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1、穿行热带雨林 trek through the jungle

2、从容,轻松take it easy

3、将来一天some day

4、希望做某事hope to do sth

5、去度假 go on vacation

6、考虑做某事think about /consider doing sth

7、最有活力的城市之一 one of the liveliest cities

8、一般/总的来说 in general

9、一个消费颇高的地方 quite an expensive place =a very

expensive place

10、去暖和的地方 go somewhere warm

11、中国东部 in eastern China

12、旅游 take a trip

13、给某人提供某物provide sb with sth=provide sth for sb

offer sb sth=offer sth to sb

14、每年的这个时候 at this time of a year

15、横渡太平洋 sail across the Pacific

16、梦想、 dream about/of

17、在将来in the future

18、成千上万的thousands of

19、这个问题的几种答复 different answers to the question

20、尽可能快得as soon as possible

21、继续做某事continue doing

22、根据 accordint to


Hold on to your dreams ,one day they may just come true.

24、接受好的教育 have a good education

25、应该/ 被期望 be supposed to do sth

26、相当一些学生quite a few students

27、愿意做be willing to

28、一方面,另一方面 on the one hand / on the other hand

29、I would like to go somewhere interesting.


30、I hope to go to France some day. 我希望有一天能去法国

31、Where would you like to go on vacation ? 你想去哪度假?

32、Why not consider visiting Paris= Why dont you do sth ?


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