( ) 7. What should you do in learning English?

A. Be careful not to make any mistake.

B. Write as quickly as you can.

C. Speak English as much as you can.

( )8. When people laugh at your mistakes, you should __________.

A. not care B. be happy C. feel worried

( ) 9. When you make a mistake, you should ____________.

A. keep quiet B. get angry C. keep your sense of humor

( ) 10. The story tells us: “________________.”

A. Only foolish people make mistakes

B. Everyone makes mistakes

C. People never make mistakes

Jia Meng used to keep a diary (日记) in Chinese. But one year ago, the 14-year-old girl from Hei Longjiang began to write her diary in English, because Jia found her mother was reading her diary secretly. She changed the language because her mother can’t read English. “It’s like killing two birds with one stone.” said Jia, “My privacy (隐私) became safe and my English improves a lot.”

Jia’s mother is not the only mom who reads her child’s diary. Recently, Renmin University of China had a national survey among over 2, 3000 parents. The results show that 40% of parents read their children’s secrets. That’s why, like Jia, many teenagers try to find ways to protect(保护) their privacy.

Wu Lei, 15, of Shanxi, keeps a diary, too. But he doesn’t write in on paper. He writes online which he thinks is perfectly safe because his parents “know nothing about the Internet.”

Lu Huan, 13, of Guangdong, said her parents always secretly listened to the talk between her friends and her on the telephone in their room. To solve this problem, Lu asked her parents to buy her a mobile phone.

“Parents want to know what is going on in their children’s lives,” said Shao Xiazhen, a teenage expert in Beijing. “ But sometimes they go about it the wrong way.” Shao suggested to teenagers that instead of hiding their secrets, talking to parents is a better solution. “If your parents know that you are safe, they’ll let you keep your secrets.”


26. Jia Meng writes her diary in English in order to improve her English.

27. Recently, Renmin University of China had a national survey, and the results show that 40% of parents read their children’s secrets.

28. Keeping a diary online is the best way to protect the privacy according to the article.

29. Lu Huan asked her parents to buy her a mobile phone in order to protect her privacy.

30. Shao Xiazhen thinks parents will let children keep their secrets if they talk to parents and parents know they are safe.






E. Do you walk to school now? But I just don’t have time any more. Do you like eating candy now? Did you use to ride a bike when you were free? What about you ?

Maria: Did you use to eat candy ?

Peter: Yes, I did.

Maria: _____36______

Peter: No, I don’t.____37______

Maria: I enjoy eating candy all the time. And I used to watch TV a lot

Peter: So did I. Did you use to spend much time in playing computer games?

Maria: Yes, I did . __38__ I used to walk to school. How about you?

Peter: I used to go to school by bus. But now I walk to school__39__ Maria: No, I ride a bike to school every day._____40____

Peter: Of course I did.

36.________ 37.________ 38.________ 39.________ 40.________



from, difference, anymore, will, like,

do, family, interest, friend, daughter,

Most parents shout at their children when their son or fails to do his/her

homework. But my parents are . They often say, “Play more, read more, and

watch more.” Sometimes when I am doing my homework at night, my dad will say to me, “Do not do it . Go to play!” Sometimes I am puzzled and if I ask about

answer, “You are a big girl now. You can do what you’re in. We think you have the right(权利).” I thank my parents .They know how to develop me.

In many ’t communicate (沟通)well. Parents usually ’t want to do. Things are different my family. I have clever and loving parents. My family also has a warm

atmosphere(气氛). I my parents very much, and I think they are very cool.

1.________ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________ 5.________

6.________ 7.________ 8.________ 9.________ 10.________

B、根据句意及首字母提示, 完成下列单词拼写, 使句子通顺与正确。(10分)

63. This film is very f ____________. It tells us a boring story.

64. We all know the i____________ of leaning English well.

66. His father’s d__________ made him sad.

67. Most boys are i__________ in football. They like it very much.

68 If you get a driver’s l __________, you can drive a car.

69 Girls aren’t a________ to go out at night..

73. He likes to volunteer at the hospital. It would be a good e__________________ for him

because he wants to be a doctor.

74. We made a d_______________ to visit Beijing.

7. .Don’t get your ears p_______________.

8. Only then will I have a chance to a____________ my dream.

七、书面表达: (15分)

以“My changes”为题,请从外貌,性格 爱好 运动等方面介绍自己的变化。

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