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九年级英语上册 Unit 1 The changing world.Topic 3 The world has changed for the better(第3课时)

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Unit1 Topic 3 The world has changed for the better. . Section B P19-20


教学反思: 模块五:当堂训练


一. 完成书本P20-3的练习。


hometown: home+town , classroom: class + room .

二. 根据汉语提示完成句子。

1. ---He is a ________(秘书) of this big company. --Great! He has been away from the ______(军队)only for one year.

2.Our government is trying his best to help those people ____ ____ (处于困境之中)to make them live better.

3.There is a girl waiting _________ (在楼下) in the hall.

4. Most animals are afraid of _________(火).

5.He has stayed at home for a week because of his leg ___________(伤口).

6. He remembered passing her on the ____________(楼梯).

7. The exam results went up on the ____________(公告).

8. He is a son of a __________(渔夫),and he is also an ______________(工程师) in an excellent computer company.


( ) 1. Oh, you’re late again. The film _____ for twenty minutes. ---What a pity!

A. has begun B. began C. has been on D. have been on

( ) 2.My father ___ the Party since we came here.

A. has been a member of B. joined C .has joined D. join ( ) 3. The school _____ the students ____ delicious food .The students feel very happy. A. provide; to B. provides; of C. provides; with D. provides; for

( ) 4. Thought he ___ for many years, I can’t forget the first time we met.

A. died B. has died C. has been dead D. is dead

( ) 5.The boy always feels good about _____.

A. he B. his C. him D. himself

( )6 .The old photo makes me _____ my childhood.

A. think of B. think over C. thinking of D. thinking over

( )7.I must go home now. I have been away from home____.

A. since 9 o’clock B. for two hours ago C. for 9 o’clock D. at 9 o’clock

( ) 8.I think _____ is necessary _____him the news.

A. that; to tell B. this; telling C. it; to tell D. it; tell

( ) 9.The government helped the _____ people build the house.

A. disable B. disabled C. homely D. homeless


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